February 2015

By Wink

Oh brother, here we go again.

In a recent speech former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani said: “I do not believe, and I know this is a horrible thing to say, but I do not believe that the President loves America. He doesn’t love you, and he doesn’t love me. He wasn’t brought up the way you were brought up and I was brought up, through love of this country.”

Really Rudy? Not ‘brought up the way you were brought up?’ As I recall Obama was raised by his (white) grandparents from Kansas. Is ‘Kansas’ not enough like you? (We must remember the suspicious stretch of time Obama spent in Hawaii!)

Obama’s grandfather, who fought in WWII, probably poisoned young Barack’s mind by preaching how evil America is.

Rudy, is an American WWII vet not enough ‘like you?’

For the next several days he was pressed about these idiotic comments, and responded “I said exactly what I wanted to say.”

As the general ire rose, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal stood up for the Mayor by offering: “The gist of what Giuliani said is true.” Thanks for the clarification Bobby!

Giuliani has since backed off a bit by saying he wasn’t really questioning Obamas’ patriotism. Saying the president ‘doesn’t love America’ is NOT questioning his patriotism?

Sounds like Giuliani feels Obama is only about three-fifths of an American.

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