August 2013

By Wink

Great news! Johnny Manziel will be signing autographs in the locker room during the first half of the Texas A&M versus Rice football game. Bring cash – no checks accepted.

The NCAA has now completed their exhaustive 6-hour investigation to see if Manziel accepted any money for the hundreds or thousands of items he autographed for a few different ‘collectors.’

Without subpoena power, the NCAA pretty much had to take Johnny’s word for it when he told them “Hey, I didn’t take any money.”

They busted him on some minor violation and said he couldn’t play the first half of the critical game with mighty Rice University. Without their star QB, we will just have to wait to see how the Aggies can fair against such a juggernaut for two whole quarters….

Outside of Aggieland, is there anybody anywhere who believes Manziel didn’t take money? Nope.

In theory, when the Southeast Conference added Missouri and Texas A&M, they increased the academic standing of the conference and, at least in the case of A&M, the integrity level.  The “M” in A&M does stand for military, after all.

Oh well. It now seems that, rather than A&M helping the image of the SEC, the SEC attitude of ‘anything goes’ now has infected Texas A&M.

So your star quarterback violates NCAA Rule #1 – don’t take money. So what? Heisman winners can make you willing to shed some of that whole ‘integrity’ thing.

Welcome to the SEC !!!

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