July 2012

By Wink

The U.S. House of Representatives has always had its share of dimwits… always. They don’t call it the ‘lower chamber’ for nothing.

The Senate was originally the ‘upper crust’ of society. They were educated. They were landowners… people of stature. To a great extent, they still are.

The House of Representatives? Eh – not so much. Commoners, ‘normal’ people…

Michele Bachmann (MN) and Louie Gohmert (TX) are ‘normal’ in spades. No extraordinary thought synapses going on here…

Each has made a career of loony paranoid accusations. These two have little to fear though. ‘Loony’ works well in their districts, and they are sure to be reelected this year. Re-election and death are about the only two options for members of Congress. (The rare, third option, is to resign in disgrace, as Anthony Wiener discovered.)

And so it is that Bachmann and Gohmert join together in their most recent loopy accusation, now alleging that long-time aide to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin, has three family members connected to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Ugh. Another witch-hunt, much like the ‘birth certificate’ episode. Joe McCarthy would be proud. Feel free to read this for detail on why this is just another Bachmann / Gohmert fantasy.

I do find it curious, though, that these ‘patriots’ only seem find conspiracies among the Democrats. They never seem to find uncomfortable facts among their GOP colleagues. Hmmmm.

This episode reminds me of the Texas politician who, many decades ago, campaigned all over rural Texas declaring that his opponent was an ‘admitted homosapian.’  The politician wasn’t confused, he knew what homosapian meant, but he was counting on the ignorance of his audience to make this ‘evil’ seem real.

As P.T. Barnum tried to teach us, you can never aim too low…

Like Senator McCarthy in the 50’s, Bachmann and Gohmert are always hoping and praying to find some sort of conspiracy, be it communist or Muslim or socialist or…whatever…

Further evidence that there is no IQ test to be a member of Congress.

A tip of the hat to John McCain, who was among the first to declare these accusations to be bogus.

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By Wink

Is there any award, world-wide, that carries more cache than the Nobel prize?

Probably not… not an Oscar, not an Olympic gold medal, not even a Latin Grammy….

Pakistan has had only one Nobel Prize winner – Adbus Salam. Salam’s work helped develop the theoretical framework that led to the recent reported discovery of the ‘God Particle.’

Don’t look here for an explanation of the ‘God Particle.’ I am not smart enough and, be honest now, you are not smart enough either, to understand any of it.

His achievement was so significant that Nobel laureate Salam (who died in 1996) should be on the ‘Mount Rushmore of Pakistan.’ He was once a national hero, but no more.

The majority of Pakistan’s citizens are Sunni Muslims and the Sunni fundamentalists are taking firmer and firmer control of the government.

Since Salam’s Ahmadi sect is not the predominant religion in Pakistan, his name has been removed from Pakistan schoolbooks.

Among those in Pakistan who are not ‘pure’ (by majority standards) are Shiite Muslims, Christians, Hindus, and Salam’s Ahmadi sect.

In the name of religious purity, Pakistan now chooses to pretend their one Nobel laureate never existed.

Fundamentalism is like that: ‘We’ are right, everybody else is wrong or, even worse, blasphemers.

There are religious fundamentalists in the U.S. also, who, as in Pakistan, often choose to ignore science.

Climate change data has long been established and confirmed fact, but religious conservatives (egged on and financed by business conservatives) have an orchestrated campaign to convince you that, among other things…

  • Mankind cannot change the course of the planet, either for the better or for the worse.
  • There is no such thing as overpopulation.
  • The extinction of ‘non-important’ species has no discernible effect on humans.
  • The rising temperature of the oceans is a figment of your imagination and/or is not important.

Legislation that supports those ideas is intended to protect polluters. Conservatives are in a constant fight to strip the EPA of any and all powers to protect the environment.

Somehow, those who want to protect the planet are ‘the enemy.’ (This would be a good time for true religious fundamentalists to review what the Bible says about taking care of the planet.)

Nobel laureate Salam may as well have never existed in his native country, because his was a minority religion.

Should the religious majority in any country, in America, decide what is and what isn’t a scientific fact?

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By Wink

As you know, the Supreme Court affirmed the major provisions of the Affordable Care Act.

The vote to affirm was 5-4. It should have been 5-3.

Were Justice Clarence Thomas an honorable man, he would have recused himself from the vote… were he an honorable man.

Why should he have recused himself? Because his wife, Virginia, has been paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to lobby against the Affordable Care Act.

This unusual patronage situation is not a secret, it is common knowledge.

That you and I know this, and that the press knows this, didn’t bother Justice Thomas, and certainly doesn’t bother his wife. This may be a brazen level of ‘conflict of interest,’ but there is no law against it.

Thomas, or any other Supreme Court Justice, can swim in a pool filled with cash, all donated by people who appear in front of the Court, as long as the donors gave the cash to the judges spouse, and not directly to the judge.

The humorous logic is that Mr. and Mrs. Thomas are two separate people. Virginia Thomas is not a member of the Supreme Court, therefore, giving piles of money to her is not the same as bribing a member of the Supreme Court – totally different.

If you see this money as a bribe to a Supreme Court Justice, you are just showing your liberal bias. Shame on you.

Virginia Thomas is just a lobbyist, like the thousands of other lobbyists. Yes, she has connections. It just so happens one of her ‘connections’ is her husband, the Supreme Court Justice.

We can safely assume that, honorable people that they are, the judge and his wife NEVER talked about the Affordable Care Act.

There ought to be a mechanism to remove or at least penalize a Supreme Court justice for inappropriate conduct of this sort, but there isn’t. This is probably the norm in most third-world countries, but should not be in America…

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