By Wink

Southern Christians voted for Donald Trump without holding their nose. Once you can make that leap, to vote for an admitted female crotch-grabber, how short is the trip to willingly voting for a pedophile?

Teenage-girl-chasing predator Roy Moore has a legitimate chance to win a U.S. Senate seat. His defenders would call him an ‘alleged’ pedophile, and heinous allegations don’t seem to make that much difference in Alabama, if you have an ‘R’ after your name on the ballot.

Alabamans were polled on this, and a surprising number said one of the following: (1) Yes, there are a lot of women who said he came after them when he was in his 30’s and they were 16 or younger, but I don’t believe any of them, (2) Even if he did it, it was a long time ago and people say he is a great guy now, (3) Even if he is a pedophile, that is still preferable to a Democrat.

Congratulations Rush and FOX, your demonization of the left is complete. Nazi-lovers and pedophiles are preferable to Democrats and liberals.
There is a percentage of the ‘genuinely stupid’ in every state, but Alabama tends to live up to its reputation as the stupidest of the stupid.
Alabama Christians who voted for Trump, and now (ugh) Moore, must forfeit any claim to moral superiority in the face of supporting obvious evil.
Maybe the devil makes them do it.

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By Ike

It’s easy to be gloomy right now if you’re a Democrat. It’s easy to throw up your hands and say, “Enough of this. I’m done.” It’s easy to curl up into the fetal position, to bury your head in the sand and tune out until the next election. It’s a little harder to dig down, to find the strength to fight back. To say, “I will fight Republicans tooth and nail for the next four years.” To stand unwavering in your convictions and refuse to give an inch when pressed.

And it’s the hardest to look at a triumphant political opponent and say, “What can I do to help him succeed?”

We have seen what eight straight years of total opposition does. It causes frustration and resentment, it expands partisan division, and it spawns hateful and hurtful rhetoric at all levels of society.

We have seen what happens when Republicans aren’t in control. They refuse to compromise while arguing that the other side never reaches out. They prioritize political success over national success. This has been the doctrine of the party in opposition for the last six years.

Now, for the first time in ten years, they have total control over the executive and legislative branches. In a few months, they will likely take control of the judicial branch as well. They have achieved political success. Democrats are in opposition, and they hold next to no legislative power as Republicans will almost surely make moves to lessen the impact of the filibuster (if not remove it altogether).

Somehow, I feel strangely optimistic.

Some small part of me has wondered if this might actually be the best path forward in our country: Republicans in power, Democrats in opposition. We’ve already seen with our last two Democratic presidents that Republicans absolutely cannot stand playing second fiddle, and will grind the government to a complete halt until they get their way.

Democrats, in eight years under George W. Bush (or six, if you discount the final years with a Democratic legislative majority), have actually made a legitimate effort to work with the other side. And, when Republicans are in power, there are some who are less determined to hold ranks, and will work with Democrats on occasion. Now, Democrats have the opportunity to show that their word is good, that they will, indeed, put country over party when the time to submit legislation comes around again (once they replace all the unused ink that has congealed). They have an opportunity to show what a party in opposition should look like, though they’ll have to grit their teeth and try not to engage in political gamesmanship and obstructionism purely out of revenge for the last eight years.

The Tea Party has had a death grip on the GOP, and after plugging their ears and screaming for six years straight they finally have everything they could have hoped for. No doubt the first thing on their list will be to repeal Obamacare (more as a knee-jerk reaction than a thought-out endeavor), but now as they must look at how they will replace it, perhaps they will actually stop and come up with a plan that works. Perhaps they will simply stick to the same old Republican strategy of increased privatization and removing restrictions on insurance companies, but perhaps, now that they actually have to put together a plan, they will seriously consider all the avenues.

I’m not so naïve as to think the Republican Party will meaningfully shift left, but I can certainly see them slow their sprint to the right. Perhaps this election will finally give them the jumpstart they needed to work toward a solution to our country’s many problems, rather than simply seeking to stop whatever the Democrats put forward. And I genuinely believe there will be plenty of Democrats who will seek to have a positive voice in that solution.

The next couple of years will be tough – no amount of optimism on my part will erase the pure hatred that has been exposed this election season. But for all of his bombast, I sincerely believe that Donald Trump seeks to make the country a better place for everyone. I think his overtures toward minorities (especially black Americans) are extremely poorly executed but probably well-intended. His overtures toward women are another matter entirely, but at least I don’t see him actively seeking to harm women’s rights without some Cheney-level influence from his vice president.

Is he the only person capable of fixing America? Of course not. But he is our future president, and to seek anything less than his absolute success is to root against the interests of America.

Congratulations, President-elect Trump, and good luck.

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By Wink

Does it seem like Congress has done nothing for about seven years? That is because Congress has done nothing for about seven years.

It is not a coincidence that this time frame matches the rise of the Tea Party. The Tea Party has no agenda other than f-up the government.

At the beginning of the Obama presidency, in order to wrest Congress from the Democrats, the Republican party was all-too happy to support, under the Republican banner, members of the recently created ‘Tea Party.’ Well, you make a deal with the devil, and you pay the price.

When Republicans took control, Speaker John Boehner actually tried to govern. Boehner is conservative, and has many disagreements with Barack Obama but, like all prior House leaders, negotiated in good faith with Obama and Democrats on budget issues and the like. Common ground was found and budgets were presented to the House.

The Tea Party, which is a tiny minority of Republicans in the House, made sure that none of them passed. None. They even managed to shut down the federal government in October 2013.

Because ‘consistency’ is critical to the Tea Party mindset, they continue to muck up budget negotiations, and we have not had a long-range budget since, only stop-gap ‘keep the government running’ measures.

Ted Cruz is the engine on the ‘jackass train’ that is the Tea Party and, unless you have been in a coma recently, you already know how former House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) feels about Cruz, describing him as: “Lucifer in the flesh” and saying further: “I have Democrat friends and Republican friends. I get along with almost everyone, but I have never worked with a more miserable son of a bitch in my life.”

For everyone who has ever met Cruz, the visceral comments by Boehner are not a surprise. There is one Hispanic left in the race for president – Ted Cruz. On April 28 the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce passed on endorsing him and instead backed John Kasich and Hillary Clinton.

So let us drink a toast to a most miserable son of a bitch, but please don’t blame Lucifer. Satanists do not want to be associated with Ted Cruz. Satanic Temple spokesman Lucien Greaves says Cruz’s failures are a result of his own Christian pandering. Satanists don’t want to give Lucifer a bad name.

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By Wink

I was not a constitutional scholar/U.S. Representative (like Barack Obama). I was not a Rhodes Scholar/governor (Bill Clinton). I was not a congressman/ U.N. Ambassador/CIA Director/U.S. Vice President (George H. W. Bush). Not a nuclear submarine officer/governor (Jimmy Carter). Not even a simple ‘governor’ (Ronald Reagan/George W. Bush).

Nope, I was not any of those things that would naturally provide serious life and/or governing experience.

I am NOT qualified to be President of the United States.

I am, however, much more qualified than a certain ‘Donald Trump.’

The President of the United States has, in a big picture sense, two responsibilities: national affairs and international affairs.

While I am not remotely qualified to be president, I am studious about local, national and international issues.

I have also studied Trumps observations, policy pronouncements and personal history, and have determined conclusively that I am much more well-versed than ‘The Donald’ in both national and international affairs. Far superior.

And yet, I am grossly underprepared to be president.

Trump’s wondrous ability to insult anyone who disagrees with him may not be quite enough to overcome his ignorance of all things foreign and domestic. If ‘lack of tact’ were a presidential skill, Donald could be the next FDR.

He appeals to many Americans though. I presume many Trump supporters (Trumpettes?) are the same people who believe in ‘carpet-bomb diplomacy,’ that more and bigger explosions will eventually get your enemies to see the wisdom of your ways.

Can ‘ego’ overcome knowledge shortcomings?

Comedians have run for president before, notably Pat Paulson and Gracie Allen, but Pat and Gracie were in on the joke.

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By Wink

Do you think todays’ kids are part of the pampered generation? Do you think they expect to get great rewards without much effort? Me too.

This also perfectly describes the Republican party.

The American press has forever, forever, since the beginning of politics in this country, asked hard, pointed, slanted (and sometimes very stupid) questions of politicians.

They have, forever, asked these same questions of Democrats and Republicans alike.

Conservative think-tanks, tired of watching so many of their candidates come across as morons, decided to formulate the storyline that all press is liberal, that anyone who asks hard questions must have a liberal bent. Since newspapers and TV networks sometimes have nosy reporters, they must all be liberal! Never mind that they ask the same stupid questions to Democrats.

Republicans have beat this drum and beat this drum and beat this drum until ‘liberal press’ is actually an accepted axiom.

The press is so fearful of being branded liberal that they quake when every (and I mean every) GOP candidate drops the ‘liberal press’ line. (This is similar to another conservative insult… ‘intellectual elite.’ God forbid someone should be intellectual.)

The American press became so soft on conservatives that, when Cheney/Bush decided to declare war on a country not at war with us, the press was too afraid to ask “What the hell does Iraq have to do with 9-11?” By the time anyone brought it up, we were waist-deep in a worthless quagmire that led to 4000+ American deaths, and a much-worsened situation in the entire middle east.


When he/she can’t answer a question, or comes across looking like an idiot for saying something stupid, Republican candidates will inevitably blame the press. “No! I am not a moron! The liberal press is twisting my words!”

This deep-seated crap has turned all GOP candidates into pansies. They all brag how they can stare down Putin, and then say the questions they receive from the press are ‘too hard.’


For Pete’s sake, you want to be President of the U.S., but are afraid of pointed questions? As an alleged adult (with solutions!) any half-assed candidate should be able to handle pointed/stupid and even yes, slanted questions. Be an adult just answer the question. Stop whining already.

Please give me a GOP candidate, just one, who says “The press is just doing their job.”

Grow up already. Stop blaming your own inadequacies on somebodies hard questions. You hate the welfare state and preach self-reliance, but are not self-reliant enough to handle the press?


It is not the job of the press to be patriotic or pro-America, it is their job to get at the truth (Fox excepted).

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By Wink

Today’s Quiz: who said the following?

“For too long, we Republicans have been content to lose the black vote because we found we didn’t need it to win, but when we gave up trying to win the support of African-Americans, we lost our moral legitimacy as the party of Lincoln, as the party of equal opportunity for all.”

a) Theodore Roosevelt

b) Dwight Eisenhower

c) Richard Nixon

d) George H W Bush.

e) John McCain

Nope. The correct answer is Texas Governor Rick Perry. If a non-Mensa member such as Perry can have such thought-provoking, from-the-heart insight, maybe there is hope for the Republican party.

In the face of Donald Trump’s overt racism, and the lackluster patronizing by all other Republican candidates, it is refreshing to see a real, legitimate candidate attempt to address this issue.

Think of it… the voice of reason and logic in the GOP: Rick Perry. I would have lost a lot of money on that bet.

The message from the rest of the myriad GOP candidates, ‘more tax breaks for the outlandishly wealthy,’ may not be the direct path to the hearts and minds of black America.

Sorry Rick, yours is a voice in the wilderness. Pragmatism and rational thought are great in the general election, but only extremist dogma flies in the primaries, which are dominated by the higher percentage of wing-nut voters.

Start talking wacky (Obama hates America!), or expect to be eliminated early in the primaries.

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By Kasson


Poll Closing Times:


6pm (EST): 
Indiana (11), Expected to go to Romney, would not be killer to Romney if it goes Obama.


7pm (EST):

Florida (29), Virginia (13), New Hampshire (4), Florida is a MUST win for Romney. Virginia Going for Romney makes his path easier. New Hampshire is up for grabs but unlikely going to decide the election.


7:30pm (EST): 

Ohio(18), The most important race in the election. It gets much tougher for the loser of this state.


8pm (EST): 

Michigan (16), Pennsylvania (20), Both are likely Obama, but if Romney can win one or both, Obama will have a long election night.
Once these polls have come in the night should be much clearer. Though some states may be too close to call well into the night or even further.


9pm (EST):
Wisconsin (17), Colorado (9), Almost every scenario for Romney Winning, has him winning Colorado. Wisconsin is Likely Obama, but one potential stretch goal for Romney.


10pm (EST):
Iowa (6), Nevada (6), These swing states are smaller but probably critical for Romney to win.


By this point in the night the winner will probably be fairly obvious or we will be looking at a really close race.
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By Kasson

Special Thanks to RealClearPolitics.com for the map generator.



This is our 2012 election prediction. If Barack Obama has a good night he might also pick up Virginia and Florida. If Mitt Romney has a good night he will pick up Ohio and Colorado, giving him just enough (275-263) to win the election.

The prediction for the Senate is Democrats (and Democrat siding independents)  will hold 53 seats. Republicans will hold 47.

We predict the Republican party to hold a healthy margin in the House of Representatives. Republicans holding 239 seats, Democrats holding 196 seats.

We will see tomorrow night how closely these predictions hold.

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By Wink

These were a few of my favorite tweets during debate # 2 between Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama……

Samantha Bee — When Obama is talking, Romney makes the same face my Catholic grandmother would make at a Wiccan wedding. #debate

Bilge Ebiri — Obama: “I passed a law allowing women to get equal pay.” Romney: “I hired women once.” #debate

David Weinberger — Well, there goes the gangbanger vote! Nice job, Mr. President! #debate

Feministing — Guns don’t kill people. Single mothers kill people.

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