By Wink

Daily. Literally every day.

That is how often we learn something new and awful about Donald Trump. Among the more recent indiscretions…

He requested ‘loyalty’ (obedience) from the FBI Director, and requested that the director drop his investigation of Russia. When the FBI director refused, Trump fired him. (This is the textbook definition of ‘obstruction of justice.’)

Now he has given highly classified information directly to the Russians, at a private meeting where he only allowed Russian reporters, no Americans.

Whatever comes next is what Trump voters deserve.

You were fool enough to believe all his stump speech applause lines. During the campaign, when presented with the more obvious falsehoods (lies) Trump was telling, you either defended them or simply didn’t care. His rallies were hate-fests, aimed at Mexicans and Muslims and Hillary, and you screamed and cheered like he was the second coming of Jesus. (My god, how you hate Hillary!)
A few Trump voters, a precious few, are now starting to rethink their vote, but to a great extent, you still don’t care. ‘The Donald’ is still your man.

In the primaries, he proved to be an bullying ego-bloated ignoramus and you chose him over totally legitimate GOP opponents.

In the run-up to the general election it became obvious he was a racist-sexual predator, beholden to Russia/Putin, and you defended him. (In fact some of you LOVED that racist stuff, didn’t you!)

You were delirious when, despite losing by 3 million votes, he won the Electoral College.

So now you have the most constitutionally corrupt ‘leader’ in the history of the U.S..

Congratulations. You own this guy.

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By Wink

Bill O’Reilly is out at FOX News. His serial groping and gross treatment of women cost FOX somewhere in the neighborhood of $13 million.

Who knows how many women never bothered to file complaints against him, knowing his was the number one rated show on FOX, and knowing his boss, Roger Ailes, was a worse misogynist than O’Reilly.

In spite of all of that, Bill would still have a job today if most of his advertisers hadn’t bailed on him. Money talks after all, and nobody knows that more than O’Reilly.

Sorry Bill, you should have chosen a profession where grabbing woman by their private parts, and even bragging about it, are not disqualifiers… you know… president.

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By Wink

I want to be a president for everybody. I love women. I love the blacks.

I am the most open-minded, the least racist person you will ever meet.

It is with great affection that I tell you that I never again want a Muslim to darken our doorstep. Some bad dudes!

P.S. I am very smart. I know all the words.
P.S. Rosie is fat. Sad!
P.S. Obama wasn’t born in America.
P.S. And he wire-tapped my phones during the election.

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By Wink

Among Trump supporters, a regular mantra I have always heard, and still hear, is “He’s just unafraid.”
Sorry Charlie. “Loud” and “unafraid” are two different things. What Trump is, is loud. He shouted and insulted his way through all GOP candidates to win the Republican nomination, and this ‘fearlessness’ probably led many Americans to vote for him in the general election.
He shouts down those who disagree with him and yells loudly on topics about which he knows nothing (which is almost everything). No confident person would need to yell at or belittle all who disagree with him. He does nothing BUT insult and yell at people (with the notable exception of V. Putin).
What is he afraid of?
-The Press
-Judges (but he loves to sue!)
-Military Service (he avoided Vietnam with a foot problem and now doesn’t know which foot was at issue)
-Showing his tax returns
-Facts (“I won the popular vote!”)
-His now-deceased father (who he is still trying, bigly, to impress)

And he wants YOU to be afraid too. Not a day goes by when he doesn’t warn you about ‘bad hombres’ or ISIS or drugs or murder. Drilling fear into the populace, and declaring “I am the only one who can save you” is standard operating procedure for all dictators.
A better question is “What is he NOT afraid of?”
I have no answer for that.

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By Wink

It is obvious the next Democrat presidential candidate must come up with a different game plan. The last one certainly didn’t work. Here are my suggestions:

– Don’t pay federal tax, and never show your tax returns.

– Dump your spouse for a younger model, then dump that one for an even younger model.

– Cheat on all of your wives, and use sexual assault as part of that process.

– Kiss up to dictators, especially Russians.

– Insult American veterans, prisoners of war, and gold-star families.

– Build fabulous buildings, but declare bankruptcy multiple times to avoid paying the people who build them.

– Make sure your closest advisers are all racist and misogynist.

– Never accept responsibility for anything, including things you have said on live TV.

– Sue, and be sued by, everybody.

– It would help a lot if you are born rich and live a completely self-centered life, then declare yourself a friend to the working-class.

This seems to work with many voting blocs but, most interestingly, it also works with those who declare themselves to be ‘Christian voters.’

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By Wink

UNEMPLOYMENT: When Barack Obama took office on 1/20/2009, unemployment was 7.8%. After eight years of Obama, as of November 16, 2016, unemployment is 4.6%. This means unemployment is down about 41%.

At the height of the recession there were 15.35 million people unemployed. That number currently is 7.40 million unemployed. This means, of course, that nearly 8 million MORE people are working. In raw numbers there are 15 million more people working than at the peak of the recession.
What a nightmare!
STOCK MARKET: When Obama took office the stock market (Dow Jones) was at 7,949.09. On election day 2016 the market had risen to 19,614.81, an increase of 246%. A stock market INCREASE of 246%.

You and I see these numbers and are amazed at how great America is doing after eight years of Obama.

What do Trump voters think? They are pretty certain these have been the worst eight years in the history of the U.S. ‘Awareness’ may not be their strongest attribute.

Among those who voted for Donald Trump, 67% think unemployment went up during Obama’s term in office, and 39% believe the stock market dropped at the same time.

How astute are these people? Not very. Another 40% think Trump won the popular vote. As of now Donald is 2.8 million votes behind Hillary, and counting.

But hey, If you only watch FOX, you almost certainly believe unemployment skyrocketed, the stock market collapsed, and Trump won the popular vote.

FOX manages to keep their viewers angry all the time by giving them ‘FOX-facts.’ A ‘FOX-fact’ is a bit of information, sometimes accurate, often not, designed to aggravate you, and always-always aimed to make Democrats and Liberals look bad.

You know – fair and balanced.

When presented with actual facts Trump voters, like Trump himself, will simply deny them. “I have my own set of facts.”

And don’t even get me started on climate change. This clearly is a total hoax… I made a snowball last year!

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By Wink

Let us ignore the fact, for the present, that losing an election by more than two million votes should probably count as a loss. This is America, and we have a system that doesn’t really care who got the most votes. So there you have it, Donald Trump is the next president.

Trump voters, feel free to be smug in victory, but remember that Trump never listens to anybody other than Trump, and he won’t listen to you.

The GOP, Trump included, is selling you ‘small ball,’ convincing you that they care about the same things you care about. They don’t. They just use those baubles…’ghosts’ if you will, to scare you. It works, so why should they stop?

Guns? – Ghost.
The press? – Ghost.
Hillary? – The ultimate ghost … BOO!
Health Care? – Not sure why this is a ghost, but it scares you so…Ghost.

They keep you distracted with those ghosts, and you watch only one network and sit and swear about liberals doing this and liberals doing that (damned liberals!).

Meanwhile the real agenda, always, is money. Always. That is all the GOP has been about for at least 50 years. They used to pretend to be Christian, but the election of Trump, who cheated on all of his wives, dumping them for younger models (literally), and is a money-grubbing admitted serial molester, voids the whole ‘Christian’ thing.

And now we have a billionaire president who will work with the millionaires in Congress to give your tax dollars to millionaires and billionaires. (Don’t the Koch brothers know how to pull strings!! Woo-hoo!).

Trump and the GOP will keep telling you about scary ghosts, but watch the money, because it is always really about the money.

Because he (literally) chose himself to be George W. Bush’s vice president, Dick Cheney was given $34 million to start a war with Iraq. His company, Halliburton made billions. Billions. Did Cheney care that 4000+ American soldiers died, or that 10’s of thousands were permanently injured? Hey, $34 mil assuages a lot of pain.

And Trump will do anything he wants. Why? Because he knows he is bulletproof.

In the run-up to the election the CIA alerted us to the fact that the hacking of the DNC (Democrats) was done by Russia to manipulate this election. You know, deep in your heart, that Russia also hacked the RNC, but did not expose it. Hmmmmm…

America KNEW Russia supported Trump, and they elected Trump anyway. YOU knew Russia supported Trump, and Trump has financial ties to Russia and is therefore indebted to them, and still you voted for him.

What is it with you idiots?

So now Trump knows he is bulletproof. He plays you like the morons you are. He plays the song about the scary ghosts, and you dance.
And the billionaires chuckle, and add to their billions.

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By Wink

What do you do if you run for president and lose by more than a million votes? You prepare to be sworn in as president, that’s what.

As of Nov 15, 2016, Hillary Clinton has 61,963,234 votes, compared to 60,961,185 for Donald Trump.

The GOP loves the Electoral College, and why wouldn’t they? It got unqualified candidate George W. Bush elected with fewer votes in 2000, and now a magnificently, hugely unqualified (and morally deficient) Trump elected this month.

There is at least one public figure who gets it. Here are his comments, after the election, regarding the Electoral College: “We can’t let this happen. We should march on Washington and stop this travesty. Our nation is totally divided!”

You probably guessed, correctly, that these are the comments of Donald Trump (on 11/6/2012) after the re-election of Barack Obama.

How he has matured! The 2016 version of Trump likes the Electoral College, and decided the protests he promoted in 2012 are now a terrible idea.

The gloating Trump fans revel. They feel ‘real’ Americans have spoken. Here is typical example in the conclusion of a letter printed in a local paper, regarding the protesters: “It’s called a democracy children – live with it.”

The ‘non-real’ Americans spoke also, casting votes for Hillary; and Trump, now more than one million votes behind, became president.

So just how ‘democratic’ is it?

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By Ike

It’s easy to be gloomy right now if you’re a Democrat. It’s easy to throw up your hands and say, “Enough of this. I’m done.” It’s easy to curl up into the fetal position, to bury your head in the sand and tune out until the next election. It’s a little harder to dig down, to find the strength to fight back. To say, “I will fight Republicans tooth and nail for the next four years.” To stand unwavering in your convictions and refuse to give an inch when pressed.

And it’s the hardest to look at a triumphant political opponent and say, “What can I do to help him succeed?”

We have seen what eight straight years of total opposition does. It causes frustration and resentment, it expands partisan division, and it spawns hateful and hurtful rhetoric at all levels of society.

We have seen what happens when Republicans aren’t in control. They refuse to compromise while arguing that the other side never reaches out. They prioritize political success over national success. This has been the doctrine of the party in opposition for the last six years.

Now, for the first time in ten years, they have total control over the executive and legislative branches. In a few months, they will likely take control of the judicial branch as well. They have achieved political success. Democrats are in opposition, and they hold next to no legislative power as Republicans will almost surely make moves to lessen the impact of the filibuster (if not remove it altogether).

Somehow, I feel strangely optimistic.

Some small part of me has wondered if this might actually be the best path forward in our country: Republicans in power, Democrats in opposition. We’ve already seen with our last two Democratic presidents that Republicans absolutely cannot stand playing second fiddle, and will grind the government to a complete halt until they get their way.

Democrats, in eight years under George W. Bush (or six, if you discount the final years with a Democratic legislative majority), have actually made a legitimate effort to work with the other side. And, when Republicans are in power, there are some who are less determined to hold ranks, and will work with Democrats on occasion. Now, Democrats have the opportunity to show that their word is good, that they will, indeed, put country over party when the time to submit legislation comes around again (once they replace all the unused ink that has congealed). They have an opportunity to show what a party in opposition should look like, though they’ll have to grit their teeth and try not to engage in political gamesmanship and obstructionism purely out of revenge for the last eight years.

The Tea Party has had a death grip on the GOP, and after plugging their ears and screaming for six years straight they finally have everything they could have hoped for. No doubt the first thing on their list will be to repeal Obamacare (more as a knee-jerk reaction than a thought-out endeavor), but now as they must look at how they will replace it, perhaps they will actually stop and come up with a plan that works. Perhaps they will simply stick to the same old Republican strategy of increased privatization and removing restrictions on insurance companies, but perhaps, now that they actually have to put together a plan, they will seriously consider all the avenues.

I’m not so naïve as to think the Republican Party will meaningfully shift left, but I can certainly see them slow their sprint to the right. Perhaps this election will finally give them the jumpstart they needed to work toward a solution to our country’s many problems, rather than simply seeking to stop whatever the Democrats put forward. And I genuinely believe there will be plenty of Democrats who will seek to have a positive voice in that solution.

The next couple of years will be tough – no amount of optimism on my part will erase the pure hatred that has been exposed this election season. But for all of his bombast, I sincerely believe that Donald Trump seeks to make the country a better place for everyone. I think his overtures toward minorities (especially black Americans) are extremely poorly executed but probably well-intended. His overtures toward women are another matter entirely, but at least I don’t see him actively seeking to harm women’s rights without some Cheney-level influence from his vice president.

Is he the only person capable of fixing America? Of course not. But he is our future president, and to seek anything less than his absolute success is to root against the interests of America.

Congratulations, President-elect Trump, and good luck.

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