April 2009

By Kasson

As you have probably heard by now, Arlen Specter, the longtime Pennsylvania Republican has switched to the Democratic Party.  He states that the switch is due to the shift of the Republican party to be more conservative.  This is entirely true, and probably the ultimate reason of him switching.

Once Al Franken is seated this will give Democrats the filibuster-proof majority in the Senate. He is not doing this to give the Democrats the advantage though.  He is doing this for political survival.

Due to his very moderate stances, Specter was a prime target for a Republican challenge in the 2010 primaries.  In fact, he would likely have lost lost that primary to a more conservative challenger.  He would have been safe after making it past the primaries, but you have to make it to the general election to have a chance.

New polling shows that Arlen has a much better chance as a Democrat.  This move will probably save his political career.  I’m sure that if he wouldn’t face a major competitor in the primaries he would have remained in the Republican column.  The Republicans did it to themselves.

That polling shows a 71% approval/16% disapproval rating from Democrats, compared to 36% approval/52% disapproval from Republicans.  That is an insane approval rating for the opposite (now same) party.  After this switch I wouldn’t be surprised if the approval rating lowers for the Democrats.  When he was from the other party Democrats liked his moderateness and his willing to cross the aisle.  I think Democrats will be more disappointed when he sides with the Republicans.  Though, I think he will retain a positive approval rating.  His approval rating from Republicans may even go up in the long run (but probably down in the short).

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By Wink

As you would guess, on-line polls are not exactly random, and are almost as unscientific as is possible.

A recent MSNBC poll was taken to rate President Obama. This poll was pretty straight-forward: How do you think Obama did in his first 100 days? The only options were letter grades A, B, C, D and F.

If the results reflected only MSNBC viewers it would probably lean pretty heavily to the “A” side of things. Those who watch MSNBC lean a bit left. If the poll were taken by Fox “News” it would have leaned pretty heavily toward “F.”

The last I saw though, the “A’s” were at 37% and the “F’s” were at 38%, leaving 25% in the middle. Remember, this is an MSNBC poll.

Early in a presidents term people tend to give him the benefit of the doubt, so “A’s” or “B’s” are to be expected. The rest, all things being equal, should be spread out about evenly between C, D and F.

So early in ANY president’s term, to get more than 10 or 15% in the “F” category takes a pretty well-orchestrated effort.

Please note, NOTHING disastrous, or even remotely bad, has happened during the first 100 days. Nothing. So what is there to give an “F” about? (No pun intended.) The only conclusion you can draw is that the 38% “F” vote represents great orchestration on the part of the Obama-haters.

Did anything especially bad happen during W’s first 100 days? Nope. I promise you, there weren’t 38% who would have given him an F, even though he shouldn’t have been in office.

Conservatives have completely polarized the political process. Every action by a democrat is evil, every action by a Republican, no matter how moronic (or unconstitutional) is good. The concerted effort to run up the “F” category of polls like this is just a small part of the bigger ‘sliming’ process that conservative leaders have become so comfortable with.

Naturally, liberals have tried to lash back, but they just don’t seem have the ‘game’ down. Maybe they are just too mellow.

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By Wink

Winkest Link has an Austrian correspondent. She has checked in to advise that I have been too easy on former House Speaker Newt Gingrich. I said he was “never very likable.”

Okay, I was being intentionally understated on that, but I am not afraid to elaborate… Can I call him a moron or a pinhead? I don’t think so. It doesn’t seem to fit. I do strive to be precise.

But EVERYONE can agree on is this: Newt is a d***.
And a slut.

We will review why in brief.

It is certainly not enough that he is a pompous windbag. There are lots of pompous windbags out there. Most are harmless because they don’t really take themselves too seriously.

Is Newt somewhat of a historian? Yep. It seems to be his defining strength, but he uses this knowledge like the proverbial hammer to project an attitude of supremacy, and it seems sincere. Projecting supremacy and believing it…. this is really d***ish.

Did he tell his first wife of his divorce intentions while she was hospitalized for cancer? Yes. What a d***.

Was he cheating on his second wife while leading the charges of philandering against former President Clinton? Yes. What a hypocritical d***.

This paragon of family values been married three times. Pretty safe to say he cheated on the first two, and probably did (is) on wife #3.

He led the successful “Republican Revolution” by (among other things) having the 1994 Congressional candidates sign a pledge to limit their terms to 12 years. Many of the signers, all Republicans, are now in the 16th year of their 12 year pledge. Others have been there MUCH longer. Newt would probably still be there too, but his own party tossed him aside for being too much of a d***.

It doesn’t seem to matter now. The Republican party is so void of talent that Newt has decided it is safe to re-insert himself into the public discussion. And Republicans are listening. Some still remember what a d*** he is and may not support him, but there are many mindless sheep for whom his bombastic anti-Obama exhortations hold a certain appeal.

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By Wink

Please sit down and breathe slowly before reading the next sentence. President Obama smiled in an encounter with Hugo Chavez at the Summit of the Americas. Should I repeat that? He smiled.

The always-impartial former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said the smile will be used as propaganda by enemies of the United States. He feels countries hostile toward America will view the smile as evidence the United States views Chavez as an acceptable leader.

Said Sir Newt: “Everywhere in Latin America, enemies of America are going to use the picture of Chavez smiling and being with the president as proof that Chavez is now legitimate that he is acceptable,”

Really Newt? Leaders of other nations make all their international policy decisions based on photo’s of handshakes & smiles?

Good Lord. Are the Republicans so out of ammunition that a smile is now a cause for concern? Is this part of their 2012 platform? “We promise to NEVER smile at a dictator!”

That should really scoop up the votes.

C’mon Newt, did you rip Reagan when he met with Gorbachev? No you didn’t, and don’t bother to tell me Reagan didn’t smile. There is plenty of photo-evidence to prove he did.

Reagan, Bush, Gorbachev all smiling.

Like Obama, Reagan was smooth and knew how to ingratiate himself with all types of people, including foreign dignitaries, and he (Reagan) did so with the leader of the “Evil Empire.”

Since you didn’t abuse Reagan with this tortured-logic, you can’t apply it to Obama. This complaint is so empty-headed that it should have come out of Glenn Beck’s mouth.

Newt, get some decent material before flapping your yap. You are beginning to sound so vacuous that you could work for Fox News. Oh, that’s right, Fox is already writing you checks.

You were never very likable Newt, but your arguments used to be coherent. Pick up your game.

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By Wink

Well, Teabag Day has come and gone.

Do you feel different now? Do you feel the swell of excitement?

No? That is because THERE IS NO GROUNDSWELL for the teabag issue. Fox News, which still bothers to use the phrase “Fair and Balanced,” drummed up this phony event in yet another cheap attempt to denigrate President Obama.

This ‘network’ was all pro-America when the president was named Bush. Anybody questioning our government was automatically unpatriotic and, worse, maybe a terrorist.

Now that America is led by a Democrat, Fox seems okay with anti-government, anarchy, overthrow-this-administration sentiment. Not just okay with it, they are fostering it.

For weeks they constantly beat the drum with this tea party metaphor to get people out on tax day (April 15) to protest all-things ‘Obama.”

Where did all that “Fair and Balance” go? Where did ‘pro-America’ go? Isn’t Obama America’s president?

Are you beginning to notice an undertone of racism in all they do? I am. Fox can be beautifully subtle about it. They don’t say ‘black.’ They wouldn’t DARE say ‘black.’ They say class-warfare, Marxism, fascist and communist. They dance-dance-dance all the way around the whole ‘black’ thing.

But when Fox brings out their true fans, as they did for Teabag Day, you get posters that include the words ‘homey,’ ‘dis,’ ‘dat,’ ‘Africa,’ and of course, ‘Hussein.’ One child was carrying a sign that said “Obamanomics: Monkey See, Monkey Spend ” A child.

And nobody at the rallies discourages the posters. Nobody.

Perhaps the racism is not as subtle as Fox would hope for.

Or is this exactly what they were aiming for?

PS: For the most part, any double-entendres about teabags in this article have been unintentional. We will allow you to make up your own jokes, but we are guessing Fox will use a different metaphor when they orchestrate (as opposed to ‘reporting’) next years “We Hate Obama” rally.

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I have always felt it is a waste to not utilize ex-presidents more fully. What do they do when they leave office?

Many recent presidents have gotten very wealthy on speaking engagements. I don’t really begrudge them that.

It is nice that Jimmy Carter has raised awareness of Habitat for Humanity, and promoted democracy by monitoring elections in many countries.

George Bush (the elder) and Bill Clinton have raised a LOT of money for disaster victims of Hurricane Katrina and other causes around the world.

Jerry Ford skied and played a lot of golf.

Let’s hope ‘W’ can find something useful to do rather than just try to defend the abysmal record he accumulated while in office.

Ex-presidents carry a wealth of actual experience, and have dealt exhaustively with issues that really matter to U.S. citizens. On the national and international level they all tried things that worked, and tried things that failed miserably. Learning experiences all.

They no longer have to grovel for votes, or donor money (to get votes). This freedom should be liberating.

Lets put them to good use. Doing what? I don’t know.

  • Make each one a congressperson? Nah. Being just one of 400+ votes is not influential enough, considering they used to have veto-power.
  • Ambassador? Too limited, unless the ex-president no longer wants to be part of the rat-race. Then they can just select a choice country and hobnob with dignitaries while on permanent vacation.
  • Supreme Court appointment? This is not unprecedented, but a current justice would have to die or resign for this to happen. We are NOT about to change the required total of nine.
  • Lifetime member of the Senate? Well, this one could hold more appeal. I’ll bet we could persuade a few ‘ex’s’ to do this.

For ‘W’? How about Chair of the Rose Bowl Parade?

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Did you ever notice how cute polar bears look? They have shiny-white fur, and sort of stroll about unobtrusively. Sometimes they will chase each other about and wrestle playfully.

I can only guess ‘cute and cuddly’ is what a German woman was thinking when she climbed the fence at the Berlin Zoo and jumped into the polar bear exhibit.

She landed in the water. Gosh, polar bears get their own pool!

I guess she wanted to be chummy with the bear, but the bear chose a different interpretation of the word ‘chum.’

Maybe you are able to guess what happened next. Anybody? (Not Graphic)

The bear started to bite and maul her. Who could have anticipated this outcome? Other than anybody over the age of nine?

I am not being judgmental here, but a photo of the occurrence shows the woman in shiny (wet) black clothes, flapping about in the water, looking almost exactly like a seal. You know the relationship between polar bears and seals, right?

The story ends ‘happily’ enough, as zoo officials were able to distract the bear and get the woman out. She was injured severely, and is in a Berlin hospital.

Now the readers of Winkest Link (and this has been scientifically proven) have a higher IQ than the general populous, so the following message is not for you specifically…

Don’t jump in with polar bears. Or grizzly bears. Or black bears. Or lions. Or badgers. Or asps. Or elephants. Or rhinos. Or crocodiles. Or hyenas. Or sharks. There is a big long “et-cetera” that goes here.

No matter how much they look like the beanie-babies on your bed at home, these are wild animals.

To reiterate: Your beanie babies have no appetite, and are not territorial, and probably don’t have razor-sharp teeth. Wild animals do.

There is no outer edge to ‘stupid.’ We promise to keep providing evidence of that.

This video is not graphic.

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A huge congratulations to the University of Connecticut (U Conn) women’s basketball team, and their outstanding head coach, whats-his-name.

At the beginning of the season U Conn was deemed the best in the nation, and the logical pick to win the national championship.

So how did they do? They won all 39 games by double-digits, and with it the national championship.

A few years back U Conn did NOT win the championship. Tennessee did.

And only a few decades before that, neither Tennessee nor U Conn won the championship.

I am not besmirching women’s basketball, but if you want interest in a sport to grow, you have to have more that two champions over a 20 year span.

Utterly predictable will not win converts. None, not even ONE, of U Conn’s games this year was closer than 10 points. What kind of office pool would that make?

“Well, we had 219 people in our pool this year, but they all chose U Conn. I guess it’s a tie.”

My favorite comment came right after the game from a national sports commentator, about how great a coach whats-his-name is…… “He gets all the best players, and makes them into a great team.”

Wow! Now THAT is coaching!!! He can overcome the handicap of having all the best players, and still win!

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At the top of EVERY anti-gay movement are several closeted gays. They are not hard to spot. They are the loudest, and making the most outrageous and bombastic statements. They are the leaders.

Why do they do this? Why do gays head anti-gay movements?

I suppose some, as children, were churched to believe that gays are evil. They must have accepted this dogma so deeply that when gay feelings welled up within them they felt obligated to demonstrate just how straight they are. “I am SO STRAIGHT that I am the Chairman of the local anti-gay movement!”

Others may just join because…. Uh, because….. I don’t know. Why does ANYBODY join a hate group?

Gay politicians run on anti-gay platforms when they think it will pull in enough votes to sway an election. The only ‘God’ to most politicians is the ballot box. They REALLY don’t care about guns or gays or even abortion….they just want to get elected and re-elected.

A congressman who makes it a point to give a boisterous anti-gay speech on C-SPAN tells me one thing, “this guy is probably gay.”

Conservative Larry Craig can deny his gayness all he wants. He is only lying to himself. I don’t believe it, you don’t believe it, his wife doesn’t believe it, the good people of Idaho don’t believe it.

In all honesty, wouldn’t he be a lot happier now if he would have admitted he was gay A LONG TIME AGO? Nobody would be unhappy with him. He would never have had to lead the dreaded ‘double life.’

On the other hand, he would certainly never have been elected to the House and Senate in Idaho, and probably not be on the NRA Board of Directors. I still think he would be happier.

I would love-love-LOVE to hear from a gay person who is a member of an anti-gay group. PLEASE post a comment on this blog. We promise that Winkest Link is as confidential as the web can ever be.

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“Guiding Light” is ending after 70 years of radio and television shows. This is an astonishing feat.

I don’t care though, ‘cuz I don’t watch soaps.

But there is a new soap that has caught my attention. I call it “As the Palin’s Turn.”

On the Pulitzer-winning newsmagazine “Tyra,” Governor Palin’s former-future son in law said he was pretty sure the Governor knew he and her daughter were having sex. Additionally, he was essentially kidnapped to appear at the Republican National Convention (forcing him to cancel hunting plans).

I am not here to validate any of that. People say all kinds of wacky stuff on talk shows. Such a huge percent of it is made-up that none of it is credible.

It doesn’t matter. It just adds to an already-delightful soap opera.

Up until now I have avoided commenting on Sarah Palin’s daughter, because I think families should be off-limits, unless that family member injects his/herself into the public arena.

The boyfriend injected himself into the public arena by going on Tyra. He is now fair game.

The governors’ daughter did it by becoming a spokesperson (seriously) for abstinence. She is now fair game.

Forget the cost of the outfits Governor Palin wore during the campaign.

Forget her loopy answers to the simplest of questions. (Although my personal favorite was in regard to what newspapers/magazines she reads….. “Oh, all of them.”)

Forget the ‘diva’ comments former McCain aides made about her.

Do remember, however, that Palin’s husband belonged to the Alaskan Independence Party separatist group. The stated goal of this group is to make Alaska its own country, and no longer part of the United States.

Don’t you just love true patriots?

All of this and more, and Palin is still a leading candidate for the 2012 Republican nomination.

Such support from GOP conservatives!

I bet they would be equally supportive if an Obama daughter became pregnant, or if Michelle at one time belonged to a group that wanted Illinois to secede from the rest of the United States!

Tune in again soon, for “As the Palin’s Turn.”

P.S. Have you got a better title than “As the Palin’s Turn”? Let me know. I may change the title based on your suggestions. Did Guiding Light ever offer that?

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