April 2013

By Wink

I hope and presume Dzhokhar Tsamaev will be found guilty. All available evidence points to him and his dead older brother as the ‘alleged’ Boston Marathon bombers.

String him up.

But first, of course, there is the right to a speedy and fair trial.

Then string him up.

Many at Fox and in the conservosphere have decided that we should not have given ‘Miranda rights’ to Tsarnaev. Their apparent argument is ‘you shouldn’t give rights to bad guys.’

These ‘experts’ always profess to love America, but they don’t even ‘get’ America. How can anyone who says ‘don’t give someone their Miranda rights’ be considered a legal expert? Or an expert on American justice? Or American history?

To all you Fox-lovers and kindred spirits, let me help you: ‘Miranda’ is a prime example of why America is a great country. ‘Miranda’ helps make America great.

We (all Americans) have rights. A fundamental right is the right to a fair trial. A fair trial insists on proper representation, which means legal counsel. That is all ‘Miranda’ is about.

If Rush or Coulter or O’Reilly ever get arrested, for any reason, you can bet you’re a$$ they will be screaming for their right to representation, and insist on their ‘Miranda Rights.’

Why should they be treated differently from any other schlub? Schlubs need rights because we all need rights. It is also of note that sometimes schlubs are innocent. (Hard to imagine, huh?)

“Don’t give Miranda rights’ is just another part of the standard Fox ‘create fear’ narrative. They imply ‘Miranda’ might prevent or delay justice or worse, let a crook go free.

In practice (in real life) the existence of ‘Miranda’ has allowed approximately zero percent of bad guys to get off without punishment. If someone is guilty the evidence will still be there, whether they talk or not.

Hey super-patriots, you are not alone in wanting a quick resolution to this crime. We all want it. The bombing victims deserve it. We just want the preponderance of evidence to show ‘guilt’ and I presume that will be the end result here.

Weak governments and dictatorships are not concerned with the ‘rights’ of private citizens. Great countries are strong enough to endow their citizens these rights.

Our star-spangled banner is not served by undermining what makes America great.


P.S.: If you sensitive-types are bothered by my ‘string him up’ comments, please take a deep breath. Sometimes, for effect, I jest…

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