March 2012

By Wink

The gods were against me this year. I couldn’t get Thursday March 15th off, and I couldn’t get Friday March 16th off either.

That doesn’t matter to you? Well, it matters to me. This year those were the first two days of the NCAA basketball championships – March Madness.

Those are the best two days of the year in sports. The best. Every year.

You can have your Super Bowl, or your Daytona, or Wimbledon, etc.

I will take the first two days of the Big Dance.

Sixteen games each day. Winner stays, loser goes home. There is no higher drama in sports.

Days three and four, on Saturday and Sunday, are okay but, excitement-wise, fall well short of the first two days. For one thing, Saturday and Sunday only have eight games each day – half as much fun.

Plus, by the end of the weekend we are left with only the ‘Sweet 16’ teams, almost always entirely populated with the usual suspects, the heavy favorites: North Carolina, Kansas and (usually) Duke. – BORING.

Except in those places where the home team continues on, the excitement for this event does not build after the opening weekend. At best it stagnates. At worst it evaporates.

The lack of interest, other than the first two days of the tourney, is a curiosity. For most of us, the entire regular season, from October through February, does not even matter.

How many times did Duke beat North Carolina this year? Or vice-versa? It doesn’t matter.

Which team won the Big East conference regular season title? Which won the conference tourney? Who cares?

But for two lovely days in March we DO care. Dreams do come true.

Every Norfolk State, every VCU, every South Florida and Ohio and Lehigh has a chance to stand tall, as they all did this year. Congratulations to all in that group who now get to hang a cool banner from the rafters of their basketball arena…a much-deserved tribute.

But, for most of the nation, NCAA basketball, after last Friday, does not much matter.

All the big dogs will own the rest of the tourney, and the rest of us can go to sleep on NCAA basketball until next March, and wait for those two magical days, when a Lehigh again stands a chance to take down mighty Duke.


P.S. A pox upon Mizzou and Wichita State, for trashing all of my bracket hopes…

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By Wink

Rick Santorum narrowly defeated Newt Gingrich in the Alabama and Mississippi primaries. Both men decided, long ago, to push a ‘southern strategy’ to remain in the race for the GOP nomination.

What, you may ask, is a ‘southern strategy?’ We will get to that in a minute, but first let me share some statistics.

A recent Public Policy Polling survey revealed that the vast majority of Republicans in Mississippi and Alabama either believe Barack Obama is not a Christian or are just ‘not sure’. Here are the numbers:

Mississippi – 52% say ‘Not Christian’ / 36% say ‘Not Sure’
Alabama – 45% say ‘Not Christian’ / 41% say ‘Not Sure’

Totals: Mississippi – 88%, Alabama – 86%.

These people must have their heads stuck all the way up their Mason-Dixon lines, if you know what I mean….

Again note that these statistics do not include Democrats in Alabama and Mississippi and, while I am not wildly optimistic, I hope and pray adding in the Dems would reflect more positively on these two states.

To be fair, you can remove about five or ten percent of the ‘not sure’ people in any survey, because some people just don’t pay ANY attention to current events or politics. Regardless of the question, five or ten percent will say ‘not sure.’ … Was Abe Lincoln a Republican? ‘Not sure’ – Does the sun rise in the east? ‘Not sure’ – Is evolution real? ‘Not Sure.’

Okay, that excuses up to ten percent, but the other 90%, the vast majority, should be pretty clued in to whether or not the current president, like EVERY American president throughout history, is Christian.

I don’t care if someone likes or dislikes the president. It doesn’t matter if you think he is too ‘something’ or not enough ‘whatever.’ Those issues, political issues, are all a matter of perception.

His religion, and his status as an American, are not matters of perception. They are facts. Barack Obama is an American. He is a Christian.

That nearly 90% of Republicans in Alabama and Mississippi can’t identify the religion of our President is a crippling indictment of the education system in those two states. This is not a sign of partisanship, it is a reflection of stupidity. These are two states seemingly brimming with dolts…

Don’t misunderstand, it is perfectly fine for them to like him or dislike him, but if you doubt he is a Christian, this means you are a moron. It means you have ignored all the obvious evidence.

This is easy…
1) He says he is a Christian. Frankly, that should be enough evidence.

2) He has been going to the same Christian church for decades. (Remember? You hate his mouthy ex-pastor. You remember THAT, don’t you?)

3) He was raised by his Christian grandparents from the very Godly state of Kansas.

There can be little doubt that when a Mississippi or Alabama resident says someone is ‘not Christian’ they usually mean he is ‘bad’ or ‘evil.’ With that in mind, here is a short civics lesson: Being a Christian is not a prerequisite for holding elective office in America.

Fact: Barack Obama is a Christian.
Fact: You don’t have to be Christian to be President.

So what is the ‘southern strategy’ that Santorum and Gingrich play to?. Aim for the ‘moron vote.’ There is no such thing as aiming too low there. Leave out all the high-falutin’ talk, no big words. Say ‘grits’ and drop all the ‘g’s’ at the end of words. Talk about how you went swimmin’ and huntin’ when you were a youngun’.

Please tell me none of the other 48 states (yes, there are 50 total) reach as low as Alabama and Mississippi. Please.
Side note to the 12% of Mississippi Republicans and the14% of Alabama Republicans who know our president is a Christian: Congratulations. You are the valedictorians. Go to the head of the class…and replace your teacher.

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By Wink

Cal Thomas is a syndicated writer I like to read. I have mentioned him now and then in Winkest Link (most recently on Nov 18th).

That he is conservative, very conservative, does not bother me. We all need to keep our minds open to different perspectives.

As much as I like Cal, he occasionally whiffs, as he did recently, discussing his friend, Rush Limbaugh.

As you recall (see 3.7.12 Winkest Link) Rush decided to take to task a 30-year-old female law student with whom he had a disagreement. Because she supported a waiver of copays for birth control, Rush called her a ‘slut’ and a ‘prostitute’ and insisted she make sex tapes for all to see.

These distasteful comments resulted in a number of sponsors fleeing.

Rush doesn’t have to care, because he still has plenty of sponsors and, more importantly, he still has a huge audience. It is a safe bet that some of the ‘former’ sponsors will wait a bit, and then re-up to sponsor his show again. Audience size (money) talks.

After three days of ripping on this woman, Rush decided to issue a lame apology on his website, saying there were ‘two words’ he should not have said.

The response to that ‘apology,’ even from his fans, was not very positive so, the following Monday he went on his radio show and expanded on his misgivings……

“I acted too much like the leftists who despise me. I descended to their level using names and exaggerations to describe Sandra Fluke. It’s what we have come to know and expect from them, but it’s way beneath me.”

Cal Thomas uses that exact quote to show how ‘contrite’ Rush is.

C’mon Cal, you know what real contrition is. When you took a (much milder) jab at Rachel Maddow you made a sincere apology. Considering the playfulness of the ‘insult’ your mea culpa was genuine, and touching, and Miss Maddow was moved by it.

Rush, on the other hand, gave what I call, a “GOP apology.” No matter what the transgression, no matter how vicious, never say you are sorry without slamming liberals or Democrats or anybody you disagree with. Every apology has a ‘but’ and, in Rush’s case, it is a very big ‘but.’

Below is an English translation of the above Rush apology:

“Of course you know me, I am nothing but class. I would never normally stoop as low as the Democrat/liberal scum, but THEY dragged me into this… THEY caused me to say things I never would have said otherwise. Only the vile left wing could cause me to say ‘slut’, ‘prostitute’ and ‘sex tape’.”

“Oh by the way… Gorbasm… Feminazi… etc…”

“See? I am nothing but class…”

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by Wink

The Obama administration recently tried to change the national statutes to mandate a waiver the copay for oral contraceptives.

This is not new. Many states throughout America already have this law.

In every one of these states there are religious-based businesses, including Catholic organizations, that are obligated to abide by this law, and they do, every day, without controversy

In many states it was a Republican governor who approved and signed into law this mandate.

Want to know the names of two of those governors? Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee. It wasn’t an issue when Romney did it. It wasn’t an issue when Huckabee did it.

Why is it an issue now? Oh yeah, now it is connected to Barack Obama, and everything he does is a Muslim-oriented, soldier-hating, socialist big-government overreach. I keep forgetting.

I repeat, Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee both signed this very same requirement into law in their respective states.

But lately the political winds only blow to the right for the GOP, and now even birth control is ‘controversial.’

It is weird that this is even a point of discussion. Millions of American women take the pill. In the U.S. a vast majority of women, even Catholic women, use birth control, including the pill.

To validate just how controversial it is, the Republican-controlled House convened a panel to discuss why waiving the copay for ‘the pill’ is wrong-wrong-wrong.

An all-male panel… to discuss the birth control pill.

My first question to the panel would have been “How many of you ever had a doctor prescribe ‘the pill’ for you?” Any that said ‘yes’ could remain seated and testify, and I would dismiss all who said ‘no.’

During the official hearing, a female law student was not granted time to testify in favor of waiving birth control copays. She later testified at an ‘unofficial’ congressional panel.

As you know by now, Rush Limbaugh immediately called this college student a ‘slut’ and a ‘prostitute’ and insisted she make sex tapes available for all to view.

After three days of harping on her he started to lose a few sponsors, so he issued a half-hearted ‘apology’ on his website, saying there were ‘two words’ he should not have said.

Really Rush? Two words? How much more contrite can you get?

Rush feels his job is to stir things up. Sometimes, to fire up his audience, he ends up calling college women sluts and prostitutes, and suggests they put out sex tapes for him to watch.

For money, large sums of money, some people will say anything,

So who is the real prostitute here?

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