October 2008

We have photographic proof that FDR met with Stalin and Nixon met with Mao. Two murderous communists!  Good thing that both FDR & Nixon are dead, or we would feel obligated to destroy their reputations.

J Edgar Hoover called Martin Luther King a “terrorist”.

All other details being identical, how close would this presidential race be if both candidates were white? (Hint: Not close)

The apartheid government in South Africa called Nelson Mandela a “terrorist”.

Undeniably, Keith Olbermann delivers a left-leaning perspective on current events. His “Countdown” show differs from Fox ‘News’ programming in two ways: (a) his show is actually funny and (b) he doesn’t have to lie to make his points.

King George III called our nation’s Founding Fathers “terrorists”.


Winning campaign slogan: “America is Good, America is Great, America is Wonderful”.

Losing campaign slogan: “America is Great, but can be improved”


How did ‘liberal’ become a swear word? Does Rush get ALL the credit for that?

We will admit that those on the far left are ‘crazies’ if you will admit those on the far right are ‘crazies’.  Which crazies, right or left, are scarier?

Tolerance, many theocrats say, is a vice! 


The British called Gandhi a “terrorist”.

To consolidate power, dictators will try to scare the populous, often through the use of the word “terrorist”.  Where have I heard this before?

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So last night Barack Obama aired his 30 minute “infomercial” making one last case to vote for him.  Personally I was worried that this might draw criticism.  The most attackable thing I saw was Obama sitting in a ‘rustic’ Oval Office.

Obama's Oval Office

But I think Obama and his campaign were trying to make lots of subtle hints that Obama is ready.  And that scene is one way to make him look like he belongs in the oval office.  The message was all positive and optimistic. His goal was to block off any potential run by McCain and I think he did.  There are so many other factors that affect the polls in the days leading up to the election that it will be difficult to definitively say how much this helped him.  

Down the road will this be a “defining moment?”


Will this help shore up the victory?


After tonight I think Obama can go sit in a room and wait this one out and still be able to pick up the win.  McCain Desparately needs Obama to do something stupid, dig up some deep cutting info, or make up something that sticks.

I dont think any of that is going to happen in  the next five days (this has been both the fastest and the slowest year/month/week in my life).  McCain is currently trying to tie Obama to a Columbia professor, Rashid Khalidi. This is a weak tie, even if they were best friends, the “dirt” is pretty clean.  I guess while I can see why his positions are unpopular, and unfavorable to the Jewish population.  I don’t see, while I dont hold the same views, why a person couldn’t hold those views.

Also ABC reports that McCain’s International Republican Institute, that he is chairman of, helped fund Khalidi’s Center for Palestine Research and Studies.

So if this is all they’ve got left it’s obvious they have nothing left to throw at Obama. Obama just needs to ride the status quo to next Tuesday.

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I’ve heard too many people complaining that Barack Obama will raise your taxes. For reference, let me remind you that he only will raise taxes for those who make more than $250,000 every year. So if you don’t realize that you make less than that, I’m just going to call you a moron, because you should really know how much you make in a year. If you do make that much or more, do you really expect people that will be getting a tax break to feel sorry for you? I’m sure there are plenty of minimum-wage earners that are more than willing to trade places with you and get a tax hike if they could make that much in a year.

So let me restate myself: if you make a quarter of a million a year, I DO NOT FEEL SORRY FOR YOU. Go ahead, call me a socialist.

UPDATE: Since this post was written, the tax base was lowered to those making more than $200,000 a year. I maintain my position.

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When John McCain won the Republican nomination, and Barack Obama won the Democratic side, we at WinkestLink were delighted. We thought the two best candidates had emerged from the muck, and America would be treated to a higher level of political discourse than we had been during the previous two elections.

Obama essentially came from nowhere and, with the strength of a solid candidate and an extraordinary organization, managed to beat the virtual ‘sure-thing’ candidate, Hillary Clinton.

The already-conservative McCain had to fight his way through a blizzard of even more conservative candidates. To defeat them, he adopted more conservative stances than he had ever held in his life, and professed complete allegiance to many far-right ideas. WinkestLink was not bothered by his conversion, assuming it was necessary on a temporary basis to just sew up the Republican nomination. We thought he had only temporarily set aside the ‘maverick’ that we knew and loved. We assumed that, once the nomination was sewn up, he would be smart enough to express his more moderate views in order to gather up the middle of the road voters for the general election.  Any campaign manager with more than two cents worth of brains would have forced him to play to the middle.


‘Maverick’ means little if you hire lobbyists to run your campaign.  Lobbyists?  C’mon John, what were you thinking? They MUST be great as lobbyists, because they sold you on hiring them.

John, they SUCK at running a campaign.

We used to think you were very smart, and we even bought into the ‘maverick’ thing, but you let the lobbyists pull you further and further right.  They insisted you dwell on the Iraq War, as if that would be a winning strategy.  They talked you into dwelling on terrorists and terrorism, as if this was 2004 all over again. We know it worked for Bush, but that was four years ago….  The country wants to get past (and OUT OF) Iraq. 

You stress your wisdom, but we don’t see evidence of your growth.  You must change and improve John.

You and your VP candidate use the word ‘maverick’ repeatedly in all of your speeches, then you display nothing that shows your crowd you are a maverick. During an economic crisis, with budget deficits at record heights, you promise tax cuts for everybody.  This is not ‘maverick’, this is ‘panderer’.  A maverick would be brave enough to stand up and say “We can’t give tax cuts to everybody because we must pay our bills”.  

Vote-grubbing Pol 1 – Maverick 0.

We are hesitant to discuss age, because we DO value wisdom, but you seem stuck in the past. You are doing your best to distract us by telling us Obama cavorts with terrorists, but this tactic only works with people who scare easily, and you already HAD their votes.


Your only (sort-of) effort at the middle was to call Obama’s tax program ‘socialist’. We guess it is socialist because it adds a bit of tax to those who struggle to get by on more than $250,000 per year. (Brief lesson John: ALL TAXES are a redistribution of the wealth. Unless you plan to eliminate all taxes, then YOU are a socialist.)

The Republican National Committee is distributing a mail piece with the bold word “Terrorists” on the front, and it opens to a big picture of Obama with the caption “Not Who You Think He Is.”  John, you said you are “absolutely” proud of this ad.  Is this the “respectful campaign” you promised?

We like Cindy, John. We wonder if she too thinks your campaign managers are worthless. We wonder if she sometimes wants to slap you and say … “Snap out of this!  Stop listening to your moronic advisors!  They are killing your one decent shot at the presidency.”

But it all really comes down to you. Not your advisors, not your wife, not George Bush (as much as you would like to blame him), not even to the economy.  

It is YOU.  You make all final decisions. You had the chance to run an uplifting / maverick campaign, and you elected to go hard right.  We believe you could have won this race, but you made the fatal decision to go right – right – right – negative – negative – right – negative – negative – negative – right and negative.

Dividing the country into ‘Real Americans’ versus (fill in the blank…terrorist-lovers, big cities,  Hollywood, the media, educated elite, etc, etc) is also no longer a good strategy. You always talk about Democrats using class-warfare.  Sorry John, “Real Americans vs Whoever” is class warfare. All Americans are real Americans. Stop dividing us into “Us” and “Them”. Smearing/trashing your opponent just doesn’t sell as well in ’08 as it did on 2004.  Using this old tactic is unappealing, and shows a decidedly un-presidential (almost childish) side of you. It also proves that age and maturity do not go hand in hand. You must change and improve John, but it is probably too late for this campaign.

Your legacy shrinks every day, along with your chances of winning.

You have no one to blame but yourself.

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Many by now heard the story of the woman who was attacked by a “big black man” who carved a backward “B” on the side of her face. Several of the staff here at The Winkest Link had said that this story stank to high heaven long before it was revealed as a hoax Friday. Why was the “B” backwards if he was staring at her face while carving it? How did she know he was exactly 6’4”? But that’s not the point of this post.


As soon as the story became public knowledge, the McCain campaign directed as many people to it as they could. All the major news corporations mentioned the story a dozen times through the course of the day. Of course, this story took place in Pennsylvania, a major swing state, so everyone in Pennsylvania got the news that an Obama supporter assaulted a McCain supporter.


A day later… Oops! Turns out, she was faking the whole thing. I congratulate Rachel Maddow, Keith Olbermann, and Chris Matthews (maybe a few others, these are just the ones I saw with my own eyes) for reporting this story as a hoax. Unfortunately, no other news source on television seemed interested in fixing this. CNN and Fox News may have reported it once, but then they dropped it, apparently assuming everybody that would watch their channels would be watching at exactly the right time to hear it. Most people won’t be going online to see the news when there is a perfectly functioning television in their home.


Big misconceptions are made – the “I can’t believe somebody would attack her!” misconceptions – when the news sources don’t fix this. These sources are not doing their jobs. Their jobs are to inform the viewer. The viewers are being slighted by this oversight on the part of these sources. I don’t care who you are or who you work for. Fix your mistakes before people get the wrong idea.


Unfortunately, for some news sources, the truth isn’t nearly as important as drama.

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Let us focus on November 4, 2008.

This has the chance to be the most significant U.S. election since Abraham Lincoln.


A brief list of the most significant U.S. elections, and why…

  • George Washington – Could easily have run America as a dictator. There was no restriction on how many terms a president could serve. By choosing to step down after two terms he relinquished power voluntarily… unheard of anywhere on the planet. Every subsequent president followed the two-term precedent until FDR. His four terms were the motivation needed to inspire an amendment officially limiting presidents to two terms.  Democracy flourishes!!
  • Abraham Lincoln – The right man at the right time in history. Successfully fought the secession of the Confederate States, maintaining our democracy and setting a world-wide example that no human should be reduced to slave status.
  • John Kennedy – Don’t laugh. He only served 1000 days, but his election was historic for our nation. Never before (and never since) have we elected a Catholic. It seems absurd now, but it was a monstrous achievement at the time. 

Nearly fifty years later, are we REALLY past the ‘religion’ litmus test?  So much was made of the fact that Mitt Romney is a Mormon during his run in the Republican primaries.  Heaven forbid a real Muslim should run for president someday. (Clarification for some still-confused McCain supporters:  Barack Obama is NOT a Muslim.)  

The election of Barack Obama would be an achievement equal to or surpassing the Kennedy election.  Forty years after the assassination of Martin Luther King, a man of color has a legitimate chance of becoming our president.  Maybe we have made some progress.  Should Senator Obama win, and nothing is EVER certain, our country will be forever changed, and for the better. 

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Recently Senator John McCain and Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin have been referring to their voters – and their voters alone – as “real” Americans. I’d like to say it’s hard to think that they would say something like this, but truthfully I’m not shocked to have heard them say this. Apparently Senator McCain is not getting any new voters, so he has to do everything he can to keep the voters he already has from slipping away.

Is it helping his case, though, to be doing this? Will keeping the votes he has be enough, even if he takes the swing states? For this, I rely on the website 270towin.com for results. The automatic simulator is based on the probabilities of each state going to each candidate. I’ve run this simulator well over 500 times in the past few weeks. When I first found the website about a month ago, Senator Obama won fairly frequently, though I saw at least ten or so wins by Senator McCain in the times I saw.

In the past few weeks, the simulations have fallen more and more in Senator Obama’s favor. This, coincidentally, has occurred at the same time Senator McCain’s ads started becoming more vicious. “Senator Obama would talk with Ahmadinejad without preconditions!” was heard many times, yet polls still rose in Senator Obama’s favor. Shortly thereafter, “Senator Obama has been palling around with terrorist Bill Ayers!” Still, defying all logic, McCain fell in the polls.

Maybe John McCain and Sarah Palin are right. After all, the people that aren’t voting for Senator McCain are voting for Senator Obama and his terrorist buddies. Maybe the real Americans are the ones supporting Senator McCain in this election, not to be blinded by Senator Obama’s sinister precondition-less campaign.

Or maybe the real Americans are the ones who are sick of listening to obvious and tiresome lies.

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Barack Obama and John McCain have been saying that they both are willing to reach across the aisles and pass bipartisan bills for the good of the nation. If that’s the case, then why are they only publicly admiring past presidents within their own party? Obama has been speaking well of John Kennedy and FDR, and McCain has been saying he’s proud to be in the same party as Abraham Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt. If they say that bipartisanship is important for the country’s well-being, then why isn’t Obama proud of Ike, and why can’t McCain admire Truman?

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The McCain campaign keeps touting Sarah Palin’s “executive experience” trying to pawn it off as more beneficial than “experience.”  While executive experience is probably a little beneficial, the type of executive office really makes a difference.  I think the only “experience” that Palin can really claim is her 21 months as Governor. The Mayor thing doesn’t really take a lot of experience.  First of all it only takes popularity to get elected in a small town, rather that thought or ideas. Second, mayor of Wasilla doesn’t really control that much.  As pointed out by The Daily Show last night, the mayor doesn’t control the fire department, or the schools, or the libraries.  What are you controlling if not those things?

I would dare to suggest, that while Barrack does not have much experience. Four years in the United States Senate, is probably better than less than 2 years as governor, and 6 years as mayor of a small town.

Now lets take a look at their education Sarah Palin transferred from colleghe to college four times (basically attending 5 times including the first college), and went to four different colleges, finally getting her bachelor’s degree at the University of Idaho with a degree in Communications/Journalism.

Barrack Obama Went to Occidental College for two years before transferring to Columbia University.  Where he majored in Political Science with a specialization in International Relations.  After which he entered Harvard Law School, and took over  as an editor for the Harvard Law Review The next year being elected President of the journal (Now that’s executive experience for you). He then graduated with a magna cum laude from Harvard.

I don’t know judge for yourself, who has more credentials.

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If conservatives think the media is generally liberal, maybe it is true.
Maybe this is partly because conservatives have made lies & smears part of their standard operating procedure. Eventually, even a moronic, weak-kneed press will catch on and start investigating what you say rather than just reporting it.

Case in Point:   The GW lie machine was well-oiled long before he got in office, and they were prepared with a goodie for Day 1. Bush operatives told Fox News that Clinton staffers had removed the “W” from all the White House computers as they were leaving.  Fox News is so deep in the pants* of the Republican party that I am guessing they KNEW this was a lie.
It didn’t matter, Fox beat it like a drum, and other networks & news sources, not wanting to seem too ‘liberal’ (or perhaps not wanting to be last to break a good story), treated it like a legitimate news story. 

Instant credibility because everyone is reporting it!!

Eventually the GAO researched this and found no evidence that the “computer damage” story was true.  The horse was WAY out of the barn by then.  People still believe this lie, and still pass it on.
Just like 8% of the populous believes Barack Obama is Muslim, while another 33% don’t know WHAT religion he is…
Spread the lies, they will stay out there forever.

The regular press is now finally, with mixed success, trying to investigate these types of rumors before parroting them.
Not printing the lies (or debunking them) allows the far right to says the press is ‘slanted’ and is ‘not reporting’ bad things you should know about liberals.
It took blogs to re-interest the press in investigative reporting. Blogs started reporting some important issues that turned out to be true, well before the old-style press even started to investigate them.
Lets be honest though, blogs (WinkestLink excluded of course) are frequently full of sh**.  Can we all agree on that?  I thought so.

How brave is your local press?  Test them with this brief experiment: Send a letter to your paper saying some politician is a liar.  (Make sure the politician has lied, and include details.)  If your letter is printed, and includes the word ‘liar’, we will eat our collective hats.
Newspapers edit you letters. Anyway, the WinkestLink staff get all of our letters edited, no matter how delicately we word them.  This makes sense when we spell a word wrong or make a factual error. (I could have sworn Wayne Gretzky & Karl Marx were born on the same day.)  It makes less sense when they neuter a letter, just so no ones feelings get hurt. Thus, the word ‘liar’ almost never makes print.
Except in blogs.  Bloggers are willing to call a liar a liar.  We sometimes call honest people liars.  We love the word ‘liar’.

Bloggers often reveal more about candidates than the normal press has the nerve to.
The press usually knows that ‘Candidate A’ sacrificed his dignity to get elected (or reelected), and ‘Candidate B’ is a jerk.
They won’t let you know, because they have a misguided definition about the word ‘fair’.
They feel telling you these things doesn’t show ‘balance’ and would sully their reputation.

Some blog info is true because the blogger has a high powered source, an “In”.  This is somebody with connections who wants ‘secret’ info leaked to the public for various reasons.  Bloggers LOVE inside sources, but are not afraid to make stuff up if no source is available.
Frankly, WinkestLink could use a few more “In’s”.
If you are a high-powered White House insider, feel free to pass the occasional ‘inside scoop’ to us at WinkestLink. We promise to be your lapdog until you start jerking us around, then we will say things about you that will make your mother cover her eyes. (This IS a visual medium after all.)
We make the same offer to willing Senators and Congressmen. We promise NEVER to reveal our sources. NEVER!!!  (Dick Cheney can vouch for us on this.  We never did let on that he was the one who told us GW was a puppet of Big Oil, and Dick was calling all the shots at the White House.  Please keep this under your hat…)

* “Deep in the Pants” is a registered trademark of WinkestLink Inc, and any unauthorized use of the phrase is a sign of extreme jealously.

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