August 2017

By Wink

Hurricane Harvey is a disaster of epic proportions.
Our hearts break as we watch the scenes of devastation. We are touched when we see the heroic efforts of emergency workers and volunteers. We are burdened by the tragic loss of life and the catastrophe of hundreds of thousands of family homes severely damaged or totally lost to the endless waters…
I want to say we will never see this again, but that would be wrong.
Our natural combination of ignorance and hubris guarantees these events will happen again and again, and maybe worse.
Issue 1) Decision-makers intentionally aim to downplay or completely deny climate change. The choice to ignore science/scientists is almost entirely due to campaign contributor requests. The pull of donor money obviously outweighs the potential loss of life and other carnage caused by climate change.
Issue 2) Our own stupidity to allow building and re-building in hurricane target zones and on lands that will flood even in less-than-hurricane conditions.
It will take decades, and much more heartache, for us to get serious about both of these issues.
Will we respond after Hurricane Harvey, Part 2?
Or Hurricane Harvey Part 3?
Or Part 4…?

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by Wink

Every day it is something else. One more thing.
It is not just that he is stupid, although he has taken ‘executive-office stupid’ to unimaginable levels.
It is not the incessant, daily lies that he has perpetrated since he announced his candidacy.
It is not his casual racism.
It is not just his indebtedness to Russia, which began years ago.
It is not his weird infatuation with Putin which, most certainly, relates to the indebtedness.
It is not his ongoing violation of the Constitutional Emoluments Clause (look it up).
Obstruction of justice? Uhhhh…
The combined fat-headed ignorance/arrogance he shares with Kim Jong Un could annihilate millions. That seems to bother some people.
X-number of his family and friends also have close ties to Russia? To the point where Russia aided in taking down Hillary?

His deepest fans, even admitting to any and all of the above, will never forsake him. He is their God, and God, as we all know, has many flaws…
It matters not. The drips continue.
It is not the gods that will take him down. It is his own arrogance, and the diligence of honest / honorable investigators.
Bless them…

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