November 2011

By Wink

I disagree with syndicated writer Cal Thomas on a number of issues, but I read him all the time. His writing is smart enough that he frequently forces me to revisit my perspectives on different issues.

He recently wrote a charming article about his fondness for Texas.

Good for him. I have been there on many occasions, and enjoyed myself each time. Texas is a nice place with nice people. Smart people.

Thomas couldn’t just leave it at that though. Nope, he had to turn it into yet another article about cultural and media snobs. Seriously, he used the phrase “cultural and media snobs” in the very first sentence of the article.

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. Cal, you ARE the media. And you are a cultural snob.

In your humble opinion, media-types are painting Texas, or more accurately ‘Texans’ as stupid.

No, Cal, we do not think Texans are stupid. We think the governors they elect are stupid.

Governors George W. Bush and Rick Perry do not exactly push the limits of the IQ-meter, if you know what I mean.

I don’t know all the candidates who ran against Bush and Perry, some may have been Rhodes Scholars, but we do know who won: Bush and Perry.

That Texans elected Bush and Perry does not reflect well on Texas.

Texas tends to elect those who were never really good at science, and don’t trust science. They don’t trust any of the ‘intellectual elite.’

They are just genuinely uncomfortable with smart people.

I don’t care if Texans ‘talk funny’ (to use Cal Thomas’s words). People can be plenty dumb without talking funny. Some very smart people ‘talk funny’ on purpose to put on a naïve façade.

It is ignorant to assume someone is stupid based on an accent. On this point Cal and I agree.

I don’t care if some Texans talk funny. I do care if Texans, or anybody, ‘thinks funny.’

To declare scientists as agenda-driven is ‘thinking funny.’

Just because you did poorly in high school science doesn’t mean you must deny the significance of scientific discoveries or, worse yet, imply scientists have some liberal bent. That is just idiocy.

To know scientists is to know this immutable fact: Scientist are first-degree geeks. Geeks are always in search of some new discovery. If any geek/scientist can prove climate change is a ‘hoax’ he will shout it from the rooftops. We are still waiting for this…

But back to our Texas governors…

My feelings toward ‘W’ are well documented. He is nice but not a smart guy, and not a leader in any sense. It took him five-plus years to figure that Dick Cheney was the source of all of his problems. To ‘W’s’ credit, once he figured it out he marginalized Cheney, excluding him from any serious decision-making.

So ‘W’ has the capacity to learn, but was not naturally smart enough to sense that Cheney had been pulling him around by the nose.

Rick Perry is, to a clichéd extent, a tall-walkin’ big-talkin’ Texan. More than once he said Texas should secede from the United States. That doesn’t seem very bright to me, and it sure isn’t patriotic, but it sells well in Texas.

Sorry Cal. Many Texans are very bright, but not ‘W,’ and not Rick Perry

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By Wink

Herman Cain has been accused of multiple counts of sexual misconduct. I am confident this charge could be leveled on any number of corporate executives. Sometimes money, power and adulation can go to your head, and not everyone is above abusing that power.

Can I prove that he did any or all of these deeds? Nope, but I have little doubt that he could have done them, and the ever-increasing number of allegations lends one to believe that at least some of them may have credence.

Mr. Cain has decided to play this two ways: First, “I didn’t do this, but if I did it was the National Restaurant Association who paid the women off to remain silent, not me.”

But his second point is my favorite. He feels that this whole issue has been brought up by Rick Perry and/or supporters of President Obama.

Who knows? Maybe the Perry campaign had something to do with this. Like military campaigns, all political campaigns do lengthy research on opponents. They prod and poke for weaknesses to exploit because winning is the only goal.

When Cain started to gain some traction in the GOP polls all the other candidates went after him, not just Perry.

But here is one thing I am sure of: The Obama people had nothing to do with this.

Who does Obama NOT want to face next year?
1) Romney. Mitt Romney does not excite the GOP base, but he is smart and a good campaigner. It would be harder for democrats to paint him as a right-wing nut. Romney is very conservative but, compared to every other declared GOP candidate, he seems like a moderate. A moderate will have a better chance against Obama than any of the flame-throwers.
2) Perry. He often looks and acts like a goober, and his IQ is only a couple of points north of Sarah Palin, but Rick Perry has charm and exudes a toughness the other candidates don’t have. This sells well in general elections.

That’s it. That is the whole list.

Maybe Cain’s rising poll numbers scared his GOP opponents, but they humor Obama.

Mr. Cain, if you are searching for the source of your ‘women’ problems, you can blame the women who are accusing you of these misdeeds, or you can blame your GOP opponents. Better yet, look in the mirror.

But you can’t blame the democrats. They would LOVE to see you as the opponent next November.

Maybe by then you can name the leader of Uzbeki-beki-beki-beki-stan-stan.

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By Wink

You have heard about the $16 muffins, haven’t you?

Some government organization somewhere held a conference at a nearby hotel, and they were charged $16 for each and every muffin that they ate. Sixteen dollar muffins! Horrible!

This is a classic story of how all government is wasteful, and all tax dollars are wasted.

Rush, Fox and the Teabaggers have had a field day with the $16 muffins.

This would be a good story, maybe a great story, were it true.

Sadly, it is not true, but since when has ‘not true’ prevented Rush/Fox from blaring a story over and over?

I am tempted to say ‘there are no journalists anymore.’ This story would have been easy enough to research and get corrected.

Here is the problem with that. I would rather ‘real’ journalists not waste time on muffin stories, or any of the usual stuff Rush makes up and throws out to his horde of believers.

It would be time-consuming and ineffective to rebut all the purposeful inaccuracies he spews, since Rush followers believe journalists are all liberal blah-blah-blah…anyway .

The conserve-o-sphere blared this for weeks. Will we get weeks of retractions? No. Will we get at least ‘headline’ style retractions (toward the top of any FOX newscast)? No.

The real gist of the ‘muffin’ report was this: “Government conference expenditures must be managed carefully.”

Well, Duh. We don’t want anyone wasting taxpayer dollars.

Rush/Fox are not really talking about ‘muffins.’ This is just part of the pattern to paint all government as ‘evil’ and ‘wasteful.’ It is just a game. They never stop…

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