November 2013

By Wink

Our Christian bible tells us Jesus was all about love. He told us to especially love those who need it most. Love the poor, the sick, and the young/helpless.

In other words, love the Affordable Care Act (derisively referred to as ‘Obamacare’ by those who wish ill on all things ‘Obama’).

Okay, you win. ‘Obamacare’ it is.

Love God? Love Obamacare.

Love Jesus? Love Obamacare.

Obamacare is specifically about ministering to the sick and poor and to children. (Yes, ‘ministering’ is the right word, to give service, aid or care.)

There have been some well-documented ‘roll-out’ problems. This would have been true of any plan that tried to provide medical benefits for everyone. This is a massive undertaking, and glitches were inevitable.

Opponents use the glitches as further ‘evidence’ that there is something inherently wrong with Obamacare.

Hey, D-Day had ‘roll-out’ problems. The aerial support was spotty, paratroopers were dropped miles off target into unknown/unsafe areas, supply-laden soldiers drowned getting off of landing craft that did not pull up to shallow enough water.

Would these same patriots say invading Normandy Beach was a mistake? That D-Day was not worth the pain?

And you would think Christian ministers, followers of Jesus, would be enthusiastic about helping the poor and sick, but you would be wrong, especially in the ‘Bible Belt.’

What a sad state we are in when ministers are more interested in making political points rather than following basic biblical tenets.

Sad, sad, sad.


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