June 2015

By Wink

Run for the hills! Caitlyn Jenner is getting a ‘Courage’ award at the 2015 ESPY ceremony. Heaven help us all!

This travesty has Bob Costas’ underwear all in a bunch. He has declared this choice to be an attention grab by ESPN. His exact words were ‘crass exploitation” merely to “attract eyeballs.”

Well, how-do-you-do Bob? Nice to have your keen observations.

Look Bob, every drop of every ESPY Awards show is an attention grab. There are a million award shows, most of them worthless, but many of them get big (or at least decent) TV ratings.

A number of years ago, ESPN figured out there was no ‘sports’ version of an awards show, and dreamed one up with the goofy name “ESPY’s.” It was originally centered around the silly film clips the network shows every day, with a few awards (Most Popular Dunker) mixed in.

At some point, just like Bob Costas, the network started to take itself a bit too seriously. Now they feel the need to hand out some ‘serious’ awards.

Who cares if Caitlyn Jenner is given an award? It is a phony award, like EVERY award at the ESPY’s.

Nationally this has caused some weird uproar. Why? Why does Costas care? Does he think the ESPY’s have a special gravitas? Like a Nobel Prize?

Why does anyone care? If you are one of the people bitching about this, please add a comment to this blog and explain how this award effects you, specifically. I am betting you are not happy unless you have something to p***/moan about.

Do you know who was given the same award in 2014? If you didn’t know the answer, Michael Sam, then why do you care about the 2015 winner?

Sorry Mr. Costas, Your inane comments look like an attention grab.

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