September 2008


To you, this must feel like the Daytona 500, Super Bowl, Prom Night, the Summer Olympics (not Winter), the last day of school, the first “Rocky” movie, and a visit to the proctologist ALL ROLLED INTO ONE!

Are you nervous?

Welcome to our new blog, WinkestLink.COM.

If you are reading this on the day it was issued you may have an advanced case of ESP. Feel free to get that checked.

Our ultimate goal is to entertain & enlighten. To that end, we will encourage your input. We promise not to be bothered by differences of opinion, in fact, we revel in the discussion. We will discourage moronic and/or obscene comments.

Will our opinions have a political slant? Do ducks have bills? Do doctors?

We will try to be fair, but can only be so to the extent that our experiences & education direct us.

There is not a PhD among us, but we do consider ourselves among the ‘educational elite’. There are countless of other blogs if you prefer uneducated opinion.

By the way, being educated doesn’t make us right, it just means we may have had some additional opportunity to learn several perspectives on given issues. We promise to be right MOST OF THE TIME, if that eases your mental burden.

Under the right circumstances, we may actually admit we are wrong. (unlike a certain president from the early 21st century).

Among our promises to you, our loyal fan:

We will never swear, except where absolutely necessary (EG: we will only say “Hell” when we are talking about Satan…… or Dick Cheney.)

We will try not to be boring (but some topics are inherently boring)

We will keep our essays short because we know you are busy. If you are NOT busy, you can read us 2 or 3 times, to pick up on the subtle “British-style” humor. (Note: One of us has actually BEEN to England, and the rest of us had a layover at Heathrow, so we all qualify as “British-style” humorists.)

This will be mostly political (at least initially… who knows where this will lead? If readers start sending us $100 bills & requesting columns about ballet, YOU will be reading about ballet….)

A heartfelt “Welcome!” and thanks for joining us.

RSVP:  We are counting on you for topics & critique…

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