Just Don’t Tell Sarah

Community organizer.

Sarah Palin ridiculed this position during the campaign. She said being mayor of small-town Wasilla was just like being a community organizer, “only with real responsibilities.”
Big laughs all around.
You know what this nation needs more of? Community organizers.

President Obama has been calling for more people to step up and make this world a better place.
Do you feel like you can’t make the whole world a better place?
You don’t have to. Start small, in your own community.

Volunteer at a homeless shelter, or an animal shelter.
Become a mentor at a nearby school.
Visit a senior center (and bring a CD player with some music the seniors might like).
Organize a neighborhood watch, or join one.
Beautify your neighborhood, plant flowers, or other plants.
Pick up litter in a nearby park, or along the street.
Volunteer at the library, or the zoo.

Step up people. Make your world better.
Just don’t tell Sarah. She wouldn’t understand anyway.

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