Health Care

By Wink

Let us ignore the fact, for the present, that losing an election by more than two million votes should probably count as a loss. This is America, and we have a system that doesn’t really care who got the most votes. So there you have it, Donald Trump is the next president.

Trump voters, feel free to be smug in victory, but remember that Trump never listens to anybody other than Trump, and he won’t listen to you.

The GOP, Trump included, is selling you ‘small ball,’ convincing you that they care about the same things you care about. They don’t. They just use those baubles…’ghosts’ if you will, to scare you. It works, so why should they stop?

Guns? – Ghost.
The press? – Ghost.
Hillary? – The ultimate ghost … BOO!
Health Care? – Not sure why this is a ghost, but it scares you so…Ghost.

They keep you distracted with those ghosts, and you watch only one network and sit and swear about liberals doing this and liberals doing that (damned liberals!).

Meanwhile the real agenda, always, is money. Always. That is all the GOP has been about for at least 50 years. They used to pretend to be Christian, but the election of Trump, who cheated on all of his wives, dumping them for younger models (literally), and is a money-grubbing admitted serial molester, voids the whole ‘Christian’ thing.

And now we have a billionaire president who will work with the millionaires in Congress to give your tax dollars to millionaires and billionaires. (Don’t the Koch brothers know how to pull strings!! Woo-hoo!).

Trump and the GOP will keep telling you about scary ghosts, but watch the money, because it is always really about the money.

Because he (literally) chose himself to be George W. Bush’s vice president, Dick Cheney was given $34 million to start a war with Iraq. His company, Halliburton made billions. Billions. Did Cheney care that 4000+ American soldiers died, or that 10’s of thousands were permanently injured? Hey, $34 mil assuages a lot of pain.

And Trump will do anything he wants. Why? Because he knows he is bulletproof.

In the run-up to the election the CIA alerted us to the fact that the hacking of the DNC (Democrats) was done by Russia to manipulate this election. You know, deep in your heart, that Russia also hacked the RNC, but did not expose it. Hmmmmm…

America KNEW Russia supported Trump, and they elected Trump anyway. YOU knew Russia supported Trump, and Trump has financial ties to Russia and is therefore indebted to them, and still you voted for him.

What is it with you idiots?

So now Trump knows he is bulletproof. He plays you like the morons you are. He plays the song about the scary ghosts, and you dance.
And the billionaires chuckle, and add to their billions.

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By Cessna

Are insurance companies worried about the health care bill?

(Hint: Their stock prices are rising)

Under the Senate plan, millions of Americans will be forced into private insurance company plans, which will be subsidized by taxpayers. This will do little to reform health care but will be a windfall for insurance companies.

The point of creating a government option is to bring prices down. Naturally, the Senate version of this bill does not provide a ‘government option.’ Instead, we will subsidize the private insurance market.

You have heard the line about making laws and making sausage. The difference is that quality sausage can be very satisfying to the consumer. Major legislation, on the other hand, is almost always directed at benefiting the very wealthy first and foremost. If there are secondary benefits to the consumer, well, that’s nice too.

We expect this when Republicans control Congress. In practice, the result is the same when the Dems are in charge. Money dictates what goes into each and every bill.

Democrats are as beholden to the almighty dollar as are the Republicans, they are just less obvious about it.

To illustrate the difference, let us look at the major (non-war) concerns of the parties:

Republicans: Insist on elimination of the estate tax (also known as the inheritance tax). The standard scare tactic of the GOP is to call this a ‘death tax’ because stupid people will believe it applies to all those who die. They sell it as though YOU will lose dollars when a loved one dies.

Nope, this tax only effects the VERY wealthy, with giant estates. There is a credit which eliminates any tax on the first $3,500,000 of the estate.

Regardless of estate size. if an asset is left to a spouse or a charitable organization, the tax usually does not apply.

When it does apply, amounts over $3,500,000 are effectively subject to a flat tax of 45%.

To repeat, the estate is not taxed if the money (1) goes to a spouse, or (2) to a charity, or (3) if the estate is less than $3,500,000.

But Republicans keep screaming ‘death tax’!

Who are they fighting for? Only the mega-wealthy. Not me. Not you (probably).

Democrats: Insist on providing “health care for all Americans”!

Nope. The Senate bill does NOT provide health care for all Americans. It provides an opportunity for all Americans to BUY health care from already wealthy insurance companies, sometimes at higher prices than they could have bought it before.

The new, higher prices will discourage even those who can afford it from buying it.

For those that can’t afford it, they will be subsidized to make it more affordable but, either way, the insurance companies garner millions more customers.

There will be no competition from a public option, so insurance companies will have no motivation to moderate premiums.

Are you under the impression that Senate Democrats wrote this law? Nope. Insurance lobbyists wrote it, the same way drug companies wrote the Medicare drug law (under Republican rule) which forbid Congress from negotiating the purchase price of the drugs.

The “Golden Rule” is: Those with the gold make the rules.

It is and ever shall be.
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By Ike

There is a local gentleman, whom I know very well, who is totally ticked off, and is now organizing people to rally against “socialized health care.”

Do you know the punch line to this? C’mon, you know where I am going, right?

He has both Medicare and Medicaid.

Right, BOTH are government health insurance programs. Socialized medicine.

We are swimming in a tidal wave of hypocrisy.

Somehow HIS government funded health insurance is WAAAAAAYYYYYY different from anybody else’s government funded health insurance.

Maybe this isn’t hypocrisy, maybe this is just ignorance. Nah, it’s hypocrisy.

Whatever it is, it is not exceptional, it appears to be the rule.

The first entry in the conservative playbook is: “Paint all things ‘government’ as bad.”

“We want the government OUT of all aspects of our lives (except when we need them to outlaw gays and abortion).”

Of course to conservatives there is bad, and there is BAD, and there is BAAAAADDDDD.

  1. Government waste is ‘bad.’
  2. Any congressman or senator who is a Democrat is ‘BAD.”
  3. Government healthcare is ‘BAAAAADDDDD.’

…but don’t you DARE touch my Medicare or Medicaid.
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By Wink

So your child becomes sick, or gets hurt in an accident. You don’t have health insurance and the bills are mounting up. What do you do?

You have a pancake feed or a spaghetti dinner, that’s what.

Have you gone to the pancake feeds and spaghetti dinners? I have. Sometimes they raise more than $1000. If the patient has lots of friends and family, they might get $2000.

How much was that hospital bill again?

I am sure you can get dialysis or chemotherapy for $2000.

And doesn’t the average heart surgery or skin graft cost around $2000?

Do you have ANY IDEA what the medicine costs for a transplant? It can be tens of thousands of dollars … monthly … for the medicine. I am not talking about the surgery or hospital charges here, that would be more….way more.

This, my friends, is the current state of health insurance in America.

Are you a little down on your luck? Did you get laid off and lose your health insurance? Are you among the millions that have a job that doesn’t even provide health insurance?

Don’t sweat it! You don’t have to fear having a stroke or getting H1N1.

With enough spaghetti you will make it through!
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By Cessna

“Liberals” have pretty much been on the right side of every major issue in the history of this country.

Ending slavery. Medicare. Social Security. Voting rights. Every one fiercely opposed by conservatives.

Those soft-hearted liberals were against going to war in Vietnam and Iraq. Those ventures both went well, didn’t they?

Now liberals want to make sure everyone has health care benefits.

Is there any hope this will pass, or did Obama just stick his foot in the biggest bear trap?

And if he doesn’t succeed in this, what will his presidency even be about??

“W” had a presidency with a purpose: He wanted to go to war, specifically with Iraq. It took some creativity* to convince the American public that there was a REASON to go to war with Iraq, but he succeeded, and got us into that war. Yeah!

Reagan had two goals, giving tax cuts to the wealthy and spending more on the military. He succeeded on both counts.

Obama did have one goal foisted on him, to bring the U.S. out of the economic chaos of a recession. It is way too early to determine his success on this.

Oops, almost forgot, getting us out of Iraq was another pressing goal. While the end in Iraq (to some extent) appears to be in sight, we may be in Afghanistan a long-long time.

Those are not Obama’s programs though, they are just pre-existing issues that needed fixing. Health care for all Americans is really his baby. His legacy.

Will he succeed? The verbal fighting is fierce, with lots of insane red herrings being tossed about (death panels??).

Regardless, SOME DAY there will be national health care in America.

Republicans are now staunch defenders of Social Security and Medicare. To NOT do so is political suicide. When these programs were proposed, however, they used the same scare tactics they are using now …too expensive, socialist, communist.

They have a great new scary word though…. Nazi. Yep, apparently the scariest thing about the Nazi’s was a plan to provide health care for all their citizens. JUST LIKE OBAMA !!!

The Nazi’s also had BMW provide many/most of their vehicles and other war equipment. Wouldn’t that make any American who buys a BMW a Nazi? It works for me!

If and when it is passed, you can put large amounts of money on this: Republicans will eventually say that national health care is one of the things that makes America great, and they would never dream of dismantling it.

*Creativity = Huge lies repeated endlessly so that morons believe them to this day.

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by Kasson

To few surprises, the national debate has moved past Obama’a birth certificate, and the Gates incident. To where it probably belongs, health care. Since our politicians spend all of their time arguing debating, they might as well do it on something worth while.

My problem with the debate is that it is not fair.  Many, many politicians (on both sides) receive substantial contributions from the health care industry.  Let’s take Ben Nelson (D-NE), a former health insurance exec, has received over $2 million dollars for his three campaigns. On which side is his bread buttered?

If I were to pay you $10,000 every year, as an insurance company, and told you that if you supported health care reform I would stop paying you.  Would you ever support health care reform? The answer is no. You like making money, you like being in office, so you’ve got to stay on their good side by opposing any meaningful bills.

This debate would be better represented if you took 535 citizens without pre-identified conclusions (about the debate), and then let each side tell all of them their story. Then let these citizens debate from the arguments they heard, and reach a conclusion.

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I give the Democrats about a 20% chance of holding a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate (Alaska-90%, Minnesota-50%, and Georgia-40%).  Regardless of whether they have the super majority or not, these are my wishes for the next Congress.

I wish for the Democrats to take the moral high ground that the Republicans have lacked over the past number of years.  I hope that the Democrats reach out to the Republicans and work to get things done.  I realize that there will be a number of Republicans unwilling to compromise or work together.  But as the leaders of Congress you must offer a hand, work together to bring about bills regarding energy, the economy, and health care.

Regarding energy,  believe it or not there is a lot of common ground here on both sides of the aisle, and a President who has this as a top priority.  This is the time in history to get things done, and make advances for future generations.  Almost all Americans want energy independence and know that realistically a compromised approach from both sides is the only effective way of completing that.  DO NOT let low gas prices allow us to fall back and be complacent.  Yes we must drill, but that can only carry us for so long,  all that is is essentially taking out a loan.  This doesn’t solve the problem but it might stem the flow for a little while.  We need new sources of energy, and not only to power our cars, but to heat our homes and businesses also.  We need more efficient and cleaner cars, we need cleaner energy for our homes.  Wind energy cannot alone power our homes, and sorry while natural gas is a nice alternative to what we have it isn’t perfectly clean and it is still a fossil fuel, therefore not a permanent solution.  Nukular Nuclear, solar, geothermal, and clean coal (also a fossil fuel) all must be looked at and the best choices developed into working solutions.

The economy at this moment has lots of minds on both sides thinking the same way.  The window is narrow, once the economy starts turning around I feel that Republicans and Democrats will part ways regarding the economy.  So get the things done while you can.  While there is no possible way to completely protect the economy from disasters like this, we need to at least try to prevent it and make sure we learn our lessons.

Health care has been set to the back-burner due to the economy, which is too bad.  This is of major importance to millions of Americans, and directly affects their lives unlike energy and even to some extent the economy.  This is the hardest subject to get agreement on both sides of the aisle.  But with a majority in Congress I am sure the Democrats can come out with something that Republicans can deal with.  They all have parents, and family members are negatively affected by our current Health care policy.

As stated in another article the pendulum ALWAYS swings back so treat the Republicans right, they might do the same when the ball comes swinging, but the Democrats will have a case to shorten the swing when they are on the bad side.

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