August 2016

By Wink

2016 Political IQ Test:
A) I will vote for Trump.
B) I will not vote for Trump.

End of test.

If you think Donald Trump, in any way shape or form, is qualified to be president, well … get serious.

Winkest Link has had a hard time knowing where to begin when discussing the upcoming election. In any other election there were options. You could have made a good case for Romney or McCain against Obama, and vice-versa. You could even have made a case, albeit a very weak case, for ‘W’ over Gore or Kerry.

There is no case to be made in favor of Trump. None.

He has never held elective office. He is unaware of the relationship between the President and Congress, let alone the relationship between the U.S. and our allies and/or adversaries.

His stances change almost daily (and sometimes even more frequently than that). The pander-tastic Trump has never supported gun rights, but all of a sudden became ‘Mr. 2nd Amendment’ to get gun-nut votes.

His rants toward those who disagree with him (even political allies) are imbecilic. To call him ‘juvenile’ is to insult juveniles. ‘The Donald’ is infantile. Any psychologist would tell you he has never matured beyond the kindergarten level. Admit it, you know first-graders who are more empathetic than Trump. First-graders tend to feel sad when others hurt, not so Trump.

Strong Trump supporters (‘STRUMPets’) will forgive him for any of the myriad bizarre comments that continue to leap from his head.

If you are a Trump voter, answer the following question honestly. What if Hillary Clinton had said, of John McCain (Vietnam vet / heroic POW): “I like people who don’t get caught.” What would you say about her? (Answer: You would rip her like there was no tomorrow. You would use words that would make Marines blush. Yes, you would.)

Why does McCain continue to support Trump? This saddens those among us who once thought of McCain as strong-minded.

Go ahead GOP, keep choosing Trump-like candidates who are all ‘attitude’ and grossly unqualified. (Sarah Palin anyone?)

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