Any Kids Age Seven & Under? Yes, 14

You know the story.

  • She is unmarried.
  • She already has six kids between ages two and seven.
  • She wants another girl.
  • She begins fertility treatment.
  • She has eight more. Octuplets.

Is the fertility business so destitute that they couldn’t tell this woman “Honey, fertility is not your problem. In the last seven years you have had six kids. If you want another baby just go have another baby. Odds are about 50-50 it will be a girl.”

Well, she got a girl. Actually two! Double your pleasure! Oh, yeah, and six more boys in the mix. Simple math now, 14 kids between the ages of seven and zero.

This is among the most selfish acts we have ever seen. She can’t commit to marrying someone, but she can commit to 14 kids?

We often feel sorry for an only child, because there is a lot of emotional and intellectual learning in dealing with a sibling or two. It is not that an only child can’t be emotionally stable, it is just that they miss some life experiences.

Regardless, we feel better for the only child than we do about being one of 14. None of those kids will ever feel neglected, right?

By the way, why would she stop now? Fourteen cannot possibly be a magical number. Apparently NO number is too high. She should try to have 20 or 21, all under the age of 10.

How about the burden put on the seven-year-old girl? Will she be asked to help raise the 13 behind her? Count on it. Her own childhood, at age seven, is almost over. How sad.

Dear Mom of 14: We know you love the attention this is bringing you. Please stop making this about you and start focusing on making each of these children feel special. They need a real mom, and a real dad might help a bit too.

By the way, the pinheads at Fox have been merciless in ripping this woman. Are they concerned about the welfare of the children? Nope. They are worried that taxpayers might have to aid this family.
Would they allow funding for a poor pregnant woman to have an abortion? We doubt it.

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