September 2016

by Wink

As expected, Donald Trump was a train-wreck in the first presidential debate. Per the norm, he blamed his awful performance on everything but himself. We would expect nothing else.

He said moderator Lester Holt asked unfair questions. (You know, the kind you don’t know the answer to).

He said his microphone was faulty. (We agree, as the damned mic picked up EVERY incoherent thing Trump said.)

Remember when Rudy Giuliani was somebody? (Hint: It was prior to when Chris Christie was somebody.) Since leaving his job as Mayor of New York, Giuliani has decided the best way to get on TV is to be a conservative firebrand. He thinks this will make him more relevant, but in fact makes him, historically, less relevant (though still not as irrelevant as Christie).

Giuliani says Trump should skip the remaining debates unless he gets guarantees that “there would be a moderator and not a fact-checker.”

We agree Rudy, facts are kryptonite to ‘the Donald.’

To close, we quote Michael Gerson of the Washington Post:

Trump concluded his performance by praising himself for his own grace and restraint, during an evening that showed him to be nasty, witless and deceptive. It should now be clear to Republicans: Vanity is his strategy.

Trump’s defenders will charge his critics with elitism. The Great public, it is argued, get Trump in a way that the commenting class does not. But this claim is now fully exposed.

The expectation of rationality is not elitism. Coherence is not elitism. Knowledge is not elitism. Honoring character is not elitism.

And those who claim this are debasing themselves, their party and their country.

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by Wink

Remember the 6-year-old neighbor kid who lied about everything? Remember how he pouted like a big baby when someone actually pointed out one of his lies? And how annoying that was, to the point where you just started to ignore him because you KNEW he lied all the time?

(I bet you know where I am going with this…)

Donald Trump is that 6-year old. Unapologetic, unrepentant and, in fact, blaming everyone else for each lie he is called out on. He will lie and then, 10 seconds later, say he didn’t say it.

PolitiFact rates 70% of statements by candidate Trump as ‘mostly false,’ ‘false,’ or ‘pants-on-fire.’

Seventy percent.

Donald Trump is, inarguably, the biggest liar ever nominated by a major party. He is the Niagara Falls of lies, the Hurricane Katrina of lies.

There were several very capable Republican candidates In the primaries. Early on it was kind of humorous to watch him incite red-meat crowds and decimate his opponents with out and out lies (Donald doesn’t deal in half-truths, because those contain too much ‘truth.’) it stopped being so humorous when GOP voters never held him accountable, and started turning him into some sort of folk hero, forcing one legitimate contender after another to bow out.

What we are left with is a pathological liar. Weirdly, most of his supporters KNOW he is lying. They just don’t care. (If the lies are barbs aimed at Hillary, so much the better!) The problem is, at some point you must govern. Do you think the lies will stop when he is elected president? Why would you think that?

The lies of Trump have made him rich and even got him nominated for president. Since voters have never held him accountable, he will never be accountable to the voters.

While ‘candidate liars’ can be kind of cute and funny, ‘president liars’ are an invitation to national, and international disaster.

Trump is deluded in thinking he has any clue as to how to govern. More deluded though, are the people who continue to support this idiot. How on earth is he getting 40-plus percent? Wherever you are, look at the people to your immediate right and left. One of those morons is going to vote for Trump, and most likely actually thinks he would make a great president.

(Please note how kind I am to not mention anything about his tax statements, his scam university, his illegal use of charity money, his misogyny, the phony ‘injury’ that kept him out of Vietnam, his 3500+ lawsuits, etc, etc).


In fairness it must be pointed out that PolitiFact found 28% of Hillary’s comments as ‘mostly false,’ ‘false,’ or ‘pants-on-fire’ categories. Nothing to brag about, but at least the preponderance of her statements are actually true. Furthermore, she has the capacity to say ‘I was wrong.’ Something Trump is utterly incapable of saying.

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