January 2012

By Wink

It looks increasingly like you may get a chance, wherever you may live, to vote for Newt Gingrich in your local primary.

I wasn’t sure he would make it this far, but he has, and he seems to be thriving.

This is curious because most people who have worked with him, especially Republicans who have worked with him, hate him. He is a self-aggrandizing ass, and everybody says so.

In the political world ‘friends’ mean money. So how does a virtually friendless man run a campaign for president? If he was independently wealthy he could pay his own way, ala Ross Perot.

Newt does have a lot of money. He has been peddling Washington insider connections since he left office, even before he left office actually. This always pays well.

But he still doesn’t have Ross Perot/Mitt Romney money.

So what? All you need these days are some crazy-wealthy ideologues to set up a super-PAC in your name. Newt is being carried by the donations of two or three people, literally, who have donated millions and millions to his campaign.

The money has given him a platform, and he is a compelling speaker.

While people who know him hate him, he knows that most people do NOT know him personally. He also knows the masses can always be swayed by his standard ‘fear factor’ and ‘us vs them’ speeches.

Are you fascinated/hypnotized by his pseudo-intellectualism? Vote for him. It’s your right.

But if you choose to support him, please don’t bother to tell anyone that you are a ‘family values’ or ‘sanctity of marriage’ voter.

And you know what I’m talking about.

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By Wink

2012 is an election year. Get ready to be inundated with endless distortions and misrepresentations. The development of Super-PAC’s will take mud-slinging ads to new heights. Ceaseless, endless, unaccountable money.

Are you ready for it?

A ‘big one’ that you will hear from now until the second Tuesday in November is “Obama is slashing our defense spending.”

You will hear this again and again and again. Trust me.

If “facts” are important to you, you will want to know this – President Obama has proposed increased defense budgets every year for the next 10 years.

An increase in spending every year for defense.

The GOP Super PAC’s (and inevitably Romney) will do their best to convince you that our military is being dismantled.

Defense currently accounts for 20% of the U.S. budget.

Does that sound like a lot? Here is some perspective for you. We spend more money on our military than the next four countries combined.

Did I say ‘four?’ I meant to say the next seven countries combined.

Ha! Kidding again! The U.S. currently spends more than the next TEN (10) countries combined.

Really. Combined. Don’t you think some of that would be better spent fixing our roads and bridges? That would certainly put a LOT of people to work.

How many miles of road could we fix for the $70,500,000 that each Trident II D-5 Missile costs? How many people would that put to work?

Additionally, when a road is built, countless thousands of Americans can use it every day. When the missile is built it just sits, a $70.5 million dust collector. And then we make another, and then we make another.

And President Obama has proposed increasing this budget each year for the next ten years.

So why will the GOP say Obama is slashing defense spending? Because they always say that, that’s why. That’s all – tradition.

Remember: Don’t ever tell a lie once, you have to pound it and pound it and pound it, until it becomes accepted as a ‘truth.’

People will tell you, even if you don’t ask, that our president doesn’t care for the military, or the soldiers.

Four years ago they told you that Barack Obama was an African-born, Muslim, terrorist-lover, and some people still believe that.

Throw enough s*** on the wall and some will stick…

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By Wink

The current price of gold is at a three month low, and is still dropping.

Are you still buying?

There are lots of things you can invest in. Even in this recessed economy there are stocks and bonds that will make you money. You can buy commodities like wheat futures and, yes, gold.

Gold is a commodity my friend. The price goes up, the price goes down. Is there money to be made in gold? Yep, if you know what you are doing. That would involve some buying and some selling.

If you do nothing but buy-buy-buy because a guy on a radio commercial said it was a great idea, then you do not “know what you are doing.”

Here is the word from David Frum of the Frum Forum:

“Gold trades as a way to make a statement. That’s simply not a sensible way to invest. A great many Americans are paying a steep price – and may pay a much steeper price yet – for allowing hucksters and ideologues to sway their economic judgment.”

Hucksters and ideologues? Who on earth could Frum be talking about?

Glenn Beck is the guy on the radio commercial. The ‘statement’ Beck is making? “Please keep buying gold, because this company is paying me a hell of a lot of money to convince you it is a good idea.”

Certainly his paycheck would be motivation enough for Beck to hawk this, but I also believe he is so self-absorbed that he hopes some catastrophic event will happen that will make gold an invaluable possession. He is hoping for an apocalyptic moment so he can say ‘I told you so’ in regard to all of his ‘end of time’-type conspiracy predictions.

He has been preaching it for years, and his success and popularity seem to be seeping into his brain, leading him to a sort of messianic complex.

At a bare minimum he is now starting to believe his own B.S.. Why not? So many other people believe it, it must be true.

Sorry Glenn, gold will not buy your way out of a catastrophe. Food and, more especially water, are the first things people will want/need when that time comes.

If gold were a magic bullet in the face of every economic downturn, his company would never sell it, they would just keep it, and buy even more.

But they sell and sell and sell, at inflated prices, to rubes, the type of rubes who think Beck is a wise man, rather than a nutcase.

I hope the gold tastes good.

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