Eight years ago then-candidate Bush promised to be a hands-across-the-aisle, bring-us-all-together sort of candidate & president.

Of course he was just the opposite, running the dirtiest campaign (and presidency) in decades. (When Nixon looks good by comparison, you have besmirched the office…)

Early in the 2000 primaries John McCain was gaining some momentum. Bush “push-polled” South Carolina, auto-dialing thousands of people, telling them John McCain had a biracial child out of wedlock.  Yes, McCain has a ‘biracial’ child, an adopted daughter from Bangladesh.  No tactic was too low for George Bush 

This year when Sen. McCain took control in the Republican primaries he repeatedly said Americans were tired of the smear tactics and promised he would run a different type of campaign.  We presume he meant he would stick to the issues and not smear his opponent (at the time it was down to Obama or Clinton) the way he had been trashed by Bush.

The WinkestLink staff argued about whether he really would stick to the promise of a clean campaign.  We ended up deciding he would NOT fight dirty for the following reasons:

–         He is an honorable man, who has tended to ‘do the right thing’ both in the Senate & the military

–         He would still be seething over the use of this tactic by Bush against him.

When poll numbers started to turn south, it was time for McCain to end all pretense of clean campaigning.  Curiously, McCain hired the same Bush campaign thugs who trashed him eight years earlier, to learn what type of smears will best bring down Obama.

We DID, however, expect Sarah Palin to act as an attack dog.  She showed this tendency in all her previous positions.  In fairness, we expect this of all veep candidates, and Joe Biden also performs this function.

The difference is in the type of the attack.  Saying your opponent will raise taxes is a fair tactic. (It is always nice if you have some facts to back up that type of claim).

Implying your opponent is un-American and/or supports terrorists is WAY out of bounds. By the way, saying it and implying it are exactly the same.  

These smears have nothing to do with what McCain (or even Obama) will do to right the tilting ship-of-state that is the US.  They are only designed to destroy the credibility of the other candidate.

Thus, we at WinkestLink are deeply saddened.  The accusations against Obama are old charges but,

Bring on the smears…

McCain/Palin now use the word ‘terrorist’ more & more frequently in the same sentence as ‘Obama’.  This type of tactic worked wonders for Bush against John Kerry.  (Actually Bush used it successfully for years, exploiting our fears to start a war he really wanted, Iraq, and impugning the patriotism of everyone who ever questioned him.)

It doesn’t end with terrorism.  The former minister of Obama’s former church once said “God Damn America”.  (I bet you remember that, since it has been replayed approximately three gazillion times by the liberal press.)  Now McCain operatives have begun to say “God Damn America” and “Obama” in the same sentence frequently.

For the longest time McCain tried to use the phrase “not ready” to describe Obama, but apparently that did not scare people enough.  After the initial “Palin bump” the poll numbers started going back down, and it became time to bring out the nuclear arsenal of catchphrases, including ‘terrorism’ and ‘God Damn America’.

These don’t tell you anything about how McCain will govern or solve our problems, but it may just be enough to scare you away from voting for Obama.

These are, of course, diversionary tactics.  They lead voters the opposite direction from actual issues that may affect their lives.  (We can’t EVEN imagine what kind of scurrilous comments would have been brought out had Hillary been the nominee.)



Is Obama a terrorist?   No.  

Did he ever support terrorism?   No.

Did Obama say “God Damn America.”   No.

Does Obama support our troops?   Duh.

Does Obama love America as much as McCain?  Diehard conservatives will have to swallow hard on this one … Obama may just love America more, because he trusts the intelligence of Americans enough to not divert them from real issues.


Get the facts:



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A recent news article I read showed the yearly income of nine CEOs of major corporations like Merrill Lynch, Wachovia, Washington Mutual and so on. It also gives the current salary of Warren Buffett, the richest man in the world.

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So after watching three debates by the Presidential nominees and VP nominees, I continue to hear the Republican candidates saying that we must stay in Iraq in order to “win.” Let’s temporarily set aside all those famous quotes by the generals of old saying that nobody really wins in a war, and look at what other people think. Let me say again the John McCain and Sarah Palin believe that we can have a victory in Iraq, and continue on by saying that General Petraeus–they’re proclaimed hero–does not believe victory is achievable in Iraq.

Hopefully people will catch on to this, so they can understand just how strong McCain really is on foreign policy.

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The Electoral College is an imaginary mechanism used to select the President of the United States.

Each state is assigned a fairly random number of electoral votes, loosely based on population. The candidate who gets the majority of electoral votes becomes the next president.

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In light of the recent collapse of large corporations, I feel that nobody is questioning the decision making of the CEOs and board members of those companies. They manipulatively run their businesses into the ground, and demand hundreds of millions of dollars to do so. When they are finished laying off hundreds of people and ruining countless more lives because of investments into the company, they run off with their unbelievable amount of money and retire (because they actually can), or repeat the process to make even more money by ruining even more lives.

As American citizens, we should make sure that they are held accountable for their actions, and not vote for them to be President of the United States.

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To you, this must feel like the Daytona 500, Super Bowl, Prom Night, the Summer Olympics (not Winter), the last day of school, the first “Rocky” movie, and a visit to the proctologist ALL ROLLED INTO ONE!

Are you nervous?

Welcome to our new blog, WinkestLink.COM.

If you are reading this on the day it was issued you may have an advanced case of ESP. Feel free to get that checked.

Our ultimate goal is to entertain & enlighten. To that end, we will encourage your input. We promise not to be bothered by differences of opinion, in fact, we revel in the discussion. We will discourage moronic and/or obscene comments.

Will our opinions have a political slant? Do ducks have bills? Do doctors?

We will try to be fair, but can only be so to the extent that our experiences & education direct us.

There is not a PhD among us, but we do consider ourselves among the ‘educational elite’. There are countless of other blogs if you prefer uneducated opinion.

By the way, being educated doesn’t make us right, it just means we may have had some additional opportunity to learn several perspectives on given issues. We promise to be right MOST OF THE TIME, if that eases your mental burden.

Under the right circumstances, we may actually admit we are wrong. (unlike a certain president from the early 21st century).

Among our promises to you, our loyal fan:

We will never swear, except where absolutely necessary (EG: we will only say “Hell” when we are talking about Satan…… or Dick Cheney.)

We will try not to be boring (but some topics are inherently boring)

We will keep our essays short because we know you are busy. If you are NOT busy, you can read us 2 or 3 times, to pick up on the subtle “British-style” humor. (Note: One of us has actually BEEN to England, and the rest of us had a layover at Heathrow, so we all qualify as “British-style” humorists.)

This will be mostly political (at least initially… who knows where this will lead? If readers start sending us $100 bills & requesting columns about ballet, YOU will be reading about ballet….)

A heartfelt “Welcome!” and thanks for joining us.

RSVP:  We are counting on you for topics & critique…

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