If conservatives think the media is generally liberal, maybe it is true.
Maybe this is partly because conservatives have made lies & smears part of their standard operating procedure. Eventually, even a moronic, weak-kneed press will catch on and start investigating what you say rather than just reporting it.

Case in Point:   The GW lie machine was well-oiled long before he got in office, and they were prepared with a goodie for Day 1. Bush operatives told Fox News that Clinton staffers had removed the “W” from all the White House computers as they were leaving.  Fox News is so deep in the pants* of the Republican party that I am guessing they KNEW this was a lie.
It didn’t matter, Fox beat it like a drum, and other networks & news sources, not wanting to seem too ‘liberal’ (or perhaps not wanting to be last to break a good story), treated it like a legitimate news story. 

Instant credibility because everyone is reporting it!!

Eventually the GAO researched this and found no evidence that the “computer damage” story was true.  The horse was WAY out of the barn by then.  People still believe this lie, and still pass it on.
Just like 8% of the populous believes Barack Obama is Muslim, while another 33% don’t know WHAT religion he is…
Spread the lies, they will stay out there forever.

The regular press is now finally, with mixed success, trying to investigate these types of rumors before parroting them.
Not printing the lies (or debunking them) allows the far right to says the press is ‘slanted’ and is ‘not reporting’ bad things you should know about liberals.
It took blogs to re-interest the press in investigative reporting. Blogs started reporting some important issues that turned out to be true, well before the old-style press even started to investigate them.
Lets be honest though, blogs (WinkestLink excluded of course) are frequently full of sh**.  Can we all agree on that?  I thought so.

How brave is your local press?  Test them with this brief experiment: Send a letter to your paper saying some politician is a liar.  (Make sure the politician has lied, and include details.)  If your letter is printed, and includes the word ‘liar’, we will eat our collective hats.
Newspapers edit you letters. Anyway, the WinkestLink staff get all of our letters edited, no matter how delicately we word them.  This makes sense when we spell a word wrong or make a factual error. (I could have sworn Wayne Gretzky & Karl Marx were born on the same day.)  It makes less sense when they neuter a letter, just so no ones feelings get hurt. Thus, the word ‘liar’ almost never makes print.
Except in blogs.  Bloggers are willing to call a liar a liar.  We sometimes call honest people liars.  We love the word ‘liar’.

Bloggers often reveal more about candidates than the normal press has the nerve to.
The press usually knows that ‘Candidate A’ sacrificed his dignity to get elected (or reelected), and ‘Candidate B’ is a jerk.
They won’t let you know, because they have a misguided definition about the word ‘fair’.
They feel telling you these things doesn’t show ‘balance’ and would sully their reputation.

Some blog info is true because the blogger has a high powered source, an “In”.  This is somebody with connections who wants ‘secret’ info leaked to the public for various reasons.  Bloggers LOVE inside sources, but are not afraid to make stuff up if no source is available.
Frankly, WinkestLink could use a few more “In’s”.
If you are a high-powered White House insider, feel free to pass the occasional ‘inside scoop’ to us at WinkestLink. We promise to be your lapdog until you start jerking us around, then we will say things about you that will make your mother cover her eyes. (This IS a visual medium after all.)
We make the same offer to willing Senators and Congressmen. We promise NEVER to reveal our sources. NEVER!!!  (Dick Cheney can vouch for us on this.  We never did let on that he was the one who told us GW was a puppet of Big Oil, and Dick was calling all the shots at the White House.  Please keep this under your hat…)

* “Deep in the Pants” is a registered trademark of WinkestLink Inc, and any unauthorized use of the phrase is a sign of extreme jealously.

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Senator McCain, you keep asking this question: “Who is Barack Obama?”

You have served with him in the Senate.

You have called him your friend.

He has written two books telling you who he is.

The books don’t include comments supporting terrorism, but…..

Is he a terrorist?  If so, Senator McCain, you should have turned him in a long time ago…

We can’t have terrorists serving in the U.S. Senate.

You HAVE persuaded some of your ardent followers that he is dangerous.

You are convincing people he is chumming up to ‘American Terrorists’.

Do you really want to have the craziest among your fans believing that?  Do you understand this is the emotional ‘green light’ a maniac might need to ‘save’ our country from the evil Obama?

How can you not understand this?

When you demonize your opponent, you make him seem less than human. Do you not understand the ramifications?

After weeks of you (and especially Palin) stirring up your crowds with an imaginary Obama-terrorism tie, you recently began to try to calm them a bit.

We thank you for that, but your new ads say Obama is being dishonest about his relationship with a 60’s-era terrorist.  Of course by ‘dishonest’ you mean Obama is lying.

Since you KNOW he is lying, tell us what he is lying about.

Did he have lunch with the (college professor) terrorist?  Five lunches?

If so, what do you suppose they were talking about?

They did work with the same charity & social service organizations in Chicago….

They COULDN’T have been talking about that, could they?

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By now, nearly everyone with the internet, television, radio, newspaper, or even some basic human contact has heard the news that presidential nominee Senator John McCain actually defended fellow presidential nominee Senator Barack Obama at his own rally in Lakeville, Minnesota. If you follow that link, you’ll see this in the article:

“’I have to tell you, he is a decent person and a person that you do not have to be scared of as president of the United States,’ McCain said to boos and groans from supporters.”

Boos and groans from his own supporters. It is times like these where we see the true people supporting Senator McCain’s run for the presidency. It is not because they think McCain will be an excellent president and is the most able man for the job. It is no longer because they think McCain will stand for what is true and decent in America (not that these people were ever looking for the truth).

These people are behind Senator McCain because he is against Barack the Liberal. The people that booed Senator McCain when he said Senator Obama is a decent person are only behind him because he is a Republican. They are voting for Senator McCain because he is not Democrat. They are voting for Senator McCain because he is the vessel of abuse they are looking for. They are supporting Senator McCain because they expect him to say that Senator Obama is the Antichrist, and to agree with them or even acknowledge they might not be so bad is forbidden.

These people do not use what scientists call logic. They think logic is something only for liberals1,2, instead voting for the president that uses any of the following phrases in the same sentence3:

Liberal(s), Obama, Muslim(s), Evil, Hypocrisy/hypocrite(s), Fascist/fascism, Communist/communism, Elite, Bias, Hate Speech, Deceit, Delusional

I would love to say you have to pass an IQ test to vote (or at minimum a sobriety test), but that will not likely come to be for a long time. Until then we must allow the votes that have taken an old saying to its extreme.

“I don’t vote for people, I vote against them.”

1 A question to ponder:  Are black holes capable of thought? If not, what are these people using to think?

2 If you don’t believe me, check out the Conservapedia page for “Liberal” (which I refuse to link here on moral grounds). It’s right between “Liberals” (Three cheers for redundancy!) and “Myths”

3 Fun challenge: Try to use as many of these words in a sentence as you can. It doesn’t have to be a grammatically correct sentence, as that would put around 32% of potential participants at a disadvantage

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John McCain has been saying that the Republican Party is the party of regulating Wall Street.  He claims that the Democrats have not been strong when it comes to keeping the stock market in check.  Lets give you a brief history of “Republican Regulation.”  In the 1920’s, GOP Presidents Calvin Coolidge and Herbert Hoover were so pro-regulation, that they removed virtually all “fair-game” laws so businesses could do whatever they want. Here’s another fact: in 1924, the conservative Supreme Court ruled that minimum wage legislation was unconstitutional. Who were these people trying to help? Were they thinking of Joe Six-Pack?

Next time McCain tells you that he belongs with the party of regulation, take it with a grain of salt…or just call BS on it immediately.

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A new video of Phillip J. Berg purporting to have the “October Surprise” In which he claims that Barack Obama is not an American citizen. He attempts to back this up with many facts and “facts.” It should be pointed out that Berg is/was a Democrat, but was upset about Hillary not winning and can’t give it up that for this election his candidate wasn’t the one people wanted.

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We can NOW call this a Recession, at a very minimum….


The causes of this recession are many and varied but, had the 2000 election turned out differently, the U.S. may have had a shot at avoiding or reducing the damage of this downturn.


Remember, we had many years of budget SURPLUSES during the Clinton administration.  Surpluses tend to keep the economy strong.  Surpluses can be used to solve all sorts of unforeseen problems.  We were actually paying down the national debt.   


It is safe to guess that Al Gore would have continued the same Clinton fiscal policies that led to the surpluses.  Gore has the intellect to appreciate a surplus.


Not George Bush.  GW hated all things ‘Clinton’.  He wanted to convince you that we had a surplus because Clinton had overtaxed you.  Conservatives never tire of demonizing Clinton, so the surplus had to be described as ‘evil’ over-taxation.


Our newly-elected hero, George W. Bush, was brave enough to step up and offer the excess money (the surplus) be returned to the Americans who put it there.


Well, that is what he said to our TV screens.


If that was his real intention, it would simply have been a case of political pandering (and Clinton-bashing), but he had a different idea in mind…  Sell the idea as a tax cut to all Americans, but give the huge majority of it to the very most wealthy.  He didn’t even bother calling it ‘trickle down’… he just lied to us.  


Massive cuts.  Monstrous cuts for (coincidentally) those who had always financed Bush campaigns and given him high-paying jobs.  (Don’t you wish your grandpa was a senator & your dad was a congressman, vice-president & president?)


He was so awful in those jobs they eventually ran him for governor of Texas just to get rid of him.  He has been in the pocket of the very wealthy his whole adult life.


Okay, okay.  What does that have to do with our financial state?  Part of the reason the U.S. has no money is GW (and the Republican congress)….

1)      Gave away the surplus through massive tax breaks to the very-very wealthy

2)      Went on a monster pork spending spree (a very un-conservative thing to do)

3)      Started a war with a non-enemy, Iraq, which costs the U.S. $10 billion per month and has no foreseeable end.

This wiped out our surplus and put us into a devastating hole.


Since we have no ‘surplus’ money to try to right this financial ship, we (you and I) are forced to borrow the money to pay the $700 billion bailout, with $150 billion in excess goodies (pure pork) tossed in just to bribe lawmakers to vote for it….   $700 billion, $850 billion, what’s the difference?


We don’t even know if the $850 billion will solve the problem.


Because we flushed our surpluses, the U.S. now must borrow crazy sums from countries like China, who don’t always have our best interests in mind.


That would be bad enough, but our economy is becoming so distressed that friendly & unfriendly countries may soon not want to take the risk of loaning money to the U.S..


When we can’t even borrow money things will REALLY get bad around here.

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Eight years ago then-candidate Bush promised to be a hands-across-the-aisle, bring-us-all-together sort of candidate & president.

Of course he was just the opposite, running the dirtiest campaign (and presidency) in decades. (When Nixon looks good by comparison, you have besmirched the office…)

Early in the 2000 primaries John McCain was gaining some momentum. Bush “push-polled” South Carolina, auto-dialing thousands of people, telling them John McCain had a biracial child out of wedlock.  Yes, McCain has a ‘biracial’ child, an adopted daughter from Bangladesh.  No tactic was too low for George Bush 

This year when Sen. McCain took control in the Republican primaries he repeatedly said Americans were tired of the smear tactics and promised he would run a different type of campaign.  We presume he meant he would stick to the issues and not smear his opponent (at the time it was down to Obama or Clinton) the way he had been trashed by Bush.

The WinkestLink staff argued about whether he really would stick to the promise of a clean campaign.  We ended up deciding he would NOT fight dirty for the following reasons:

–         He is an honorable man, who has tended to ‘do the right thing’ both in the Senate & the military

–         He would still be seething over the use of this tactic by Bush against him.

When poll numbers started to turn south, it was time for McCain to end all pretense of clean campaigning.  Curiously, McCain hired the same Bush campaign thugs who trashed him eight years earlier, to learn what type of smears will best bring down Obama.

We DID, however, expect Sarah Palin to act as an attack dog.  She showed this tendency in all her previous positions.  In fairness, we expect this of all veep candidates, and Joe Biden also performs this function.

The difference is in the type of the attack.  Saying your opponent will raise taxes is a fair tactic. (It is always nice if you have some facts to back up that type of claim).

Implying your opponent is un-American and/or supports terrorists is WAY out of bounds. By the way, saying it and implying it are exactly the same.  

These smears have nothing to do with what McCain (or even Obama) will do to right the tilting ship-of-state that is the US.  They are only designed to destroy the credibility of the other candidate.

Thus, we at WinkestLink are deeply saddened.  The accusations against Obama are old charges but,

Bring on the smears…

McCain/Palin now use the word ‘terrorist’ more & more frequently in the same sentence as ‘Obama’.  This type of tactic worked wonders for Bush against John Kerry.  (Actually Bush used it successfully for years, exploiting our fears to start a war he really wanted, Iraq, and impugning the patriotism of everyone who ever questioned him.)

It doesn’t end with terrorism.  The former minister of Obama’s former church once said “God Damn America”.  (I bet you remember that, since it has been replayed approximately three gazillion times by the liberal press.)  Now McCain operatives have begun to say “God Damn America” and “Obama” in the same sentence frequently.

For the longest time McCain tried to use the phrase “not ready” to describe Obama, but apparently that did not scare people enough.  After the initial “Palin bump” the poll numbers started going back down, and it became time to bring out the nuclear arsenal of catchphrases, including ‘terrorism’ and ‘God Damn America’.

These don’t tell you anything about how McCain will govern or solve our problems, but it may just be enough to scare you away from voting for Obama.

These are, of course, diversionary tactics.  They lead voters the opposite direction from actual issues that may affect their lives.  (We can’t EVEN imagine what kind of scurrilous comments would have been brought out had Hillary been the nominee.)



Is Obama a terrorist?   No.  

Did he ever support terrorism?   No.

Did Obama say “God Damn America.”   No.

Does Obama support our troops?   Duh.

Does Obama love America as much as McCain?  Diehard conservatives will have to swallow hard on this one … Obama may just love America more, because he trusts the intelligence of Americans enough to not divert them from real issues.


Get the facts:



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A recent news article I read showed the yearly income of nine CEOs of major corporations like Merrill Lynch, Wachovia, Washington Mutual and so on. It also gives the current salary of Warren Buffett, the richest man in the world.

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So after watching three debates by the Presidential nominees and VP nominees, I continue to hear the Republican candidates saying that we must stay in Iraq in order to “win.” Let’s temporarily set aside all those famous quotes by the generals of old saying that nobody really wins in a war, and look at what other people think. Let me say again the John McCain and Sarah Palin believe that we can have a victory in Iraq, and continue on by saying that General Petraeus–they’re proclaimed hero–does not believe victory is achievable in Iraq.

Hopefully people will catch on to this, so they can understand just how strong McCain really is on foreign policy.

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