December 2010

By Wink

Several W-L editors play a game called “Sims 3.”

I don’t.

One of the character roles being played is a movie producer, or some-such. This producer is required, not to make a movie, but to come up with the idea and/or title of a movie.

I hereby present a few ideas of these producer-geniuses…

“Gin-ception” in which an alcoholic is able to invade the dreams of others…

“Catman Begins” which has no specific plot line, except it is a new super-hero movie, and allows for the natural sequel…

“Catman Deux”.

We at Winkest Link do NOT apologize for this awful pun. We relish this and encourage you, especially if you are playing a movie producer in Sims 3, to come up with something better.

As Bob Seger would say….. “Goodnight everybody!”

Happy Holidays…

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By Wink

Republicans refused to provide additional health benefits for 9-11 responders.

The above statement is not made up, is not from ‘The Onion’.

What guiding principle would cause the GOP to delay any sort of aid for 9-11 responders?

Let say it all together now…… “Tax Cuts for the wealthy!”

For years you have heard that only the GOP cares about 9-11 and, by extension, America.

Fact: Everybody everywhere agreed with the Obama plan to reduce taxes for all income less than $250,000.

This would never be enough for Boehner, etc. All government would stop unless tax cuts were extended to those over $250G.

Obama caved, and offered tax cuts to those making less than $1,000,000 per year.

Even THAT was not enough. To repeat, tax breaks for all income less than $1,000,000 per year was still not enough.

They talk about veterans, they talk about 9-11, but, when push comes to shove, which 2% of Americans do they really-really-really care about?

Their argument tends to be ‘tax breaks for the extremely wealthy stimulate the economy.’

This is so obviously wrong. The tax rates they are defending are the same ones that have been in place for the last 10 years. The same ones that lead us into our current recession. These rates are NOT pulling us out of this recession.

When did we last have a booming economy? During the 90’s, the Clinton era, when the tax rates were higher on the upper class.

GOP hatred of all things ‘Clinton’ is so strong, that they simply deny that obviously provable fact.  Okay, maybe it is not simply a hatred of Clinton. Maybe it is just an overwhelming compulsion to gift the very most wealthy among us.

Brief Summary….
Clinton Era:  Higher taxes for the wealthy – economy booms, plenty of jobs.
Bush Era:  Massive tax breaks for the wealthy – economy crashes, years of poor job growth.

It is mystifying that anybody anywhere thinks the GOP cares about the ‘little guy.’  They do not care about the poor, even the poor who make only $249,000 each year.


John McCain found more that 6000 earmarks in this most recent budget, totaling more than $6 billion.

Horrible, right?

The tax breaks for the wealthy will cost the U.S. $700 billion.

$6 billion versus $700 billion.

Go ahead, guess which dollar figure Sen. McCain is more apoplectic about…

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By Wink

High political season tends to elevate my blood pressure. The vitriol of the last presidential election raised my hackles, and caused me to write multiple articles about the, shall we say, ‘disputable’ accusations that were raised.

To reduce this stress, and because I didn’t want to seem obsessed with her, I decided a while back to stop writing about Sarah Palin.  I figured the sooner we all stopped paying attention to her, the sooner America’s political IQ would raise back up.

Not only has she not disappeared, she is now omnipresent.

Critical things to know about Mrs. Palin:

  • She loves her family, just like I do.
  • She (presumably) goes to church, just like I do. (And not one of those pagan, tree-loving churches. A real-live American Christian church.)
  • She loves America and our troops, just like I do.

I know LOTS of people, really smart people, who love their family, go to church, and support America and our troops.

While family, church and country appear to be her top selling points, her REAL top selling point is that she is a celebrity. She is famous for being famous.

She has a combination of two things I truly detest: A smug religious superiority (that her fans tend to share), and TV celebrity.

She has done nothing, literally nothing, in her life. Had she completed her one term as Governor of Alaska I could count that as an achievement. Quitting made her a failure at that. Quitters are quitters. Period.

But she is still a celebrity. And (monetarily) that is worth much-much more. When a celebrity says ‘Obama is a socialist’ they get hired, for millions, by FOX. And the speech money? Don’t get me started…

I don’t hate Sarah, really!  I just hate pea-brains. I hate pea-brained liberals and I hate pea-brained conservatives.

The difference?  Pea-brained liberals are out protesting maltreatment of chickens, while pea-brained conservatives are leading contenders for president.

And you know what else? Sarah knows she isn’t very bright. If she was sharp, she would have no fear of real news shows. Instead of appearing solely on smooch-fests at FOX, she would go on network TV. Real TV.

Mitt Romney does it all the time. John McCain has, literally hundreds of times. Why? Because they are smart, and can handle hard questions.

She can’t deal with ‘Meet the Press’?  How would she ever be able to deal with the Chinese, Putin and the Middle East?

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