July 2016

By Wink

Do you know the easiest way to find a racist? Look in the mirror.

Do you know how I know? Because I am a racist. I am, you are, everyone around you is, along with everyone else. We all are.

Feel free to confess your ignorance by denying that.

There are some people, however, who are more racist. The ‘more racist’ too, are not always hard to spot. Here are a few ways…

1) Anyone who starts any sentence, ever, with “I am not a racist, but…”

The ‘ding-ding-ding’ you hear in your head are alarm bells letting you know this person is racist.

2) When the phrase ‘black lives matter’ is overheard, the first person to blurt out ‘All lives matter!’ (Ding-ding-ding!) is a racist. Almost certainly the most racist person in the room.

Also, everybody who nods their head in agreement with the ‘all lives matter’ comment is probably, but quietly, racist.

As an alternative to looking in the mirror, you can also look at a picture of Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa). The book of lunatic observations by King is long but, among other things, he has said Barack Obama is “anti white cop.” He seems to be the only Congressman fighting to keep Harriet Tubman off of the $20 bill and, even though he represents IOWA, has a confederate flag on his congressional desk in Washington DC.

Southern states have worked long and hard (and successfully) to remove this racist flag from governmental grounds, but Steve King still stands strong with the confederate state of Iowa.

Note to King: Washington DC and Iowa were both on the Union (you know, the north/winning) side during the war.


Borrowed Quote of the Day: Arguing for “All Lives Matter” is like going to a cancer fundraiser and saying, “Why isn’t this event for ALL diseases?”

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By Wink

Some soulless bastard in Dallas shot and killed five police officers who were working to keep peace during a ‘Black Lives Matter’ march. Our only consolation is the shooter is dead. (It is W-L policy to not give publicity to murderers, so in life and in death he shall remain nameless here.)

Dallas mourns, America mourns and yes, the marchers mourn. This hideous act only harms the BLM cause.

Remember though, there is always political hay to be made in every tragedy, and all disasters, man-made and otherwise, must be the fault of Barack Obama.

Rep. Roger Williams, R-Texas, said “the spread of misinformation and constant instigation by prominent leaders, including our president” contributed to the shootings.

Rep. Steve King (wingnut-Iowa) said the shooting had roots in the “anti-white/cop events illuminated by Obama.”

Former Republican Rep. Joe Walsh said on Twitter that “Obama’s words & (Black Lives Matter)’s deeds have gotten cops killed.”

The entire conservo-sphere, their mouthpiece FOX network and the above ‘friends’ have, since Obama was elected, insisted that there is now a “war on cops” that apparently never existed prior to 2009. (Black president = “Hate Cops”, right?).

Let us review the facts. During the Obama administration there has been an average of 62 police per year who were intentionally killed. This is a terrible-terrible number.

Perspective is helpful though. How many police, per year, were intentionally killed during the previous administrations?

George W. Bush – 72 (per year)
Bill Clinton – 81
George H. W. Bush – 90
Ronald Reagan – 101

Horrible as is it, the 62 under Obama is BY FAR the lowest in four decades.

Did Reagan hate the police 40% more than Obama? Did he?

Please FOX, find a way to blame the 81 during the Clinton administration on Hillary’s emails or her shrill voice or Benghazi. And get the GOP to hold a minimum of 15 Senate and/or House hearings on it. You can do it!!

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