January 2014

By Wink

“Don’t you open your mouth about the best, or I’m going to shut it for you real quick” – Richard Sherman, to Fox Sports reporter Erin Andrews

You saw it. In the NFC championship game Richard Sherman taunted a losing player to his face, and trash-talked on camera after the recent NFL conference championship game. So what?

The haters came out of the woodwork. Most think he is a jerk.

Some of the hate came from racists, who responded as racists always do, showing off their consistently low IQ’s. This always saddens me but these moronic responses seem inevitable when this type of episode pops up.

Then came the defenders of Richard Sherman, who want you to know: (1) This happened in heat of the moment, (2) he is a Stanford grad, (3) he had a rough childhood, (4) he is a great player with a high-intensity job, and (5) look at the racist response.

I don’t ‘hate’ Richard Sherman, but his behavior was, at a minimum, jerkish. Running up and taunting a vanquished opponent is dickish.

His apology was half-assed. He said he was sorry he took attention away from his team but did not mention Michael Crabtree, the opponent he taunted, by name.

The latest excuse is that he wasn’t really taunting Crabtree as the game ended, that he just ran up to him, slapped him on the butt and said “that was a great game, wasn’t it?” Sorry, this excuse doesn’t fly any better than those listed above. Celebrating in the face of the loser is classless and, were the tables turned, Sherman probably would have been pi**ed if an opponent did that to him. He should have apologized to Crabtree for this too, which he did not.

I am not smelling ‘Stanford’ in any of his behavior, unless, unless….

Was his intent to hype his image to make money from this? This WILL hype his image, and he will make money from this. True, more people will hate him because of this, but more people will LIKE him because of this. In the marketing world it doesn’t matter how many people hate you, just how many like you (exhibit ‘A’ is every political talk-radio show).

I will grant the ‘heat of the moment’ argument and assume this behavior was simply idiotic with a touch of jerkishness.

I don’t think he is a jerk, and I certainly don’t believe (as the racists do) that he is a thug. He is probably a pretty nice guy.

What I believe doesn’t matter. ‘Hype’ he now has, and Sherman will benefit from it.

And other, genuine jerks, will take note. Don’t be surprised as others, waiting until they are on camera, will behave exactly this jerky, and worse.

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In the absence of that, Christie can feel free to run for president.

And he will lose.

Oh, if he could make it to the general election he would probably run away from anyone the Dems could put up against him. All the Democratic name candidates are stale and getting old. There is no new ‘Barack Obama’ to fire up the imagination. Christie would crush them.

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