October 2009

By Wink

FOOTBALL: Do you prefer college or pro football? It pretty much depends where you are. If you live in Philadelphia, chances are pretty good you are a pro football fan. If you live in Oklahoma (anywhere in Oklahoma) you are almost assuredly a college fan. There is really no wrong answer to which is better, except that college football is better. (And no, I DON’T live in Oklahoma.)

BASEBALL: Didn’t there use to be a sport named baseball? Whatever happened to that?

TENNIS: Now this sport is finally getting somewhere. At the U.S. Open Serena Williams blew up at a line judge. That was fun! It made for some great sound bites…. “I’m gonna take this ball and jam it down your $@&*# throat.”

No sport is REAL until the players totally lose it.

Not to be outdone, during the same tournament, the normally catatonic Roger Federer swore at the chair umpire. Now THAT was news. He may have the calmest outward demeanor in the history of sports. He is the kind of guy you WISH would blow up once in a while. Now that he has actually done that, I wish I had not wished for that. It just seemed way beneath him…


BASKETBALL: You know what? Nobody really cares who wins. We just want to see LeBron and Kobe in action. Not Shaq though, he is too old, too slow.

GOLF: Are you like me? Do you continue to root for Tiger even though he has all the money on the planet? Why do we do that?

LACROSSE: Now we are getting somewhere. It is time to jump on to the lacrosse bandwagon. This game is virtually nonstop action with lots of physical contact thrown in for the ‘violence-oriented.” It may never replace football as a sport to watch, but as a sport to play? You betcha!

ANYTHING ‘X-GAME’: Are you guys nuts, or what? Going over a high-jump bar on a motorcycle? How did that ever become a sport? Are lots of people doing that?

Did I leave any sports out? Bowling? Badminton? Curling?
That was intentional…

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By Wink

Thomas Sowell of the Creators Syndicate wants Rush Limbaugh to sue somebody. He is quickly becoming my favorite columnist.

Apparently when the Winkest Link honored Sowell with the prestigious “Bonehead Du Jour” Award (Feb 19, 2009) he became obsessed with trying to be the first two-time winner.

Now he is saddened because he feels Rush Limbaugh has been unfairly labeled as a racist.

In his article, Sowell expresses frustration about how somebody lied about him (Mr. Sowell) a long time ago.

We at Winkest Link do not tolerate lies, and completely understand Sowell’s  frustration about that earlier episode.

He then goes on about how Rush may or may not be in a position to sue somebody for lying, but doesn’t tell us what the alleged ‘lies’ are.

Tom, don’t just say people are lying. Tell us what the lie is so we can check its veracity.

But I will go ahead and accept your accusation that somebody somewhere lied about Rush. He has some ‘qualities’ that will make his detractors want to say mean things about him, and I bet some of those mean things are made-up (lies).

Again, liars are detestable.

Sowell feels Rush has been branded as racist all based on “something that was made of whole cloth.”

Sowell:  “If critics can’t find anything racist in all material, why should an outright lie… be given a pass?”

Hmmm…. “can’t find anything racist”???

Before I answer that, here is what you need to know about me: For years I defended Rush against charges of racism. I always argued that being a flaming conservative is NOT the same as being a racist. It is intellectually dishonest to say, or even imply, otherwise.

The American decline in civility was probably inevitable, but once Rush proved incivility was a short path to insane wealth, the stampede was on. Bile-spewing nutcases now fill the radio waves. To get attention they have to out-Rush Rush.

And once all the wack-job Rush imitators got successful, he felt he had to ratchet up his ‘outrageous’ level to stay ahead of the curve.

Even so, Rush almost never gave me any reason to consider him a racist, but then…

Concern #1:  While working for ESPN, Rush said that Donovan McNabb was overrated and that “I think what we’ve had here is a little social concern in the NFL. The media has been very desirous that a black quarterback do well.”

A “black quarterback?”  What has THAT go to do with anything? Rush, you can say McNabb is a fine QB, or you can say he sucks, I don’t care. That’s football. But “black quarterback?”   Ugh.

Still, I defended Rush, because we should all be allowed to say one sincerely stupid thing in our lives.

Then something more significant happened. A black U.S. Senator ran for president, and started to gain momentum.

That is when the real Rush stepped forward…. (Note to Mr. Sowell:  The following examples are not from ‘whole cloth,’ they are from the Limbaugh show)

  • Rush repeatedly played a song titled “Barack, the Magic Negro” (to the tune of ‘Puff, the Magic Dragon’).
  • Countless times he referred to Obama as a “Halfrican-American”
  • And he has said “The NFL too often looks like a game between the Bloods and the Crips.”

I can no longer defend Rush. His soul is bared.

If you think those comments cannot possibly be construed as racist, you need to look in the mirror.

I am sorry Mr. Sowell, your above-mentioned observations, while purposefully ignorant,  are not quite stupid enough to qualify for another “Bonehead Du Jour” award, but we appreciate that you keep trying.

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By Wink

Gun people are totally smitten with the Second Amendment. What is this passion for guns?

I won’t even argue with them. We have the right to bear arms.

I don’t hunt, but I don’t object to hunting. And if you are going to hunt, I would prefer you use a gun over, say, bow-hunting.

(Bow-hunters forgive me. I know your sport takes a high level of skill, but THAT is my objection… anyone below ‘Olympics-level’ archer leaves too much chance for an injured animal to run off and suffer. The gun offers a better chance at a ‘clean’ kill.)

But machine guns? Do we really need machine guns? Would it ‘infringe’ on you personally if you couldn’t have one? What do you need it for?

Some gun people love their guns more than they love people. You will never convince me otherwise. There is probably a psychological thrill in knowing you could just blow somebody away if you needed to.

(Note to reasonable gun owners: The previous paragraph started with the word “Some.” I didn’t say “ALL gun people love their guns more than they love people.” Don’t bury me with hate mail telling me how ‘responsible’ you are.)

One Winkest Link reader frequently uses the phrase ‘passive-aggressive.’ Maybe that term is what applies here….

Gun Fan: “I don’t have any special grievance with you, but if I ever do it is nice to know I have a gun.”

Now THAT is passive-aggressive.

Freud would have described this passion for guns as ‘phallic’ but, for my tastes, Sigmund was a bit too smitten with the concept of ‘phallic.’

Honestly though, I am glad the gun-people support the Second Amendment.

It would be comforting to believe they were all as staunchly supportive of the rest of the Constitution. Right to privacy, freedom of speech, protection from unreasonable search and seizure, due process… you know, all that crazy ‘civil liberty’ stuff…
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By Ike

There is a local gentleman, whom I know very well, who is totally ticked off, and is now organizing people to rally against “socialized health care.”

Do you know the punch line to this? C’mon, you know where I am going, right?

He has both Medicare and Medicaid.

Right, BOTH are government health insurance programs. Socialized medicine.

We are swimming in a tidal wave of hypocrisy.

Somehow HIS government funded health insurance is WAAAAAAYYYYYY different from anybody else’s government funded health insurance.

Maybe this isn’t hypocrisy, maybe this is just ignorance. Nah, it’s hypocrisy.

Whatever it is, it is not exceptional, it appears to be the rule.

The first entry in the conservative playbook is: “Paint all things ‘government’ as bad.”

“We want the government OUT of all aspects of our lives (except when we need them to outlaw gays and abortion).”

Of course to conservatives there is bad, and there is BAD, and there is BAAAAADDDDD.

  1. Government waste is ‘bad.’
  2. Any congressman or senator who is a Democrat is ‘BAD.”
  3. Government healthcare is ‘BAAAAADDDDD.’

…but don’t you DARE touch my Medicare or Medicaid.
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By Ike

If you have health insurance, you may not have any sense of urgency toward the ‘need’ for national health insurance. What is the big rush?  Why don’t we take our time and ‘get it right.’

If you have insurance, you probably have an annual maximum of $5000 or $10,000 out of your pocket (not counting premiums of course). You can afford that hit, right?

What about that good-for-nothing bum who got laid off two months ago and “can’t afford” the $1250 per month health insurance premium that his former employer generously offered him.

From 2000 to 2006 inflation rose 18% and wages rose 20%. Insurance premiums?  They rose 87% during that same time. Do you wonder why your deductible, coinsurance, copays and premiums keep skyrocketing? Do you think your premiums will ‘level out’ any day now?

If you think sticking your head in the sand will solve this, good for you, but don’t stand in the way of those who need this.

I am a free market advocate, but free market does not, and will not, solve all ills. Free market does not police our towns, put out fires or fix potholes. Free market does not defend the United States. Government does all that.

There are 47 million people in America who can tell you that ‘free market’ does not protect them from health-related financial ruin. Only government can do that. Free markets work well for commodities. There is legitimate competition for your burger dollars, or for cars.

Health care is not a commodity. We need to stop treating it like it is.

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By Kasson

Because everyone everywhere apparently speaks with a liberal bias, someone had to create a website called “Conservapedia.” This differs from Wikipedia by twisting all conventional wisdom toward conservative opinion.

Fine, whatever. If you want your kids to think the earth is 6000 years old (and they DO), then this is the website for you.

And if you think Conservapedia might have a biblical bent, you are right. BUT, as I said before, everyone everywhere speaks with a liberal bias, and now that includes the Bible.

The brain trust at Conservapedia has finally noticed the Bible’s distinct liberalism.  I do not even disagree with their judgment, what with all the ‘caring for the poor and the sick.’  Or such liberal ideas as ‘turn the other cheek,’ which in the case of current liberalism is: when you take a beating, you should join the other side (in a if you can’t beat them, join them mentality).

Here is what I have a problem with, Conservapedia wishes to change the Bible to rid it of all liberal bias.  I consider this sacrilege.  Conservatives (at Conservapedia, I realize that they are not the voice of all conservatives),  you cannot change the Bible’s words. If you already twist the meaning of passages, why would you need to change the words themselves?

One guideline is to avoid “dumbing” down the bible, and another is to avoid “liberal wordiness.”  I will be surprised if they can manage to avoid using the “big” words in the Bible currently, without dumbing it down.

I can’t wait for the changes though…..

To quote Stephen Colbert:  While the bible quote is “The meek shall inherit the earth” what Jesus meant was… “The meek shall inherit the earth if we can repeal the federal estate tax. Seriously. 45 percent for estates over 3.5 million? Spareth me.”

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By Wink

Looks like David Letterman messed around on his wife. Well, according to what we know so far, it happened a while back, before he got married. So I guess she wasn’t his wife at the time, but she was his girlfriend, because they have been ‘together’ for over 20 years.

And Jon and Kate are breaking up.

Oh well.

That people are cheating all over the place is no excuse, it is wrong in all circumstances.

But come on people, don’t we have better things to worry about?

If Dave or Jon or Kate decide to screw up their lives, why should we care? They have to live with the consequences. That should be enough.

I happen to like Letterman, but that doesn’t excuse his behavior. Seriously though, don’t all comedians chase women (or men). Comedy is just a logical job for womanizers who can’t play guitar. (Don’t even get me started on rock musicians.)

This eavesdropping on the personal lives of celebrities is a little sad, but at least we SHOULD know who Letterman is. He was a nationally recognized comedian even before he got his own show.

That anybody anywhere knows who Jon and Kate are is emblematic of how pathetic we are as a society.

Reality shows tend to be a giant waste of time, and totally phony, so I don’t watch them, but millions of Americans do, and they hyperventilate over whether J or K is the better parent, and who cheated on who first.

God people, get a life…
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By Wink

What is it that makes the super-rich different from us? Do you have ‘what it takes’ to be super rich?

I have done some exhaustive research on this topic, and made some startling discoveries. Doubt it if you wish, but statistics never lie, and they tell us that the super-rich…

  1. Are Right-handed – Are you right handed? This is a good sign, because most super-rich are right handed. For the left-handed among my readers the lesson is obvious: Those old grade-school nuns had your best interests in mind when they were whacking you with rulers for trying to write left-handed. They only wanted you to have a shot at the big bucks.
  2. Are Cheerful – Maybe their cheerfulness is how they got rich. Maybe their wealth is what makes them cheerful. Who knows? It’s the old ‘chicken and egg’ thing…
  3. Are Male – Are men just naturally more gifted than women? It must be true, especially when it comes to money. But don’t give up women, you can make your life’s big goal ‘job-satisfaction’ rather than money!
  4. Own Nice Homes (often more than one) – This CANNOT be a coincidence. Don’t believe it? Buy a couple of very nice houses and wait to see if the money doesn’t start to roll in!
  5. Are Well-spoken – If you trip over your tongue a lot, or the right word never really pops into your head when you most need it, you probably aren’t crazy-wealthy. Don’t beat yourself up over it though, you just weren’t meant to have money.

I hope these tips help pull you out of your cruddy, two-bit existence…

They haven’t worked for me … yet…

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