December 2014

By Wink

Conservative wags postulate that the Senate report on the CIA’s use of torture is an anti-Republican tactic aimed at the 2016 election. If so, it is a pretty stupid plan.

Reason 1: It is very unlikely the name ‘George W Bush’ will appear on the 2016 ballot.

Reason 2: Some voters will believe torture is an effective intelligence gathering technique, regardless of the evidence to the contrary.

Reason 3: There are precious few Americans who are even remotely interested in the minutia of governing, so they don’t care/don’t know about these hearings. Of those who do pay attention, most already have their minds made up on which party is ‘evil’ and which party is ‘good.’

Reason 4: Recent history tells us all that America really wants is a ‘buddy’ to be the president. As evidence: Reagan vs Carter & Mondale, Bush vs Dukakis, Clinton vs Bush & Dole, Bush vs Gore & Kerry, Obama vs McCain & Romney. In each case the more ‘stodgy’ candidate lost.
Here is the more important point: Torture is wrong, and there is never justification for it. Never.

Super-patriots believe the USA is the best country in the history of the world.

We are certainly the ‘most’ in many categories, We have most money (for now), the most military might (to our own economic detriment), and the most prisoners.

But the ‘best?’ We are a long way from the ‘best’ in moral values. If we were, no American would ever want for medical care, job training would be the norm for the unemployed, and we would NEVER-EVER torture under any circumstances.

Any excuse to torture reduces us to the same level as the ‘torture states’ such as China and North Korea.

If we are morally superior, we will NOT torture, period. No excuses.

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