August 2010

By Wink

Did you know that Muslim religious services are held in the Pentagon? Yep. About 100 feet from where the 9-11 terrorist plane crashed.

Is our military aware of this? Don’t they know all Muslims are terrorists?

Muslims work in the Pentagon, and have religious services there. You can’t get more ‘inside’ than that.

There isn’t any issue with this. Not a peep of protest from those who work there.

But people fear a Muslim temple (a community center really), not at ground zero, but two blocks away at an empty Burlington Coat Factory store.

And people in far-flung Tennessee and Oregon are holding huge protests to stop Muslim temples from being built in their states. Is Murfreesboro the next ‘Ground Zero?’

What do the military brass at the Pentagon know that the average American does not?

They know there is nothing to fear from letting people practice their religion.

So why do YOU fear it?  Fear, fear, fear. You are sold this on a daily basis by the FOX news people and their minions, the Republican Party.

It is all a political calculation, and it works.

The FOX people don’t really fear terrorists, and don’t think Obama is a socialist, and know he was born in America. They just beat these drums to keep you in fear.

Is there any chance that you will be attacked, any time in your life, by a Muslim? Nope. But still you fear.

Do you know what it is to fear without cause? Phobia. By definition all phobias are irrational.

Go ahead, live in your bunker.

I am going to the park.

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By Wink

Eighteen percent of Americans think Obama is Muslim. Another 43% don’t know WHAT religion he is. This totals 61%.

These numbers are mind-blowing. Are these people just hopelessly, blindingly ignorant?

Can’t they at least remember back to Obama’s controversial (Christian) preacher? Don’t people remember FOX telling us that Obama has been going to the same church for years and years and years and never quit, even though this preacher is blah-blah-blah…..

Where do lunatic ideas, like ‘Obama is a Muslim’, come from?

Almost entirely from political gamesmanship. But what games are being played?

Democrats play beanbag: “Your candidate (not mentioning any names here Mrs. Palin) is a dunce. A charismatic dunce, but a dunce nonetheless. Now that I think about it, your previous candidate/president was dunce too.”

Republicans play the scorched earth/hired assassin game: “Your candidate hates America, hates our troops, is communist, is a Muslim, was not born in this country.”

Scorched earth/hired assassin was pretty much perfected by Karl Rove. The idea is just to make up s***, the more scurrilous the better, and a certain percent of people will believe it, regardless of ANY amount of counter-evidence.

Rove was the mastermind of the George W Bush campaigns. In the 2000 primaries Rove arranged for a “push-poll” in South Carolina, auto-dialing thousands of people, telling them John McCain had a biracial child out of wedlock. (McCain does have a ‘biracial’ child, an adopted daughter from Bangladesh.)

It worked. South Carolina Republicans bought into the racist message, voted for Bush, and McCain’s campaign donations dried up.

Ever since, Republican strategists have decided no tactic is too low.

So 18 percent of Americans now believe Obama is Muslim. Most of these people surely believe (a) Muslim = evil, and (b) Obama = evil.

What are we to make of the other 43% who don’t know what religion he is? I am guessing 8% of these are clueless and don’t know what day of the week it is. The other 35% probably know he talks about being a Christian, and goes to Christian churches, but that maybe that is just posturing, to win votes.

For the historically impaired, there has never been a non-Christian U.S. president, and this still holds true.

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By Wink

Liberals are all communists (or maybe fascists). We can all agree on that, right? Right!

Is there anything the commies and conservatives agree on? Sure, lots of things, but let us just use a recent example…

For years and years and years, the commies (at least the Russian version) and conservatives agreed that global warming was a hoax.

You would think this would be an especially odd thing for these two groups to agree on because….

  • Conservatives feel this is a liberal plot.
  • Russia felt it was a concoction of the west to limit the growth of Russian pollution-spewing industry (i.e.: They blamed anti-commie western conservatives for the global-warming hoax!).

Weird, huh?

News flash: Russia and all of Europe are experiencing crazy heat levels this summer. Wildfires and heat-related deaths are reaching record highs. This has caused Russia to re-think global warming, and even address it as a possibility.

But, just as a blizzard does not mean global warming is a fake, the current heat wave in Russia/Europe does not prove global warming is real.

Any given weather glitch can always be considered an anomaly, and does not automatically meet the scientific standard of “statistically significant.”

Anyone who tells you otherwise is a moron, or hopes you are moron enough to believe him. (This means you, Rush.)

By the way, the correct phrase is ‘climate change.’ During climate change, some areas will be hotter than ever, some will have more snow than ever. Some places will have more rain than ever, others will be dryer. These extremes can be statistically significant.

And yes, part of climate change can be a gradual increase in the Earth’s temperature.

If the oceans warm by one degree, it IS statistically significant. Why? Because oceans are really big, and it takes a LOT to warm them by even a fraction of a degree, let alone a whole degree.

Science is on the side of those who understand science.

Those who dispute it either have a political agenda, or just aren’t very bright.

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By Wink

Today’s recommended reading is the autobiography of former U.S. Senator Bob Kerrey, titled ‘When I Was a Young Man’.

This book, published in 2002, is NOT the story of ‘how I became a governor/senator/president of a university’. It is a simple telling of him as a young child, up through the end of his service in the Vietnam War.

‘Simple’ is meant as a compliment here. All of the players, Kerrey included, are just normal people, and we are shown how they (and we) are all affected when we are exposed to dire events.

The soldiers, their families, and all those touched by them are all heroes. Through it all it seems Kerrey is made to wonder why he is one of the few with a medal.

A Navy SEAL team leader, he made it through only 50 days in Vietnam, then had the lower part of leg blown off by a grenade. On a subsequent stay at a military hospital he made a request to the surgeon to save as much of his leg as possible…

What follows is an excerpt from the book, when Lt. Kerrey awakes after surgery …

When I opened my eyes I was in the recovery room. My mother and father were there, sitting in chairs against the wall. They were holding hands. My mother’s eyes were red and puffy. “Mom? Dad? Is that you?” I called. They came to my bedside and looked down upon me. “How are you feeling?” my father asked me. “Fine,” I answered, “Just fine.” My mother held my hand and put a wet washcloth to my lips. Two other men were alone and still asleep in their beds. As my head cleared, I remembered where I was and what had just been done to me. I remembered my question to the surgeon, but could not lift my head high enough to see how much had been taken. “Do you need something, son?” my father asked. I addressed the answer to my mother. “Mom, I need to know how much is left.” She looked down at me, held my hand, and said, “There’s a lot left, Bob. There is a lot left.” She was not talking about my leg. From that moment I did not doubt that my body and spirit would heal.

Kerrey never totally heals spiritually though. An awful wisdom is gained through his personal experience and his witnessing of fellow soldiers who are dealt much more severe circumstances than his missing limb.

He concludes the book with information he has learned about an uncle who was lost toward the end of WWII. His efforts to learn this are made to honor his father’s final wishes.

This is a reflective book, not over-the-top. He underplays many of the significant events in his life. He presents issues of hopelessness, and of renewed hope.

In his eyes, life presents us many heroes, should we choose to notice them. He does not present himself as a hero, however, just as a survivor.

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