September 2012

By Wink

Mitt Romney is a horrible panderer, by which I mean he is a great panderer. It works because few Americans pay attention to political nuts and bolts. When they look at Mitt, what most people see is a handsome, rich, personable, self-effacing guy with a great smile. He tells us he is religious too.

So what is not to like about Mitt Romney? Well…..away from the public, the real Mitt Romney sneaks out.

You probably heard his comments about ‘the 47%.’ Here is a link to the precise quote, but I will share a sampling with you…

“47% (of Americans) are dependent on government, believe they are victims… believe government has the responsibility to care for them… that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing.”

While the words were clearly aimed at his $50,000-per-plate audience, this wasn’t a simply another ‘pander to whoever is sitting in front of me’ episode. This shows what is truly in his heart. In Mitts world 47% of Americans are useless, worthless leaches.

The “47%” comment is not new. It is a conservative talking point. Do you know what Mitt and his conservative buddies are saying? They are saying if you make 20k or 30k you should be paying more tax.

Of course, if you make $20 million, or $200 million, like Mitt, he will make sure you pay less tax, or no tax, like Mitt does on his offshore accounts. Do you have any question as to why he is hiding his tax returns?

Mr. Romney wants you to know who the slackers are – retirees, children, members of the military, disabled war veterans and the poor. You know – the 47%.

This may surprise Mitt, but most of the 47% DO pay tax. They pay payroll tax, sales tax, gas tax, and so on.

It is also of note that among the 47% are thousands of millionaires who do not pay tax

Look at the chart in this link. It shows that 53.6% pay income tax. This leaves 46.4% (the 47% of which Mitt speaks). Of this group 28.3% work and pay a payroll tax. Another 10.3% are elderly. There are 6.9% who are nonelderly, but make less than 20k per year. This accounts for 45.5% and leaves around 0.9% of ‘other’….less than 1% that fall into this miscellaneous category.

There aren’t 47% on welfare, There aren’t 47% on unemployment, There aren’t 47% in public housing. There aren’t 47% on food stamps.

It is a huge lie when Mitt says the 47% “believe government has the responsibility to care for them.”

Most of the 47% work, and pay tax, and don’t collect any form of welfare. But the conservative think-tanks, and their chosen spokesperson Mitt, keep hammering home this 47% number as if they were the dregs of society.

The very rich, the Romney’s of the world, think ‘the 47%’ don’t pay enough tax. Conservatives rail about tax being too high, but what they really mean, what Mitt is really saying, is that tax is too high for the very wealthy, and not high enough for the poor. .

More from Mitt: “My job is not to worry about ‘those people.’ I’ll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives.”

Mitt – We work. We pay tax. We take personal responsibility for ourselves.

To Mr. Romney, only the wealthy have value, and we know who he will support when he gets in office.

Can we call this smug, uncaring attitude ‘un-Mitt-igated?’

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By Wink

If I had a million dollars or so to spare, I would invest it in a Mitt Romney business. This guy has made tons of money in the business world.

He had a plan, he followed it, and he got rich beyond all measures. Yes, I know he started rich, but he made himself WAY richer.

Good for him! That is the American way.

Part of how he did it was to ship jobs overseas, but that is not illegal. You cannot be arrested for shipping jobs overseas.

Of course, if you ever run for president, and want to convince people you are the best option for America, and know what it takes to make ‘American’ jobs, that may be a hard sell.

You can try to tell us that you were absent at that time, busy doing other things, but documents you filed with the FCC show you were…

  • President
  • CEO
  • Chairman
  • Sole (100%) shareholder

Mr. Romney, you are a very astute businessman. Would you, for three years, not have any input on the operations of a company you owned 100% of? Would anyone who is president and CEO and chairman offer NO ADVICE on how a company is run? Really?

I guess you feel voters are pretty stupid. Sadly, you are right.

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