January 2011

By Wink

Hannity: Well Sarah, nice to have you here today.

Sarah: Nice to be here Sean.

Hannity: You look lovely today, as always.

Sarah: Thank you Sean.

Hannity: No, really. You are really beautiful.

Sarah: Thanks.

Hannity: Hot, really.

Sarah: You are so nice.

Hannity: Sarah, why is the liberal press so mean to you?

Sarah: I think they hate truth-tellers, Sean.

Hannity: Yep, that’s probably it. Plus you look so great, and I think they are jealous.

Sarah: Thanks. I do my best…

Hannity: Wouldn’t you say liberals control all media except FOX?

Sarah: Yep, I sure would.

Hannity: Is that why you no longer talk to any media outlets other than FOX?

Sarah: Right. The left-wing ‘Gotcha-Patrol’ always asks trick questions, and they don’t give you the best possible answers, not even multiple choice!  That is why you are such a good interviewer, Sean. You always let me know the type of answer you are looking for.

Hannity: ‘Slanted journalism.’ That’s what it is. What would you call it Sarah?

Sarah: I have thought about this for a while, Sean, and I have come up with a phrase for it…. ‘Slanted Journalism.’

Hannity: That is insightful, Sarah, but the liberal press will never give you credit for that.

Sarah: Thanks Sean. I think I will twitter that……

(looking down)  I …am … inciteful … but … the … liberal … press… never … gives… me… credit.

Hannity: Do you ‘twitter’ because you can avoid liberal spin?

Sarah: I twitter to avoid the liberal spin, Sean.

Hannity: Except for all the liberals, America is the greatest country on Earth. Now I don’t want to put words in your mouth, but wouldn’t you say that?

Sarah: America is the greatest.

Hannity: Isn’t motherhood important to you too?

Sarah: Soccer moms, hockey moms, SUV moms. I just love moms!

Hannity: Well Sarah, I am impressed, but not surprised, by how well you handled the grilling I just gave you.

Sarah: Thanks Sean.

Hannity: It just shows how great you are when the questions are fair and balanced.

Sarah: My pleasure.

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By Wink

In a recent Wall Street Journal I saw a photo of the Tehran Stock Exchange.

Let me say that slowly……. Tehran…..Stock…..Exchange.

If you are like me, the idea of a ‘Tehran Stock Exchange’ might strike you as a strange concept.

I assumed Iran had a mostly sand-based economy and, if there was a ‘stock exchange’ it would involve …. you know… stock….

Am I THAT far out of touch, that I didn’t know there was a Tehran Stock Exchange?

The world keeps spinning. I need to do a better job of keeping up.

It isn’t so much my problem, though. I am just plankton in the economic ocean.

If a sideways nation like Iran has a stock exchange, that can only mean that even they, the Iranians, are on their way to becoming an economic player in the international stage.

We here in the U.S. better buckle up and prepare for the future. China, India, and now Iran, are not standing still, and they are not alone….. Many of what Americans think of as ‘backward’ nations are making economic strides.

To keep up, and to stay ahead, the U.S must be a vibrant, forward-thinking nation. We need to be a trend-setter, and try to lead some of the changes that are on the horizon.

We need to produce stuff the rest of the world needs and wants.

We have a shot at taking the lead in green technology. The whole world is interested in this.

Let us lead.

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By Wink

Economists agree, and it is scientifically proven: When an economy stagnates, the two most effective ways to stimulate the economy are to provide (1) unemployment compensation (between 70% and 190% goes back into the economy) and (2) food stamps (between 173% and 184% according to article).

Talk about two unpopular programs!

I am guessing these are most popular among about 10% of our population, the 10% that are currently unemployed.

Among those who HAVE jobs, the approval percent drops pretty dramatically.

This isn’t necessarily party-related either. Many Democrats feel unemployment and food stamps are a waste of taxpayer money.

This doesn’t require any upper-level thought. The poor will spend their money to keep a roof over their heads, and to feed their kids. They SPEND the money.

Spent money creates jobs. Not ‘maybe someday’ jobs. NOW jobs. These jobs create more taxable income, so each dollar is actually worth more than one dollar invested.

The LEAST effective economic stimulant?  Tax cuts for the wealthy. These go right into estates and just sit there.

Additional money will not cause Daddy Warbucks(1) to change his spending habits.  He will just throw his tax cut on top of the pile of money he already has, not stimulating anything. (Only between 10% and 40% goes back to the economy, from first link).

Of course, if you don’t believe in science, you won’t believe in economics either. But I thought it was worth a shot….

(1) A “Little Orphan Annie” reference!

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