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The dumbing-down of our great country is now almost complete. An ignoramus, racist, egomaniacal pig is our president-elect. (Think ‘pig’ is too harsh? It may be too kind, based on his misogynistic ramblings.)

Do Donald Trump’s supporters understand that governing a country goes beyond insulting those who disagree with you? Trump has the knowledge and temperament of a bratty 4-year old, who believes he is the center of the universe. At 70, this perpetual child still says “This girl is fat. That girl is ugly. That boy is stupid.”

Ask those closest to him. They had to remove his twitter privileges because he couldn’t control his stupid tweets. Couldn’t control his tweets! Let’s give this guy the nuclear codes!

Trump fans, never concerned with facts, say the country is going to hell, spiraling out of control.

Here in the real world, the numbers say otherwise. The U.S. is much better off than we were eight years ago; much lower unemployment, much higher stock market, cheap gas.

Then what IS worse? “We let that African-born black guy be president too long. I hated that guy. And I hate Mexicans. And Muslims. And now a woman, named ‘Clinton,’ wanted to be president? Never!!”

With Hillary now in the rear-view mirror, the GOP/conservo-sphere can now direct their s#!t-slinging machine toward whatever bright, upcoming Democrat that dares to catch voter eyes. For almost 30 years the machine has been aimed at Hillary, and was most effective in painting her as the embodiment of walking evil.
Sometimes the wheels of progress slow to the point where they appear to stand still. It may feel that way today but, trust me, if we were moving backward, Barack Obama would never have been elected, let alone twice.

This election is a blip, albeit an insane blip. Not sure how long the blip will last, but ‘angry white guy’ still has the votes, for now, to elect an even angrier white guy.

The war is not lost, but this battle is. Accept it and buck up. We will need you to be strong for future elections.

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As expected, Donald Trump was a train-wreck in the first presidential debate. Per the norm, he blamed his awful performance on everything but himself. We would expect nothing else.

He said moderator Lester Holt asked unfair questions. (You know, the kind you don’t know the answer to).

He said his microphone was faulty. (We agree, as the damned mic picked up EVERY incoherent thing Trump said.)

Remember when Rudy Giuliani was somebody? (Hint: It was prior to when Chris Christie was somebody.) Since leaving his job as Mayor of New York, Giuliani has decided the best way to get on TV is to be a conservative firebrand. He thinks this will make him more relevant, but in fact makes him, historically, less relevant (though still not as irrelevant as Christie).

Giuliani says Trump should skip the remaining debates unless he gets guarantees that “there would be a moderator and not a fact-checker.”

We agree Rudy, facts are kryptonite to ‘the Donald.’

To close, we quote Michael Gerson of the Washington Post:

Trump concluded his performance by praising himself for his own grace and restraint, during an evening that showed him to be nasty, witless and deceptive. It should now be clear to Republicans: Vanity is his strategy.

Trump’s defenders will charge his critics with elitism. The Great public, it is argued, get Trump in a way that the commenting class does not. But this claim is now fully exposed.

The expectation of rationality is not elitism. Coherence is not elitism. Knowledge is not elitism. Honoring character is not elitism.

And those who claim this are debasing themselves, their party and their country.

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Remember the 6-year-old neighbor kid who lied about everything? Remember how he pouted like a big baby when someone actually pointed out one of his lies? And how annoying that was, to the point where you just started to ignore him because you KNEW he lied all the time?

(I bet you know where I am going with this…)

Donald Trump is that 6-year old. Unapologetic, unrepentant and, in fact, blaming everyone else for each lie he is called out on. He will lie and then, 10 seconds later, say he didn’t say it.

PolitiFact rates 70% of statements by candidate Trump as ‘mostly false,’ ‘false,’ or ‘pants-on-fire.’

Seventy percent.

Donald Trump is, inarguably, the biggest liar ever nominated by a major party. He is the Niagara Falls of lies, the Hurricane Katrina of lies.

There were several very capable Republican candidates In the primaries. Early on it was kind of humorous to watch him incite red-meat crowds and decimate his opponents with out and out lies (Donald doesn’t deal in half-truths, because those contain too much ‘truth.’) it stopped being so humorous when GOP voters never held him accountable, and started turning him into some sort of folk hero, forcing one legitimate contender after another to bow out.

What we are left with is a pathological liar. Weirdly, most of his supporters KNOW he is lying. They just don’t care. (If the lies are barbs aimed at Hillary, so much the better!) The problem is, at some point you must govern. Do you think the lies will stop when he is elected president? Why would you think that?

The lies of Trump have made him rich and even got him nominated for president. Since voters have never held him accountable, he will never be accountable to the voters.

While ‘candidate liars’ can be kind of cute and funny, ‘president liars’ are an invitation to national, and international disaster.

Trump is deluded in thinking he has any clue as to how to govern. More deluded though, are the people who continue to support this idiot. How on earth is he getting 40-plus percent? Wherever you are, look at the people to your immediate right and left. One of those morons is going to vote for Trump, and most likely actually thinks he would make a great president.

(Please note how kind I am to not mention anything about his tax statements, his scam university, his illegal use of charity money, his misogyny, the phony ‘injury’ that kept him out of Vietnam, his 3500+ lawsuits, etc, etc).


In fairness it must be pointed out that PolitiFact found 28% of Hillary’s comments as ‘mostly false,’ ‘false,’ or ‘pants-on-fire’ categories. Nothing to brag about, but at least the preponderance of her statements are actually true. Furthermore, she has the capacity to say ‘I was wrong.’ Something Trump is utterly incapable of saying.

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2016 Political IQ Test:
A) I will vote for Trump.
B) I will not vote for Trump.

End of test.

If you think Donald Trump, in any way shape or form, is qualified to be president, well … get serious.

Winkest Link has had a hard time knowing where to begin when discussing the upcoming election. In any other election there were options. You could have made a good case for Romney or McCain against Obama, and vice-versa. You could even have made a case, albeit a very weak case, for ‘W’ over Gore or Kerry.

There is no case to be made in favor of Trump. None.

He has never held elective office. He is unaware of the relationship between the President and Congress, let alone the relationship between the U.S. and our allies and/or adversaries.

His stances change almost daily (and sometimes even more frequently than that). The pander-tastic Trump has never supported gun rights, but all of a sudden became ‘Mr. 2nd Amendment’ to get gun-nut votes.

His rants toward those who disagree with him (even political allies) are imbecilic. To call him ‘juvenile’ is to insult juveniles. ‘The Donald’ is infantile. Any psychologist would tell you he has never matured beyond the kindergarten level. Admit it, you know first-graders who are more empathetic than Trump. First-graders tend to feel sad when others hurt, not so Trump.

Strong Trump supporters (‘STRUMPets’) will forgive him for any of the myriad bizarre comments that continue to leap from his head.

If you are a Trump voter, answer the following question honestly. What if Hillary Clinton had said, of John McCain (Vietnam vet / heroic POW): “I like people who don’t get caught.” What would you say about her? (Answer: You would rip her like there was no tomorrow. You would use words that would make Marines blush. Yes, you would.)

Why does McCain continue to support Trump? This saddens those among us who once thought of McCain as strong-minded.

Go ahead GOP, keep choosing Trump-like candidates who are all ‘attitude’ and grossly unqualified. (Sarah Palin anyone?)

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Do you know the easiest way to find a racist? Look in the mirror.

Do you know how I know? Because I am a racist. I am, you are, everyone around you is, along with everyone else. We all are.

Feel free to confess your ignorance by denying that.

There are some people, however, who are more racist. The ‘more racist’ too, are not always hard to spot. Here are a few ways…

1) Anyone who starts any sentence, ever, with “I am not a racist, but…”

The ‘ding-ding-ding’ you hear in your head are alarm bells letting you know this person is racist.

2) When the phrase ‘black lives matter’ is overheard, the first person to blurt out ‘All lives matter!’ (Ding-ding-ding!) is a racist. Almost certainly the most racist person in the room.

Also, everybody who nods their head in agreement with the ‘all lives matter’ comment is probably, but quietly, racist.

As an alternative to looking in the mirror, you can also look at a picture of Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa). The book of lunatic observations by King is long but, among other things, he has said Barack Obama is “anti white cop.” He seems to be the only Congressman fighting to keep Harriet Tubman off of the $20 bill and, even though he represents IOWA, has a confederate flag on his congressional desk in Washington DC.

Southern states have worked long and hard (and successfully) to remove this racist flag from governmental grounds, but Steve King still stands strong with the confederate state of Iowa.

Note to King: Washington DC and Iowa were both on the Union (you know, the north/winning) side during the war.


Borrowed Quote of the Day: Arguing for “All Lives Matter” is like going to a cancer fundraiser and saying, “Why isn’t this event for ALL diseases?”

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Some soulless bastard in Dallas shot and killed five police officers who were working to keep peace during a ‘Black Lives Matter’ march. Our only consolation is the shooter is dead. (It is W-L policy to not give publicity to murderers, so in life and in death he shall remain nameless here.)

Dallas mourns, America mourns and yes, the marchers mourn. This hideous act only harms the BLM cause.

Remember though, there is always political hay to be made in every tragedy, and all disasters, man-made and otherwise, must be the fault of Barack Obama.

Rep. Roger Williams, R-Texas, said “the spread of misinformation and constant instigation by prominent leaders, including our president” contributed to the shootings.

Rep. Steve King (wingnut-Iowa) said the shooting had roots in the “anti-white/cop events illuminated by Obama.”

Former Republican Rep. Joe Walsh said on Twitter that “Obama’s words & (Black Lives Matter)’s deeds have gotten cops killed.”

The entire conservo-sphere, their mouthpiece FOX network and the above ‘friends’ have, since Obama was elected, insisted that there is now a “war on cops” that apparently never existed prior to 2009. (Black president = “Hate Cops”, right?).

Let us review the facts. During the Obama administration there has been an average of 62 police per year who were intentionally killed. This is a terrible-terrible number.

Perspective is helpful though. How many police, per year, were intentionally killed during the previous administrations?

George W. Bush – 72 (per year)
Bill Clinton – 81
George H. W. Bush – 90
Ronald Reagan – 101

Horrible as is it, the 62 under Obama is BY FAR the lowest in four decades.

Did Reagan hate the police 40% more than Obama? Did he?

Please FOX, find a way to blame the 81 during the Clinton administration on Hillary’s emails or her shrill voice or Benghazi. And get the GOP to hold a minimum of 15 Senate and/or House hearings on it. You can do it!!

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Which lobby makes House members and Senators dance the most? The gun lobby. Many Democratic Senators and Congressmen, and virtually ALL Republican officeholders are in the pocket of the Big Gun lobby.

Let us examine.

At an Orlando (Fla) dance club 100+ people are murdered or injured in a horrific shooting by a lunatic homophobe who claims to be representing ISIS terrorists.

In response, Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) has re-introduced an earlier bill to keep people on a government terrorism watch list, or other suspected terrorists, from buying guns.

The Republican response, here represented by Sen. John Corwin (R-Tex): Make suspected terrorists wait 72 hours to purchase weapons.

To repeat. Terrorists would have to wait 72 hours to get guns.

Problem solved!

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Does it seem like Congress has done nothing for about seven years? That is because Congress has done nothing for about seven years.

It is not a coincidence that this time frame matches the rise of the Tea Party. The Tea Party has no agenda other than f-up the government.

At the beginning of the Obama presidency, in order to wrest Congress from the Democrats, the Republican party was all-too happy to support, under the Republican banner, members of the recently created ‘Tea Party.’ Well, you make a deal with the devil, and you pay the price.

When Republicans took control, Speaker John Boehner actually tried to govern. Boehner is conservative, and has many disagreements with Barack Obama but, like all prior House leaders, negotiated in good faith with Obama and Democrats on budget issues and the like. Common ground was found and budgets were presented to the House.

The Tea Party, which is a tiny minority of Republicans in the House, made sure that none of them passed. None. They even managed to shut down the federal government in October 2013.

Because ‘consistency’ is critical to the Tea Party mindset, they continue to muck up budget negotiations, and we have not had a long-range budget since, only stop-gap ‘keep the government running’ measures.

Ted Cruz is the engine on the ‘jackass train’ that is the Tea Party and, unless you have been in a coma recently, you already know how former House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) feels about Cruz, describing him as: “Lucifer in the flesh” and saying further: “I have Democrat friends and Republican friends. I get along with almost everyone, but I have never worked with a more miserable son of a bitch in my life.”

For everyone who has ever met Cruz, the visceral comments by Boehner are not a surprise. There is one Hispanic left in the race for president – Ted Cruz. On April 28 the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce passed on endorsing him and instead backed John Kasich and Hillary Clinton.

So let us drink a toast to a most miserable son of a bitch, but please don’t blame Lucifer. Satanists do not want to be associated with Ted Cruz. Satanic Temple spokesman Lucien Greaves says Cruz’s failures are a result of his own Christian pandering. Satanists don’t want to give Lucifer a bad name.

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I was not a constitutional scholar/U.S. Representative (like Barack Obama). I was not a Rhodes Scholar/governor (Bill Clinton). I was not a congressman/ U.N. Ambassador/CIA Director/U.S. Vice President (George H. W. Bush). Not a nuclear submarine officer/governor (Jimmy Carter). Not even a simple ‘governor’ (Ronald Reagan/George W. Bush).

Nope, I was not any of those things that would naturally provide serious life and/or governing experience.

I am NOT qualified to be President of the United States.

I am, however, much more qualified than a certain ‘Donald Trump.’

The President of the United States has, in a big picture sense, two responsibilities: national affairs and international affairs.

While I am not remotely qualified to be president, I am studious about local, national and international issues.

I have also studied Trumps observations, policy pronouncements and personal history, and have determined conclusively that I am much more well-versed than ‘The Donald’ in both national and international affairs. Far superior.

And yet, I am grossly underprepared to be president.

Trump’s wondrous ability to insult anyone who disagrees with him may not be quite enough to overcome his ignorance of all things foreign and domestic. If ‘lack of tact’ were a presidential skill, Donald could be the next FDR.

He appeals to many Americans though. I presume many Trump supporters (Trumpettes?) are the same people who believe in ‘carpet-bomb diplomacy,’ that more and bigger explosions will eventually get your enemies to see the wisdom of your ways.

Can ‘ego’ overcome knowledge shortcomings?

Comedians have run for president before, notably Pat Paulson and Gracie Allen, but Pat and Gracie were in on the joke.

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