February 2013

By Wink

The argument that private citizens should have larger and larger gun magazines to protect themselves from the U.S. government is a movie fantasy.

The world-wide trend over the last few hundred years, and started right here in America, has been more and more countries turning toward democracy.

Democracy requires leadership to step down when voted out or when a designated term expires. Don’t like your leaders? Vote them out!

This is not what gun sellers want you to believe. They sell a dystopian drama every day, that the U.S. is turning into a fascist state. That someday you will have to kill government troops to preserve your freedom.

This is ridiculous.

Here is one of their specious examples of creeping fascism: “China and other backward countries have strict gun control laws.” They imply that gun control laws bring us closer to being like China.

This is classic twisted logic. It is not the gun control laws that made China a dictatorship, and gun control laws will not turn the U.S. into China. China was an empire/dictatorship before guns were invented.

Slowly, slowly, China, and most of the rest of the world, is pointed toward democracy. Doubt it if you will, but this is the tide of the human will, and even the mighty Chinese government is fighting a losing battle. Little by little they relent, including now allowing some free market enterprise.

Meanwhile, democratic countries everywhere have adopted much stricter gun control laws than anything you can find in America. The citizens of these countries (Japan, Sweden and England come to mind), are under no threat to lose their voting privileges. Leaders of these countries routinely leave office without a fuss.

Like the gun lobby, I have no proof of cause and effect, but… limited weapon ownership in these ‘gun-control’ countries has not caused decreased democracy, so maybe the lack of firepower has increased democracy! A crazy idea, right?

It is not as crazy as thinking ‘guns cause freedom.’

Of course, there is an ebb and flow to the rights of private citizens. This is why everybody, especially conservatives, should support the ACLU. They protect private citizens from government overreach.

Despite the ebb and flow, maybe because of the ebb and flow, the tide of democracy is inevitable, and doesn’t require guns…


All I am really saying is that it would be nice to reduce the number of congressmen or kindergarteners or moviegoers that one nutcase can kill without at least having to reload.

Since these mass killings happen every year, we can more reasonably assume this outcome (a murderous rampage by someone with massive ammo clips) than the loopy paranoid view that America will suddenly stop being democratic.


Keep buying your guns. The manufacturers have succeeded in convincing you that the pistol in your nightstand is more likely to harm a burglar than it is to kill your child or grandchild.

Build your bunkers, buy your supplies and keep imagining ‘the government’ is out to get you. Nothing I could say would stop you anyhow.

And the gun makers laugh and laugh and laugh…

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