Notable Website, Part 1

From time to time we will be making recommendations for other websites you may not have heard of. Today, we make a pitch for you to check out the website

Once you get there it sort of speaks for itself, but let us first give a little example of what it has to offer.

This chart below was made by It shows the average annual increase in income for different levels of income, the 10th percentile being the poor and 95th percentile being the wealthiest among us.

It won’t surprise you that the graph for George W Bush is pretty awful. It would actually be much worse, but this chart does not include information for calendar year 2008, which was not a good year for anybody. The updated numbers will no doubt put him in the ‘disaster’ category.

Everyone did well under the Clinton administration. In fact, those who fared the worst under Clinton still did better than those who fared the best under Reagan/Bush1.

Give a look. You won’t be disappointed.

Also, tell us about your favorite websites. We will review them in future articles…

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