May 2010

By Wink

Some will see this as the beginning of the end of the world.

An openly gay politician was elected to office. In Texas.

There have always been gay politicians. Many-many gay politicians. But the closet was always full. No one dared come out.

As representation, American gays had only Barney Frank and a handful of others (mostly in San Francisco we presume).

To ‘religious conservatives’ gay politicians winning elections in Texas must be a bad-bad omen.

I sometimes think the overly religious are hoping for the apocalypse. Deep inside they secretly wish something horrific will happen so they can say… “See? I told you so.”

They seem to revel in signs that we are nearing ‘the end.’

Bothered by hurricanes and earthquakes? Blame the gays. What other explanation could there be?

I must admit though, there are scary signs out there. Pollution. Overpopulation. Vladimir Putin. Starvation. Terrorists. Crazy dictators with access to nuclear weapons.

Kim Jong-il? That dude scares me.

The apocalypse will not occur because two people love each other. It is much more likely to occur because two people(s) hate each other.

And it won’t surprise ANYONE if religious fervor is the finger that pulls the trigger.

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By Wink

Joe Biden is an excitable guy. He gets mad. He gets happy. He expresses himself.

During the signing ceremony for the recently passed Health Care Bill, he whispered into the president’s ear “this is a big f-ing deal.” Only he didn’t say “f-ing.” He said the word.

Granted, it wasn’t meant for public consumption, but microphones are very powerful these days, and his foul language became part of the story.

For a bright guy, sometimes Biden is a bit of a slow learner. Our president and vice president are as close as we have to royalty. For public consumption, they should try to act with some propriety.

His glibness is part of his charm, however, so it would be sad to see his emotion, be it elation or frustration, muted or muzzled.

Regardless, now he is the Veep, and he will have to watch his mouth at all times.

Story over?


A Kentucky teenager wrote to Biden expressing his displeasure at the coarse verbiage.

This is precisely what the teen should have done. Part of what makes this country great is you can criticize our leaders, even directly.

You know how many letters (and e-mails) the president and Veep get daily? Thousands and thousands and thousands.

So it defied very long odds when this boy received a two-paragraph response from Biden.

The Veep could have simply ignored the letter, especially since it was critical of him, but he chose to respond. And the response included an apology.

“I should have expressed my excitement in a more appropriate manner.”

NOW is the story over?


Far from being gracious and thankful to receive a personal apology from the Vice President of the United States, the teenager had this to say:

“It was not really an apology, but that’s as close to an apology as I will be receiving.”

What the “F” does this kid want???

(We at Winkest Link would like to apologize to anyone who may have been offended with how we ended this article. To those who refuse to accept our apology we say…. Tough S***)

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By Wink

Sports magazines, newspapers and television networks are all agog.

LeBron James has apparently let a lot of people down.

His team, the Cleveland Cavaliers, was just eliminated from the playoffs by the Boston Celtics.

He didn’t win any championships with Cleveland.

This wouldn’t be much of an issue, but all the aforementioned mags, newspapers and television networks have already anointed LeBron as the next savior of the NBA, the next ‘Michael Jordan.’

Not much pressure there, right LeBron?

He is eligible for free agency, and can now choose to re-sign with Cleveland or sign with any other team. The most talked-about ‘other teams’ are the New York Knicks and Chicago Bulls.

Who knows where he will sign. If he re-ups with Cleveland, Cavs fans will rejoice, and many people will praise his loyalty.

If he signs with another team, any other team, he will be seen as greedy, or as calloused toward the long-suffering Cleveland fans.

Is James, at 25, officially overrated? We sort of doubt that. It took Jordan longer than this to start his championship run.

Either way, I don’t care. He has been nothing but a class act, who has reflected positively on Cleveland, and the NBA.

LeBron, if you are reading this, just grant me one wish…..

Don’t sign with the @*!#*!# Lakers

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By Wink

As you may know, last week the Winkest Link predicted that Diane Wood would be the next Supreme Court nominee.

We were smug enough to think that, since we got it right on Sonia Sotomayor, we were probably clairvoyant.

Oops, we were wrong.

President Obama has nominated Elena Kagan. If you are somewhat politically astute, you will know who she is. Therefore, we won’t bore you with Kagan trivia (for now).

We will spend the rest of our time placing blame for our faulty pick.

Among our convenient excuses….

  • The sun was in our eyes.
  • The dog ate our paper.
  • We should have been suspicious of our inside source, Dick Cheney. (He doesn’t have that good of a record for accurate predictions.)

And we do apologize to you for suggesting you bet your (currently defaulting) mortgage on Diane Wood.

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By Wink

According to Winkest Link inside sources, the next Supreme Court nominee will be Diane Wood.

Doubt us if you wish, but we got it right on Sonia Sotomayor. (See our articles of May 12, 2009 and May 28 2009)

We are going to roll the dice again on Diane Wood. A bit about her first….

Wood was educated at the University of Texas School of Law, where she was an editor of the Texas Law Review. She graduated in 1975 at the top of her class with high honors.

She was among the first women to clerk at the Supreme Court and, after working in private practice, became the third woman ever hired as a law professor at the University of Chicago Law School.

Wood was nominated to the Seventh Circuit by President Clinton, and was confirmed unanimously by the United States Senate.

Do NOT expect a unanimous confirmation this time though.

Almost every Obama effort has been opposed by Republicans, no matter how logical or innocuous the issue.

Nothing innocuous about this though, this is the Supreme Court. The battle will be furious.

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If you haven’t heard, Arizona legislature passed a law allowing police to stop or detain suspected illegal immigrants and demand proof of their citizenship.

They do not need warrants. They do not need probable cause.

This is arguably the most dangerous law ever enacted.

This blatant invasion of privacy can be a window of opportunity for all states to pass the same thing. And not only the same thing, but other laws that directly affect you.

This is the biggest of big brothers. If it is not declared unconstitutional, all freedoms we take for granted could be at risk.

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