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Because his purposeful inaccuracies are constant, and he fears being called out on them, the lies of Donald Trump are often preceded by “People tell me” or “Believe me” or “Lots of people say” or “Somebody said” or “Everybody knows” and followed by some specious comment about Hillary, or Obama, or Mexicans, or Mueller, or Democratic leaders, or any Republican that questions him, or…

Since 90% of his interviews are with the fawners at FOX, he rarely gets called out, even for the most obvious falsehoods. (Typical FOX Fawn: “Mr. President, How did you become such a great leader of people? Were you just born with that amazing skill?)

When confronted by a real newsperson, Trump inevitably resorts to the above lead-ins… (All I know is, people say that Robert Mueller killed Michael Jackson and Mother Teresa. Who is to say if that is right or wrong?)

His instinct, to lie so completely, and the pathology of believing his own lies, is really sort a pathetic dodge that he almost assuredly acquired as a child to try to placate his harsh father. It probably didn’t work then, but it works with his worshippers…

Sorry, but at this point, with all of the current evidence in front of you, if you still believe DJT, then you are best described as ‘worshipper.’

What worshippers do is believe, and they will believe in spite of all evidence to the contrary. That is the definition of belief.

The evidence of who he is, and the evidence of the things he has done, are right in front of you. Those are the things you choose NOT to believe.

Who knows? Maybe you just want to believe to justify the cost of the red hat.

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The Gun Lobby has been up the orifices of our congress for a very long time.

We know they excuse each mass shooting as a one-off, by some crazy man, and the machine gun or semi-automatic the man used did not contribute to the death toll… (You know that guy could just as easily have killed 30-some odd college students, or 50+ people at an outdoor concert with a knife or a pointed stick…)

Using that logic, and pressed by the power of gun money, in 1996 U.S. Representative Jay Dickey (R-Ark) passed an amendment which barred the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention from studying the effects of gun violence on the health of Americans.

They could study diabetes, and cancer, and car accidents, and high blood pressure, etc., but they were FORBIDDEN from studying gun violence. As if bullets and their damage were not a ‘health issue’ in the United States.

Going forward, these types of money-driven efforts to hide or deny the effects of gun violence, should be called ‘The Dickey Move’ or, alternately ‘A Dickey Move.’

Feel free to disregard the ensuing carnage that result from these laws, and the bloodshed that may have been reduced or avoided because, ‘Hey, I needed NRA money and support to win re-election.’

Dickey left office in 2001 and passed away in 2017. Six years ago, an apparently contrite Dickey co-wrote an op-ed where he called the fear of gun violence research ‘senseless’ and said ‘we must learn what we can do to save lives.’

GOP lawmakers seem to have the more frequent ‘come-to-Jesus’ moments.

  • Like how Dick Cheney all of a sudden wasn’t so bothered by gays when it turned out his daughter was gay.
  • Like how Jeff Flake takes an occasional stand on the obvious incompetence and instability of Donald Trump after Flake announces he will not run for re-election.
  • And how Dickey decided the study of gun violence would be a good idea – 10 years after he left office.

Sorry, I will still refer to constant caving to the gun lobby as a ‘Dickey Move.’

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There are almost daily discoveries of countless and endless (and mindless) misdeeds of Donald Trump, and we seem headed toward a Constitutional crisis.

The usual Trump response is to send a string of tweets and to vocalize on how no attention is being paid to the many misdeeds of Hillary Clinton.

Would it make you feel any better, Mr. President, if we impeached Hillary at the same time we impeach you?

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Do you know who U.S. Rep. Steve King doesn’t care for? That smart-alecky teenage girl from a Parkland, Florida high school. Poor baby Emma Gonzales has one little episode, hiding at school while a madman murders 17 of her classmates, and all of a sudden SHE is an expert on guns?

Here is how Steve King’s campaign Facebook describes a picture of Gonzalez: “This is how you look when you claim Cuban heritage and yet don’t speak Spanish and ignore the fact that your ancestors fled the island when the dictatorship turned Cuba into a prison camp, after removing all weapons from its citizens…”

They reference her t-shirt, but we suspect the ‘look’ they are really objecting to is ‘Hispanic.’ He could not care less of what she says, nor her horrifying experience, but mocks her due to her shirt?

Here is a partial list of those Rep. King has enmity for:

  • The poor (by definition, lazy)
  • Blacks
  • Mexicans
  • Muslims (Straight-up evil)

Rep. King expresses distaste for a Cuban flag on a t-shirt, but has a Confederate flag in his DC office, apparently not bothered that southern racists split our country with a war that killed hundreds of thousands of Americans.

When called out for the attack on Gonzalez, his unrepentant staffers responded: “We are equally disgusted the liberal media would use children as props in their gun-grabbing agenda.”

As always, ‘Team King’ sees guns as more important than American lives.

And to the above list of things King doesn’t care for, we now add:

  • Teenagers who have witnessed many of their friends slaughtered and want to do something about it…
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The lawyers for Donald Trump are very reluctant to allow the president to testify before special counsel Robert Mueller.

They have stated, for the record, that they are concerned about a ‘perjury trap.’

Need a translation for that phrase?

A ‘perjury trap’ is when the investigators ask you a question, and you lie.

I have no idea why his lawyers would fear this…

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Remember when Republicans professed to care about ‘family values’? Remember when they supported veterans, and especially POW’s? How about the dire warnings about deficit spending? Remember that? How about professing to superior morals? Remember when religion mattered, particularly the part about helping the poor? Remember when they cared about Russia and always accused Democrats of being ‘soft on communism?’

How does the current White House resident measure up? Here is an abbreviated, abbreviated, abbreviated, abbreviated, abbreviated, abbreviated list:

  • Bragged about grabbing women by the p***y
  • Cheated on his pregnant wife with a porn star.
  • Paid the porn star $130,000 to keep quiet.
  • Belittled a war hero POW (McCain).
  • Insulted a Gold Star family.
  • Refused to sanction Russia for the election meddling that everyone everywhere knows happened, in spite of a Senate vote of 98-2 and a House vote of 419-3 in favor of sanctions.
  • Signed a tax cut for the extremely wealthy that will increase the deficit by more than $1,500,000,000,000.00, to the obvious detriment to the poor and middle class.
  • Supported a pedophile for Senate.
  • Supported a top aid accused of years of beating BOTH of his ex-wives.

So how is Mr. Trump doing among the family value, military veteran and POW-supporting, deficit hawk, superior moral and religious Republicans?

Sadly for ‘The Donald,’ his approval rating among these people is only 90%.


I presume, if we had video of him handing our nuclear codes to Putin, his approval among Republicans might plummet to 89%, but I sort of doubt it.

90% Approval.

What else could he do and not lose any GOP support? It boggles the mind…


P.S. The $1,500,000,000,000.00 number shown above is not made-up. This is the actual dollar amount the deficit will increase to benefit the wealthy… not a ‘fake’ number.

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I live in a not-distant zip code from one sensationally rich person – Warren Buffett.

Mr. Buffett, his family, and any of the other of the super-wealthy will benefit an enormous amount from the recent tax cuts enacted by Congress.

When Congress tells you the tax changes are to benefit you, or will create high paying jobs, they know differently. They are not being disingenuous, they are lying. They do not care about you. They never have, except to get your vote.

Despite calling themselves ‘conservatives’ they are happy to send the U.S. budget another ONE AND ONE HALF TRILLION DOLLARS into debt, transferring this money to their rich donors, to get re-elected.

What does Warren Buffett feel about this? Well, he is still optimistic about the future of the U.S., but he has concerns about which direction the money is going.

Says Buffett: “The challenge will be to have this bounty deliver a better life to the disrupted as well as the disrupters, and on this matter many Americans are justifiably worried.”

He feels the American economic boom has left millions of hardworking citizens “stuck on an economic treadmill,” hopelessly behind as the economy and jobs become more specialized.

In the meanwhile, the wealth of the top 400 families has gone from $93 billion in 1982 to $2.7 trillion today, a 29-fold increase.

Of this, Buffett says: “During this period, this tsunami of wealth didn’t trickle down, it surged upward. These devastating side effects can be ameliorated.”

Speaking both literally and metaphorically, he says: “A rich family takes care of all of its children, not just those with talents valued by the marketplace.”

“In the years of growth that certainly lie ahead, I have no doubt that America can both deliver riches to many and a decent life to all. We must not settle for less.”

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From the uproar, I can only surmise there is a large contingent of NFL players who regularly jump up and down on the American flag, spit on it and then set it on fire.

What? They aren’t doing that?

This hubbub is about silent kneeling?

Hmmmm. Okay, I have an idea. What if the player kneels and PRAYS?

Prayer is not enough? How about if they kneel and pray for our soldiers?

Still no? How about if they kneel and pray that the fake media starts writing only nice things about how wonderful Donald Trump is?

For Pete’s sake people, why is peaceful, silent protest in the United States controversial? The founding fathers, the same ones who gave you that fabulous 2nd Amendment, also gave you the right, and freedom, to protest. This is why America is so great!! Celebrate it!

I do have a suggestion though. If the existence of peaceful protest raises your blood pressure too much, you are free to move to a country where you will never-ever be bothered by protesters – North Korea for example.

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Southern Christians voted for Donald Trump without holding their nose. Once you can make that leap, to vote for an admitted female crotch-grabber, how short is the trip to willingly voting for a pedophile?

Teenage-girl-chasing predator Roy Moore has a legitimate chance to win a U.S. Senate seat. His defenders would call him an ‘alleged’ pedophile, and heinous allegations don’t seem to make that much difference in Alabama, if you have an ‘R’ after your name on the ballot.

Alabamans were polled on this, and a surprising number said one of the following: (1) Yes, there are a lot of women who said he came after them when he was in his 30’s and they were 16 or younger, but I don’t believe any of them, (2) Even if he did it, it was a long time ago and people say he is a great guy now, (3) Even if he is a pedophile, that is still preferable to a Democrat.

Congratulations Rush and FOX, your demonization of the left is complete. Nazi-lovers and pedophiles are preferable to Democrats and liberals.
There is a percentage of the ‘genuinely stupid’ in every state, but Alabama tends to live up to its reputation as the stupidest of the stupid.
Alabama Christians who voted for Trump, and now (ugh) Moore, must forfeit any claim to moral superiority in the face of supporting obvious evil.
Maybe the devil makes them do it.

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This was all inevitable.

The guilty pleas of Paul Manafort and George Papadopoulas are the tip of the iceberg, and we all know who the Titanic is.
If a candidate surrounded himself with smart/honest people, rather than lackeys, he would hear, “Mr. Candidate, it is against American law to get campaign support from foreign entities, maybe especially Russia.”
If you surround yourself with dunces (see: Papadopoulas and Donald Jr.) or worse, dishonest people (see: Manafort), they may be more than a little willing to collude with a foreign government, especially when that government jams tens of millions of dollars in their pocket.
Honesty Test: When Russians come to you and offer dirt on your campaign opponent, do you (A) Report it to the FBI or (B) Say ‘Cool, when can we get together?’ Hint: Taking foreign support, Russian or otherwise, is verboten!
Even during the campaign we knew that the Donald had his lips firmly attached to V. Putin’s arsenal. His team removed exactly one plank from the GOP convention platform – the one that recommended penalties for Russia as punishment for their intervention in the Ukraine.
As the investigation progresses, Trump fans (and Trump) are going to lose their minds. Everything is a conspiracy! Why aren’t they investigating Hillary?
Trump and his fans are of equal intellect (though DT would tell you he is superior) but we need not fear his supporters, as they do not have the nuclear codes.
Trump, on the other hand… this gentleman is genuinely unstable, and has proven he will do anything or say anything to maintain power.
His first desperate act will almost certainly be to pardon Paul Manafort, and maybe others as it becomes necessary.
This will not be enough to stop the investigation, however. Robert Mueller has many irons in this fire.
When the investigation heats up, and it becomes obvious the pardons will not patch the iceberg holes, Trump’s panic will grow. The best we can hope is for him to resign. At worst he may well do what dictators worldwide have done throughout history, when their countrymen begin to question their fitness for office: Start a war to win support.
Even Nixon didn’t do that, but Trump is not as smart as Nixon. Ego-driven Trump cares only for his image. If he believes a war would make him look heroic, he would not care about the consequences of war. Even the prospect of dead Americans would not deter him.
The law of our land is ‘civilian rule over the military.’ Will our military leaders be able to say ‘no’ when their commander in chief says we must invade Bahrain, or Manila or Russia (just kidding!) to fight terrorists?

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