December 2011

By Wink

The Democrat-led Senate passed a two month extension to our current payroll tax cuts, and then went home for Christmas.

The Republican-controlled House chose NOT to vote on it, and then went home for Christmas.

Not voting means the tax will increase effective January 1.

The new-age GOP plays zero-sum politics. All of their efforts, on every topic, are designed to defeat the president, or at least to make him look bad.

They won control of the house in 2010 by promising jobs. Jobs, jobs, jobs.

All of their efforts in the two years hence have been to further limit access to abortions, to limit health care to only those who can afford it, and to give tax breaks to the already-wealthy.

They have done nothing, made zero effort, to create jobs. So the ‘jobs’ talk was all smoke. All lies.

More jobs would probably reflect well on Obama, so no effort is made to create jobs.

It has come to the point where the GOP cannot even vote for a tax cut.

Anything that President Obama supports must be defeated, even a proposal to support lower taxes on working Americans.

This is a payroll tax.  This means that people who work for a living will be getting a tax increase.

A tax increase.  Dictated by the Republican party.

Who is the ‘never raise tax’ party?

Correction: Who CLAIMS to be the ‘never raise tax’ party?   Republicans.

If this tax cut was designed to benefit millionaires and billionaires, the Boehner-led Republicans would have stampeded everything in their path to pass it.

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By Wink

Is there anyone anywhere that doesn’t already know that Donald Trump is a (pardon my French) media whore? **

I am now officially approaching ‘old’ so I can say with some authority that I have never in my life seen someone so self-absorbed. Never.

Madonna seems modest by comparison.

I didn’t live in the days of P. T. Barnum, but I can only imagine Mr. Barnum was an understated version of Trump, but with better hair…

For some reason most GOP presidential candidates crawl to him for validation.

Validation from Donald Trump? Are you kidding? Is Homer Simpson not available?

There is exactly one brave GOP presidential candidate, Jon Huntsman, who had the following comments about Trump;

  • “I’m not gonna kiss his ring, and I’m not gonna kiss any other part of his anatomy.”
  • “Like with a lot of things he (Trump) says, it’s just pure B.S.”

The rest of GOP field are spineless weasels. ‘The Donald’ says “jump” and they all say “Yes sir, Mr. Trump, how high?”

Huntsman’s poll numbers do not look promising, and I fear he will be gone from this race all too soon. I just wish I lived in Iowa or New Hampshire to give him some of the early support he deserves and needs.

Okay, I can’t vote for him, but I can throw the entire weight of the Winkest Link machine behind him.

The editors of Winkest Link hereby endorse Jon Huntsman as the best Republican candidate for President of the United States. He is the best for Iowa, and for New Hampshire, and for all of America!

Jon, if that doesn’t earn you a couple of votes, I don’t know what will…


** I also beg pardon from whores everywhere, for lumping them in with Trump. He certainly doesn’t better your image.

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By Wink

Current Republicans, for some reason, have deified Ronald Reagan. This is curious, for certain, because Reagan was way more liberal than any current GOP candidate would dare to admit. Today Reagan would never make it past the Iowa caucuses.

All of that is a discussion for another day. On that day, we will touch on the many ways he differed from every current ‘viable’ GOP candidate for president.

The point here is, in spite of his charming nature, I never supported Reagan. I felt his opponents were more likely to aid the downtrodden.

At the time I also felt he was a simpleton, but I have since altered my view on this. Compared to George W. Bush, Reagan was Einstein. I can now see that Reagan used his impeccable acting skills and personal skills to come across as folksy, which disguised a more calculating side. (Please note that ‘calculating’ is not an insult, it requires brainpower.)

But back to my point (if I ever had one)….

John Hinckley Jr., who shot President Ronald Reagan and three others in March 1981, is now asking to be released from prison. His lawyers are making the case that he is no longer a threat to society.

Opposing lawyers are making counter arguments that Hinckley is still dangerous, as evidenced by the fact that he has recently looked at books about Reagan and other presidential assassins.

Whether he is still dangerous or not, I am against his release.

‘Life’ should be the minimum sentence for any attempt to assassinate a president or presidential candidate.

No matter what the motivation of the assassin, be it political (Sirhan Sirhan) or insanity (Hinckley), the end result is the same: The will of the American voter is being undermined.

I did not vote for Reagan, but America did. No one should have the right to violently void an election.

No parole. Ever.

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