October 2014

By Ike

A little less than a week ago I spoke with Wink about a poem I had written several years ago for Halloween. It was a fairly simple poem, but I enjoyed writing it. Wink suggested an updated version, or even a new poem altogether. In that spirit, I wrote a new poem for Halloween 2014 that follows up on the original and uses the same form. (After all, to paraphrase Maya Angelou, there is no greater form of poetry than the limerick.)

Happy Halloween!


There once was an actor named Jerry
Who had all the roles he could carry.
He never could say,
Despite his great pay,
Just how he made people so merry.

One night in a fresh fit of pique,
He vowed to become more unique,
He’d had quite enough
And left in a huff
To strengthen his acting technique.

Director Chartreuse was appalled.
Her opus had now been forestalled!
Her anger yet grew,
And before Jerry knew,
She’d left his cold body out sprawled.

Poor Jerry lay dead in the snow,
Fit now for a carrion crow.
His number of pieces
No longer increases
But largest is now his big toe.

Along came an actor named Fred,
Who had been quite recently dead.
He took every part
From the crow à la carte,
Assembling them all on his bed.

The process took many a day;
Fred never gave in to dismay.
Endeavor he did,
Though who could he kid?
A human is hard to crochet.

Eventually Fred’s work was done,
And all Jerry’s pieces were one.
Now Jerry demanded
Chartreuse reprimanded,
Perhaps by the end of a gun.

Caught in her own web was Chartreuse;
She saw no clear way to get loose.
But then she did see
A path for all three,
And suddenly begged for a truce.

Now featuring acts Fred and Jerry,
A new play that’s as fun as scary.
Directed Chartreuse
(With Kurt to produce)
The grand Broadway hit: “Sanguinary!”

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By Ike

Five years ago, I put together a little poem to celebrate Halloween. In the time since I’ve been introduced to a much broader sense of poetry, and so I am better able to recognize my poem’s flaws. Still, I feel like it has the right spirit, and so on the eve of Halloween I present it again – largely unchanged – both to celebrate the holiday and to lead into the newly-written follow-up that will be posted on Halloween proper.

(The original post included marks of emphasis that I will keep for readability, though it still stutters at points.)


There once was an actor named Fred.
tricky stunt took off his head.
The audience roared,
As his head soared,
For they did not believe he was dead.

The director Kurt was alarmed.
stuntman of his had been harmed!
With the utmost haste,
And most paltry taste,
Fred was buried where once men had farmed.

Fred’s head awoke with a start.
His head and his neck were apart!
He somehow must,
Though covered in dust,
Reclaim his position in art!

Fred’s body clawed up quite unhurt,
And found his own head in the dirt,
He dusted off,
And with a hoarse cough,
Set off to go speak with Kurt.

Alone with his failed work of art,
Kurt soon began to take heart.
Stepping in through Kurt’s door,
Fred said with a roar,
Kurt, I demand back my part!”

There once was a play called “Undead.”
The leading actor had no head.
The audience cheered,
And Kurt was revered,
And centered was a happy Fred.

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