April 2015

By Wink

So what’s shakin’ in Oklahoma? All of Oklahoma, that is what. In 2014 the Sooner state had 585 earthquakes magnitude 3 or greater. There were 109 in 2013.

This state must just be earthquake-prone. Or maybe not. Prior to 2008 Oklahoma averaged less than two earthquakes per year. Less than two.

Oklahoma geologists say the 600 times increase is most likely due to fracking – the injection of wastewater from oil and gas production deep below the Earth’s surface. They warn that more horrific earthquakes could be in the offing.

Is there reason to be suspicious of this data? Of course!

First off, the only reliable source for earthquake information is the oil industry, and they say more studies must be done. Second, why on Earth would we trust scientists? Like ‘the press’ they are all liberals, bent on ruining America and (can we be honest here?) scientist are only in it for the fame/glory/money/babes.

Plus, what is the big problem with a few extra earthquakes here and there? I have a nickname for you scaredy-cats….”Quakers.” Get it? Quakers? – Ha!

Let’s get to the real problem here. Oklahoma had 585 magnitude 3+ earthquakes last year, but averaged less that 2 per year prior to 2008? Hmmm. Did anything significant happen in 2008? Oh yeah, that Kenyan, Muslim, earthquake-lovin’ Barack Obama was elected President of these-here United States.

Coincidence? Obviously God is trying to shake Oklahoma into never-again voting for that type of commie. Oklahoma DID vote for Obama, didn’t they?

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By Wink

The NRA has decided, in the interest of safety at this year’s national NRA Convention in Nashville, to disallow guns.

I am sure I heard that wrong, as that crazy notion would go against everything the NRA has ever told us. Let us go over the previous NRA safety recommendations. Regardless of the circumstances, people are always better off if……

Safety level 1: Someone has a gun.
Level 2: Two people have guns.
Level 3: Lots of people have guns.
Level 4: Everybody has a gun.
Level 5: Everybody has two guns.
Level 6: Most of the weapons are machine guns.
Level 7: With armor piercing ‘cop-killer’ bullets.

The best/safest possible NRA convention should be, at minimum, Level 5. Gun-lovers, please send your donations to:

NRA Headquarters
123 More Gun Deaths Only Means We Need More Guns
Everywhere, Literally Everywhere, USA

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