January 2013

By Wink


I bet if I met Sarah Palin, I would laugh at some of her jokes. I want to think somewhere deep inside she is a nice(ish) person.

I could easily be wrong.

As I have stated here before, Mrs. Palin is an idiot. I know, and like, many idiots, but Palin is an idiot with an attitude. Ugh.

She has been treated ‘special’ her whole life, so she is convinced she is. Her parents, no doubt, are the ones who got her pointed toward beauty contests.

“Not only are you beautiful Sarah, you are sooooo smart!”

She believes to this day that she is ‘Princess Palin.’ Smug self-assuredness from someone that stupid…. I am almost speechless.

And to think she almost became Vice President of the United States. Whaaaaa?

I have disagreed with John McCain on a few topics through the years, but generally I respect his perspective. Let’s be honest though, sometimes he is impulsive/reflexive.

When the joint chiefs of staff said the repeal of ‘don’t-ask-don’t-tell’ would have no effect on troop morale or effectiveness, he still vigorously opposed it.

He opposes the nomination of a war hero, fellow conservative/Republican/U.S. Senator Chuck Hagel, for Secretary of Defense.

His choice of Palin as his Veep candidate, however, goes past impulsive or reflexive. It even surpasses ‘desperate.’ One can make the argument that the choice was insane.

I wish McCain nothing but continued good health, but he does have serious medical issues, and he damned near took Palin to the brink of being in charge of the free world.

Impulsive? Reflexive? Insane? I will let you decide, but in the history of the United States has there ever been a worse choice for V.P.?

Regardless, all of the national attention made her a hero in the eyes of many.

This is just another example of the ever-decreasing IQ of America. Put somebody, anybody, in front of a camera, and suddenly they are an expert, a hero, someone to be admired or imitated.

What on Earth could Palin reasonably be considered an ‘expert’ on? She spent less than two years as a governor, so no, she is not an expert at that. National or international experience – none.

Now, after years of proving she has nothing to offer on any topic, even FOX doesn’t want her. For God’s sake, FOX!

Don’t feel bad for Sarah. As long as she retains her looks, and can memorize the phrase ‘liberals are ruining America’ she will be in demand as a $100,000+ speaker for your events.

Don’t you wish you had it so good?

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By Wink

Bill Callahan was once the coach of the Oakland Raiders. One year he took his team to the Super Bowl, and the next year his team was so bad he got fired.

Such is life in the NFL.

Now former Raider wide receiver Tim Brown has accused Callahan of sabotaging the Raiders chances of winning the Super Bowl. Brown says Callahan threw the game so that his buddy, Buccaneers coach Jon Gruden, would get the win.

Hall of Famer Jerry Rice backs up Brown and says maybe he (Callahan) didn’t like the Raiders.

There should be a wide-spread, consensus response to this: These guys are loons.

But many people willingly accept this goofy idea. I could announce right now, that Tim Brown was paid $138 by a Las Vegas bookie, to throw that same Super Bowl, and I would get a string of believers almost immediately.

Remember, we at Winkest Link have a policy to propagate selected conspiracy theories. We do this because there is always a willing audience out there, accepting of most if not all conspiracy theories. We cater to them to increase the number of hits on this blog but, behind their backs, we call them ‘idiots.’ (Conspiracy nuts, please ignore that last comment. We are just joshing.)

The idiots will never accept logic, but here goes anyway……

Mr. Brown: We like to think Notre Dame grads have some semblance of common sense, but you prove us wrong (and don’t get me started on the Manti Te’o thing). So, Tim, are you saying Bill Callahan likes Jon Gruden more than he likes himself? Does he like Gruden more than he likes the immortality of being a Super Bowl winning coach? Really? Is that what you are saying?  Do you hear yourself, or do these random ideas just bounce around in your head?

And to you Mr. Rice: Are you are saying Bill Callahan didn’t like his own team? Even if he hated players like you, wouldn’t he still want to win for himself?  Maybe you should stick to ‘Dancing With the Stars.”  Your feet seem to speak better than your mouth.

This is part of our ongoing series on ‘why it is not a good idea to idolize sports figures.’ Sometimes they turn out to be much-much more stupid than we ever thought they were.

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By Wink


Hobby Lobby is a large family-owned corporation, with 13,000 employees in 42 states.  It is a proud, religious family, and the stores are closed every Sunday.

Good for them.

They have decided though, that all the tenets of their religion should also apply to all their employees. They don’t want their health care coverage to cover birth control.


Apparently they don’t know or care that birth control is most often simply medical care.

And it matters not to them that the new federal law regarding this doesn’t require any person to take birth control. It just allows them to.

So…under the new federal mandates, the president of Hobby Lobby (Mr. Lobby?), and his lovely family, are not required to use the evil product that is birth control.

Hooray for religious freedom!!!

But some of his employees may not see birth control as evil, or against their religion. Maybe, just maybe, there are medical reasons for this drug.

If I may be so bold as to speak for Mr. Lobby: “Tough noogies.”

But let us follow Mr. Lobby’s line of logic. I will start my own store, selling cheap miscellaneous crap. Let’s call it ‘Froggy Woggy’.

And here is the curious thing…my religion (Frogism) doesn’t believe in prescription drugs, diabetes, broken bones or heart surgery, so I don’t want Froggy Woggy’s health insurance to provide treatment for those to any of my employees.

And for the federal government to require those benefits is infringing on my religious freedom.

Since I own the company, only my religion counts.

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