December 2013

By Wink

Like Steely Dan, Warren Zevon purposefully made many his tunes very hard to interpret.

I think some of it was artisitic license, he just liked interesting/unusual words and odd concepts, and some of it was just weird ideas he threw out to ‘tweek’ the listener.

One of Warren Zevon’s last albums included the song ‘Porcelain Monkey.’ In ‘Monkey’ he describes some characters as ‘regicidal.’

Never having used(or even heard) the word before, I was able to figure out what it means, so that is my challenge to you. Before you look it up, try to figure out what ‘regicide’ means.

WARNING: Knowing what ‘regicide’ means will almost certainly NOT get you any closer to figuring out what this song is about, but feel free to contact Winkest Link with your own interpretations.

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